The Villain Has Blackened Again

Chapter 275: Disguise, Meeting Fifth Prince

Nan Xun didn’t know whether Moran Hall’s disciples heard her howls or not, because when she looked at them the next day, they showed normal expressions without anything unusual.

From these few days onward, except for the disciples of Moran Hall, no one knew that there was some kind of intimate relationship between State Teacher and his little disciple. They only saw that this extremely favoured disciple would follow him every day, like an inseparable siamese-sibling.

A few days later, Gong Moran showed Nan Xun what was called as OP disguise technique. After the two changed their faces, Gong Moran took her directly to a place she never expected him to ever step inside – Drunken Moon Tower.

“Brother Ran, what are we doing here?” Nan Xun who had changed into a humble pretty girl, affectionately pulled on brother Gong Moran’s arm, mewling and whispering on his ear.

She’s not afraid even if the wall has ears, at any rate, she already changed her form of address, and no one would ever think that the dignified State Master would come to this kind of pleasure place.

Gong Moran raised his eyebrows and looked at the sticky little girl beside him with a faint smile in his eyes, “Brother will take you along to broaden one’s horizons.”

Nan Xun snorted a laugh. She pulled his arm, walked through the road dedicated for honoured guests and entered a private room on the second floor.

The fifth prince had been waiting inside for a long time. When he saw Gong Moran and Nan Xun in disguise, especially their intimate gesture, he was dumbfounded for quite a good while.

It wasn’t until Gong Moran lifted the human skin mask off his face that the Fifth Prince bowed in reverence, “State Teacher.”

Gong Moran took a seat. Seeing the girl was still standing, he pointed his chin to the seat next to him, “Duoduo, come and sit.”

Nan Xun performed a curtsy to the Fifth Prince before sitting down next to the big boss with a proper manner.

Fifth Prince’s mouth was gape open; he could almost immediately guess the identity of this woman. He’s afraid that she’s Lady Gong Shijiu who was plotted against together with him last time.

Although it was known that something unspeakable had happened between the teacher and disciple, Fifth Prince was still shocked by State Teacher’s attitude towards this little disciple.

In outsider’s eyes, State Teacher was an exalted deity who has never been close to female, if people knew that he had broken this taboo, furthermore, towards his own disciple, the consequences would be disastrous!

By then, everyone wouldn’t blame their god, they will only put all the responsibility on this cheap woman who dragged the pure State Teacher down from his holy pedestal, thinking that she was the one who seduced their god.

Thinking of this, a sharp light flashed across Fifth Prince’s eyes.

He wondered whether-or-not, he’s holding onto State Teacher’s weakness now.

Fifth Prince sat across Gong Moran and Nan Xun, exchanged greetings before going straight into business.

Gong Moran glanced at the door faintly, “Fifth Prince should have known that walls have ears, are you sure there are no outsiders here beside us?”

Fifth Prince smiled, “State Teacher, ease your worry, the two private rooms next to us have already been surrounded by this Prince, there are this Prince’s trusted subordinates guarding outside, what we’re talking about today won’t be known to others.”

As he said that, he glanced at Nan Xun and said, “Doesn’t Lady Shijiu has to withdraw?”

Without waiting for Nan Xun’s answer, Gong Moran said coldly, “Duoduo isn’t an outsider.”

Fifth Prince nodded, got up and gave a big gift to Gong Moran.

Gong Moran looked at him coldly, “Fifth Prince doesn’t have to give such a big gift, I have already expressed my attitude ever since I agreed to have an appointment with you.”

Fifth Prince still did enough courtesy, he bent his waist and said, “Since State Teacher is straightforward, then this Prince won’t beat around the bush any more. This Prince earnestly requests State Teacher’s to lend a helping hand. Second Imperial Brother is narrow-minded, should the day come when he ascends the throne, he would never tolerate this Prince, and that’s why this Prince has no other choice than to strive for the throne. Imperial Father dotes on Second Imperial Brother the most and this Prince is unable to contend against him for favour. This Prince can only devise strategies for myself, however, the last time Father Emperor was seriously ill, this Prince was a little too eager in his action, and Father Emperor might have been watching this Prince’s fight against Second Imperial Brother, and now Father Emperor detests this Prince even more.”

Gong Moran didn’t pay any mind to what he said, “Fifth Prince, take a seat first, this Lord is about to talk with you. Fifth Prince can rest assured about the throne, it will only be you who will become Emperor in the end.”

When the Fifth Prince heard this, there was a trace of ecstasy in his eyes, but he was a little puzzled, “Why is State Teacher so sure about this matter?”

Gong Moran glanced at him as he suddenly talked as light as a passing wind, “Because no matter how doted he is, the Second Prince… is not the Emperor’s biological son.”

When these words came out, not only Fifth Prince, but Nan Xun who had been silent all the time also widened her eyes in shock.

The most loved Second Prince isn’t the Old Monarch’s biological son?

This is impossible ah, Second Prince and Princess Yao was born from the same mother, they all came out from the Queen’s belly, how can the Queen dared to cuckold the Emperor?

Fifth Prince was so shocked that he stammered, “State Teacher, is, is this true? Second Imperial Brother is really not Father Emperor’s biological son? This is impossible, how is this possible? If it is so, then this Prince must find a way to reveal Second Brother’s real identity!”

“Reveal?” Gong Moran sneered faintly, “There’s no need to do that, the Emperor knows it better than anyone else. Among the five princes, only the Fourth and Fifth Prince are his own biological sons while the others came from collateral lines. Thinking about it, they can be called as your cousins.”

Nan Xun’s mouth opened into a wide O shape unconsciously, f*ck, is it true?

If it’s true, then this was definitely the biggest royal secret she has heard this year!

Gong Moran turned his eyes slightly to look at the startled woman beside him and reminded her, “Duoduo, what are you dazing for? Make tea for this Lord.”

Nan Xun suddenly regained her senses, with a blank ‘oh’, she lifted the teapot next to him and poured his tea cup. When she was about to fill the Fifth Prince’s cup, Gong Moran gave her a look, “The Fifth Prince can do it himself.”

Nan Xun felt like she was between tears and laugh after hearing this. Was this especially making her as a tea-server? And he’s still so stingy to not let others use her?

The Fifth Prince was in extreme shock, he didn’t pay attention to the two at all.

He recovered from his shock after a while, “State Teacher, it’s not that this Prince doesn’t trust you. State Teacher’s words are of enormous weight and wouldn’t deceive this Prince, however, this matter is truly bizarre, this Prince still feels that it is still somewhat hard to believe.”

Nan Xun also unconsciously looked at the big boss’ side face secretly, admiring it while waiting for his next words.

Gong Moran drank his tea unhurriedly and then calmly said, “Back then, the Eldest Prince’s birth mother, Concubine Zhao, gave birth to a still-born, making it an ill-omen. The Emperor at that time had just been recently enthroned, his foundation was still unsteady, so he implored this Lord to think of a way. Although this Lord can do many things, but bringing the dead back to life is an impossible feat, so this Lord could only find a baby born on the same day from the royal’s side family and secretly changed the dead with the live one. This Lord used some techniques to make the royal’s side family’s elders think that the dead baby was theirs.”

Nan Xun frowned, she couldn’t help asking, “My Lord, the first time was because of a dead baby, could it be afterwards also…”

Gong Moran’s thin lips lifted slightly, “It might be because the royal family of Nanyun Kingdom committed too many murders, and the heaven gave punishments, not to him, but his descendants. The Second Prince born by the Queen, the Third Prince born by the Noble Concubine Xue, all died inside their mother’s wombs in succession.”

When he was talking about this, Gong Moran’s eyes that looked like two pools of stagnant water became frozen, a harsh coldness that seeped deep into one’s marrow.

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The Villain Has Blackened Again

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