Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 274 - Competition of Sugar Daddies not Acting Skills (13)

In the dressing room, despite seeing Su Wan’s indifferent attitude towards him, Lin Mu still maintained a handsome smile. “I just happened to finish filming now. Do you want to go out and grab something to eat together?”

Eat together?

Su Wan looked up but said nothing. Behind her, Jiu Ye’s eyes were sparkling bright. The girl had taken out her camera and was preparing to take a secret photo of the two.

This was a blessing! Her adonis and goddess were going on a date!

Sister Jiu Ye thought that no matter what, she needed to take a secret picture so that she could treasure it forever.


At this time, Su Wan’s phone suddenly beeped. She looked at it to see Su Rui’s message.

Ye Shaoling: I’m outside. Waiting for you to finish so we can eat together.


Su Wan smiled and waved her phone in front of Lin Mu. “Sorry, I have plans with someone. He’s outside waiting for me now. So, please do as you please.”

After that, Su Wan closed her eyes and leaned against the chair. Jiu Ye had no choice but to continue removing makeup for her.

Lin Mu’s expression coldened. If the company didn’t order him to use Su Wan to promote himself and his show, he wouldn’t be willing to come here. She was just a greedy room. Now that she broke up with Lu Jun and couldn’t rely on men anymore, she decided to rely on all sorts of entertainment headlines to hype herself up? She was shortsighted and this wasn’t a good plan for the long-term.

From the bottom of his bones, he despised female celebrities like Su Wan. As for Su Wan?

You dislike me?

That’s great. I feel the same towards you.

So what if he was popular? So what if he had great acting skills? Is he still not an artist? No matter how noble and virtuous you act, you still need to act according to the company’s orders, no?

If you’re noble and arrogant, then don’t use me to hype yourself up.

Su Wan really didn’t have a favorable impression of someone like Lin Mu who had their eyes above their head.

After Jiu Ye finished removing makeup for Su Wan, she walked to her dressing room and changed her clothes. By the time she came out, Lin Mu had already left. As for Wu Tong, he just happened to be walking over quickly right now. “Sister Wan, I saw, what’s his name? His car is parked outside.”

“Mn, I know. He’s here to pick me up to eat. You can get off work early today!”

As she said this, Su Wan picked up her bag and walked out with a smile.

“Brother Wu, brother Wu!”

Jiu Ye immediately held onto Wu Tong’s shoulders and asked mysteriously, “Who’s outside waiting for Sister Wan? Is it Sister Wan’s boyfriend? Who is he?”

“Child, don’t ask things that you’re not supposed to!”

Wu Tong patted Jiu Ye’s head and said, “You can stop work for the day and go home. When the new show begins shooting, you’ll be busy.”


Seeing that Wu Tong was unwilling to say anything more, Jiu Ye rolled her eyes and then packed the things up, quickly following.

You won’t tell me? I’ll go look for it myself!

You really think that I’m blind?

Outside the set.

Su Wan walked out of the set routinely and saw Su Rui leaning against a black Maserati from afar.

That was his favorite brand.

He wore a black windbreaker and Su Wan couldn’t help but recall the scene where they first met.

In the blink of an eye, several worlds had passed. Yet, she still remembered everything about him clearly like it was yesterday.


Su Rui saw Su Wan’s figure and immediately smiled, extending his arms.

“Mn, we’re just doing this as a mere formality.”

Su Wan threw herself in Su Rui’s arms before separating quickly. “Let’s go. There’s lots of people here. Let’s go eat.”

After Su Rui and Su Wan separated, Jiu Ye walked out from the tree not far from them with her phone.

As expected, her goddess was taken but the man wasn’t her adonis.

Her heart shattered.


Jiu Ye glanced at the picture of her hugging each other. Sister Wan’s new boyfriend was really handsome. He was more handsome than Lu Jun. She felt a nosebleed coming just staring at the picture. Plus, with a man of such temperament, it was no doubt that he came from a prestigious background. He was quite the perfect match for Sister Wan.

“What are you looking at?”

Lin Mu’s voice rang behind. Jiu Ye humphed and her hands slipped, her phone almost fell to the ground. Thankfully, Lin Mu was quick to catch her phone.

“What are you scared of? Am I really scary?”

Lin Mu smiled and picked up Jiu Ye’s phone. He froze seeing the picture on the screen.

“This is…”


Jiu Ye became nervous. “I, I didn’t mean to take the picture. I wasn’t thinking. I just, just…”

She nervously wanted to explain but the more she tried, the worse it became.

“Okay, don’t be nervous.”

Lin Mu’s gaze flickered. “I just happened to have some time right now. You haven’t eaten yet, did you? How about I treat you out?”

“Treat me...out?”

Her adonis was going to treat her out?

Jiu Ye thought that she was extremely lucky today.

“Sure, okay, okay!”

Seeing that Jiu Ye happily agreed, Lin Mu also smiled faintly. “Let’s go, I’m going to pick up my car.”

While Lin Mu was inviting Jiu Ye out to eat, General Su had returned to their apartment with his wife.

Eat? Of course she had to eat General Su’s personally cooked dinner.

Su Wan froze seeing the roses and candles on the apartment building.

“Do you like it? I’ll cook later on. How does heart-shaped steak sound? With red wine.”

Su Rui had helped Su Wan sit down and she couldn’t help but reveal a happy smile. “Do you need my help?”


Su Rui rolled his sleeves up and said, “Wife, just wait to eat.”

As he said this, he quickly entered the kitchen. Seeing him bustling around, Su Wan couldn’t help but take out her phone to take a picture of Su Rui’s busy figure.

This was the first time the two were having a romantic candle-lit dinner at home. The atmosphere was sweet and warm.

Everything was fine except for the fact that Wu Tong’s call came before they finished eating.

“Sister Wan, pictures of you and the third master are uploaded onto the internet. I’ll send you the address in a bit. Go take a look.”


She hung up and then logged into a forum based on the address Wu Tong sent her. An alt account posted a picture anonymously and it had been forwarded tens of thousands of times, and there were innumerable comments too.

That was a picture of Su Wan and Su Rui hugging outside the set. It was a high quality picture and caught the two’s faces clearly.

“Oh, not bad.”

Su Rui smiled at the picture. “That little girl can take good pictures. What’s the brand of her phone? The quality is really high. It’s unfortunate that she doesn’t go to become a photographer.”

Su Rui had already noticed Jiu Ye following Su Wan. He also felt her taking a picture of them. Did she think that she could easily get a picture of them?

General Su purposely posed for the picture.

“Jiu Ye probably isn’t the one that posted this.”

Su Wan looked at Su Rui. “Jiu Ye is a good person and she’s simple-minded too.”

Jiu Ye and Su Wan had worked quite a few years and she trusted her personality. Though the girl sometimes liked to take pictures of her idols, she knew not to post pictures of them online.

“Hey, someone already figured out your status.”

Su Wan casually scrolled through the pages of comments. As expected, Su Rui’s status as Ye Family’s third master and an elite from abroad had been exposed.


Su Rui logged onto his Weibo on his tablet. Indeed, there were many comments under his Weibo.

“Wife, send me the picture Jiu Ye took. I have to put that handsome picture of me on my Weibo!”

“No, I think I look fat in that picture. No.”

Su Wan grabbed Su Rui’s tablet and said, “Don’t you forward that either. I refuse.”

That’s why the outside world had many guesses. While the internet was in an uproar, the two parties were also arguing over the photo. In the end, the Su couple decided to take some more selfies at home and then share them. Mn. They decided happily!

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