The Villain Has Blackened Again

Chapter 274: Drawing Talisman, Five Heart Locking Spell

Nan Xun stared at the three black dots on the little paper man’s face for a long time, she suddenly felt it was like a comical villain and couldn’t help laughed out loud, “My Lord, you, this… is really the finishing touch, the cute little paper man became so ugly all of a sudden, hahaha…”

She trembled with laughter; her whole small body trembled on top of his legs.

“Duoduo, don’t be naughty, continue.” Gong Moran suddenly said, reaching out and gently squeezing her waist, beckoning her to behave.

But when he held it so casually, Nan Xun stopped laughing abruptly while her body trembled with a jerk.

“My Lord, that’s my ticklish flesh, you’re not allowed to pinch it.”

When Gong Moran heard this sentence, a light flashed in his eyes. Instead of obediently listening to her, he squeezed it even more seriously, not stopping even once.

The woman in his arms burst out laughing and screaming, tears came out from her eyes until she finally begged for mercy.

Damn it, Gong Moran this lunatic, has his character design collapsed?! Who’s the one with poker face and immortal-like countenance? He’s tickling me in all seriousness!

Fortunately, this scoundrel finally said in bewilderment, “Such a strange ticklish flesh, this Lord doesn’t have a single ticklish part from head to toe.”

Nan Xun’s mouth twitched when she heard this, “Your body is so old, of course there’s no ticklish flesh.”

It was a short slip of her tongue, when she found big boss’ darkened face, Nan Xun felt extreme regret, she did a quick manoeuvre and licked his boots, “My Lord, you’re a venerable, immortal god in my eyes, beautiful and honourable!”

Gong Moran gave her a sideways glance and told her to continue writing.

After cutting the paper-man and wrote birthdate, Gong Moran began to teach her to draw a spell. The complicated spell that was drawn on the little paper man required all of her attention.

Gong Moran thought that she would practice a few times before writing, didn’t expect that she took a brush and directly drawn them all in one go.

“My Lord, what’s the use of this spell?” Nan Xun asked curiously.

“This is a heart locking spell, what this Lord taught you are the simplest five heart locking spells. You see, there are five thin lines in this spell, representing five evil thoughts. Every time this person has an evil thought, one thread will break automatically. When the five threads are broken, the person’s heart will suffocate to their demise, it could be called as an invisible murder.”

After a pause, he couldn’t help but glanced at the woman and said lightly, “This spell is mostly used to punish the wicked, there will be no backlash for those who set up this spell.”

Nan Xun said in amazement, “So, Princess Yao should be fine as long as she doesn’t have maliciousness in her heart, but she will die if she has bad thoughts for five times? But, my Lord, how do one judge whether or not her thought is evil? Every human would have evil thoughts flash through their mind now and then, even I sometimes have the thought to kill people ah.”

Gong Moran chuckled softly, “These thoughts can’t be counted as one, it should be the same evil thoughts that persist for a period of time.” After a little pause, he added, “However, for those who can kill people without changing their faces, this spell will have no effect on them.” [T/N: one who doesn’t even perceive killing as ‘evil’ or ‘good’]

Nan Xun muttered in her heart: The later sentence is referring to you, right?

She understood big boss’ explanation: if Princess Yao had a passing evil intention towards someone, this intention won’t be counted as one, it must be the kind of evil intention that constantly inside her mind, an excessively strong evil thought that can give reaction to this five-hearts-locking spell.

Nan Xun inserted the little talisman into the ashes inside an incense burner, the spell was facing her, giving her a clear view.

When Nan Xun was about to look away, her eyes widened all of a sudden.

Of the five threads, one of them was slowly becoming lighter and shallower from the middle, until finally disappearing, as if that thread was disconnected.

Oh f*ck, this fast?

Nan Xun couldn’t help looking at Gong Moran, she heard him say in a light tone, “This spell was just drawn and one was broken shortly afterwards, which shows that evil thoughts have grown inside this person’s heart for a long time, and they are extremely strong too.”

Nan Xun humph, nodded and said, “It’s obvious the person she wants to kill the most is me.”

As she said that, she suddenly smiled at Gong Moran with an extremely brilliant smile while blinking slyly, “My Lord, can you guess why her killing intention is so intense right now?”

Gong Moran looked at her without speaking, as if waiting for her to give a follow up.

Nan Xun laughed, “Because I said some things that made her very angry today, do you know what I said?”

After building up a climax, she continued, “I said, I already slept with you. I tainted the immortal deity-like person in her heart ah, of course she will see me like a devil. I violated her god, so it’s normal for her to want me dead.”

Gong Moran’s eyes flickered with light, his finger flicked on her forehead, “Naughty.”

Then, he seemed like he was lost in thought.

For a long time, he looked at Nan Xun and said, “Duoduo, there’s nothing tomorrow morning, so tonight you can… violate this god as much as you want.”

Nan Xun’s face turned dumbfounded in the next second.

She really just wanted to try a new way to tease big boss, f*ck, what is big boss saying now?!

Let her do what?

…vi-violate god?

That night, Nan Xun can’t even pretend sleeping, she was forced to violate god.

Inside the main hall of Moran Hall, there was a scorching hot and amorous scene played where a demoness tempted a deity. From beginning to end, State Teacher was still like a rigorous with indifferent look, but his movements were a far cry from the word ‘rigorous’, rather, he was thoroughly fierce, intense, rash and heated, almost breaking Nan Xun’s pitiful old waist.

Nan Xun wailed in her heart, what sh1tty immortal god is this?! Your mother, this is all bullsh1t, bullsh1t!

Then Nan Xun suddenly remembered that they forgot to close the window.

F*ck, [email protected] it! Won’t everyone hear my howls and screams all night then?

Ashamed thoroughly, Nan Xun calmed down.

Being thick-skinned also need exercise ah, she’s deeply convinced that her skin will be thicker and thicker later on.

Early morning on the second day, Nan Xun who was sleeping on the inner side covertly opened her eyes. Looking at the sleeping man beside her, she gently and silently crossed his body, wishing to crawl out of bed.

She had just successfully brought one leg and one arm across him when the sleeping man suddenly opened his eyes, grabbed her waist, rolled over and pressed her down. Just like this, he started making pancake without even a word out.

Nan Xun’s hands gripped the bedsheet firmly. Although she was severely cooked, burned, and scorched while making pancake, but she couldn’t even hear a wisp of panting from the man behind her.

Nan Xun was somewhat angry all of a sudden, she seeks her own death and said, “My Lord, too light ah, can you do it stronger?”

Do it stronger…


The man behind stopped for a second. At the next second, Nan Xun can’t even recognize her parents any more.


Bahahaha!! Nan Xun baka!

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The Villain Has Blackened Again

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