Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 273 - Competition of Sugar Daddies not Acting Skills (12)

[Spy Change 1943]’s director was Liang Peng. He was a newbie director within the circle and didn’t have any popularity. He was a loyal fan of the original novel, [Spy Change 1943]. Transforming his favorite novel into a show was Liang Peng’s dream. Originally, because he was young back then and didn’t have enough experiences, though he found an investor willing to invest in this show, he encountered innumerable problems with movies and television companies.

Discouraged, Liang Peng ended up reading the newspaper to see Haihuang willing to throw away money recklessly. Then, he carefully read some information on Haihuang Entertainment before delivering his script to the company with some hope. What he didn’t expect was that not only did the director of Haihuang to pass his script, the film empress Su Wan was also willing to participate within the acting.

Of course, Haihuang mentioned the condition of the investment and that was to pick from their company’s actors first. Liang Pen naturally agreed happily. In his eyes, with the film empress Su Wan playing a leading role and him choosing a male lead with somewhat okay acting skills, and then finding two more experienced actors through his connections, it’d be set!

The day of the tryout for the show, Wu Tong drove the nanny van over early on to the place they decided on. Haihuang had already rented a streetscape for filming. The moment Su wan arrived, she had her specialized makeup artist bring her to her own room.

“Sister Wan, people are saying that the male lead of this show will be Lin Mu. Do you think that President Tan can collaborate with President Huang?”

The makeup artist, Jiu Ye, was a really cheerful and happy lady. Plus, she was a brain dead fan and shipped Lin Mu and Su Wan.

Su Wan faintly smiled hearing Jiu Ye’s words. “It depends on the company. President Tan will probably look for help but I’m not sure who.”

In reality, with the original plot that Su Wan was familiar with, the original male and female lead of [Spy Change 1943] were newbies within the circle. Thankfully, their acting skills were passable. Plus, because of the foundation of the script, the two grew popular.

But since Su Wan became the female lead of this show, Haihuang obviously couldn’t find an inconspicuous male actor to become the male lead, unless...

They’re a newbie within Haihuang and the company was trying to make their name known.

Thinking of this, Su Wan felt a headache. This was because she knew that the future Haihuang would indeed bring many celebrities on their pedestals. But the only one that could be addressed as a huge celebrity was Haihuang’s top celebrity— Tan Yuchi.  

Tan Yuchi was Tan Tian’s nephew. He naturally obtained the best resources within the company. Plus, Tan Yuchi had a handsome face. In a society where appearance was everything, he just needed to act cool in front of the TV and he’d garner many brain dead fans.

The male lead this time couldn’t possibly be Tan Yuchi could it?

Su Wan changed her clothes into the tryout clothes. It was a blue-gray buttoned mandarin jacket. She took on the role of a female guerilla band who was ignorant about her culture but patriotic.

Glancing at the young lady with two braids and bright eyes in the mirror, Su Wan couldn’t help but pout and then take a selfie. Then she sent it to Su Rui.

I’m getting ready for the tryout. Do my braids look beautiful?

“Sister Wan? Are you posting on Weibo? I’m going to like your post.”

Jiu Ye only saw Su Wan taking a selfie and sending a post so she couldn’t help but ask.


Su Wan then took another beautiful selfie and posted it on her Weibo.

Su Wan: Trying out for a new show. Guess who I’m acting.

Immediately, there were innumerable likes and forwards. Under the vast comments and likes, a certain third master Ye’s authentication account flickered by and no one else noticed it...

After sending the post, Su Wan gave her phone to Wu Tong. Although they’ve already decided on the female lead to be her, she still needed to go for the tryouts and go through the process. By the time Su Wan came out of the room and arrived at the director’s tryout area, it was noisy and chaotic outside.

“What happened?”

Wu Tong immediately called someone over and questioned.

They nodded at Su Wan before saying softly to Wu Tong, “The director group chose the newbie celebrity, Meng Hao, as the male lead. However, the investors want Tan Yuchi to be the male lead. Director Liang refuses so they’re still fighting right now.”

Hearing his words, Wu Tong shrugged his shoulders helplessly. In a cast, normally investors had more of a power. Of course, if you were a well-known director within China, people would give you face. Unfortunately, Liang Peng clearly didn’t have the qualifications to challenge Haihuang’s people.

“Su Wan! Su Wan, you’ve come in time!”

This time, the representative of Haihuang noticed Su Wan wearing the tryout outfit within the crowd with sharp eyes. They immediately called her and said, “Sister Wan, you’re the female lead of this show. Tell us. Who do you think is a better male lead for you?”

Su Wan was speechless.

They’re going to give this hot potato to her?

Su Wan smiled and walked in front of everyone, glancing at Meng Hao and Tan Yuchi who were both wearing suit vests.

To speak the truth, the male lead within the novel, Yu Cheng, was unimpressive but had a meticulous mind, and was an agent.

Su Wan saw Meng Hao’s acting before. He was a newbie that had great prospects.

As for Tan Yuchi...

Su Wan couldn’t really comment on this handsome adonis who was basically just a pretty face.

“The two handsome guys both have a lot of potential. I naturally will just listen to the company’s arrangements.”

Su Wan obviously couldn’t help others when Haihuang had given her quite a bit of money.

Hearing Su Wan’s response, Haihuang’s representative smiled. She turned to look at Liang Peng, “Director Liang, look. Su Wan also thinks that Tan Yuchi is more suitable. Of course, Meng Hao is good too. Isn’t there a second male lead? Director Liang, since you approve of him, he can become the second male lead.”

Su Wan’s gaze flickered hearing the representative of Haihuang’s words. He immediately exclaimed loudly, “Right. Director Liang. The second male lead, Li Huan, is the key figure within this show. Plus, he is the most handsome. It’s a pretty good option for Meng Hao to act as Li Huan.”

“Are you guys blind or something?”

Tan Yuchi was impatient of waiting and after hearing Su Wan’s words, he couldn’t help but roll his eyes. “Let him be Li Huan and I as Yu Cheng? Do you think the audiences are blind? So annoying. Sigh. Let him be Yu Cheng and I’ll reluctantly act as Li Huan.”

Everyone was speechless.

They were arguing here all this time for no reason? Sister Wan was the best. She exclaimed the crucial point. Liang Peng’s eyes also brightened. “Right! Yuchi, you can act as Li Huan! You’re the Li Huan I’m looking for!”

Reserved adonis, Li Huan. This was basically made for the handsome Tan Yuchi who knew no acting skills! He didn’t need to do anything but to act handsome!

The two leading roles and the second male lead were determined just like this. After the tryouts, Su Wan immediately went back to remove her makeup. Passing by the costumes area, she encountered Meng Hao. “Sister Wan, thank you.”

Meng Hao thanked Su Wan in a very polite tone.

“I didn’t really help you much. Do your best. You’ll end up becoming popular because of this show.”


Meng Hao and Su Wan exchanged greetings before they left with their assistants. By the time Su Wan returned to her room, she noticed that there was an extra person in the room. He was the newbie celebrity, Lin Mu!

“I just happened to be filming nearby so I decided to come and visit you. I didn’t disturb you did I?”

Of course, Su Wan knew that he was filming nearby. She also knew that the movie he was acting in was going to be released soon. He didn’t come to visit her. He came to promote himself.

Su Wan and Lin Mu used to be in the same company so they were put together to film several shows where they acted as couples. But in reality, the two barely knew each other.

Especially after Su Wan and Lu Jun broke up. She was being pursued by media and Lin Mu even went as far as to hint on his Weibo to his fans that he didn’t really know her.

They weren’t close to each other?

Then why are you here acting like you came to visit me? Doesn’t your face hurt from the slap?

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