The Villain Has Blackened Again

Chapter 273: Just Now, You Looked Like a Seductress

Nan Xun suddenly felt funny when she heard this, but she put on a serious face on the surface, “My Lord, do you really think I like what you are in the eyes of outsiders? I forgot to tell my Lord, I have eaten so many foods, but they weren’t at all useless.”

Nan Xun pointed at her own head, “These are all used to nourish this brain. My five senses are very good, three and a half years ago, I looked through my Lord’s palanquin and saw you, at that time, I already knew that my Lord isn’t simple.”

Little Eight sneered, “You’re talking rubbish so earnestly, wasn’t that because this grandpa strengthened your five senses and lent you a pair of exceptional eyes and a dog’s nose?”

Nan Xun, “You’re already a part of my body since long ago.”

Little Eight: …


Nan Xun’s words seemed to surprised Gong Moran a little, his eyes moved, “Oh? Now that Duoduo is talking about it, why do you think that this Lord isn’t simple?”

Nan Xun paused, then slowly opened her mouth, “In addition to natural body and sandalwood scent, there’s also a faint scent of rot on your body, most people can’t smell it, now, can my Lord trust my words?”

Gong Moran’s movements suddenly stopped, he looked at her with his head turned, a strange light lingered in his eyes.

Nan Xun hugged his waist from the back, leaned her head softly on his shoulder, her voice was low but firm, “My Lord, if you set fire, I’d help you by keeping watch, if you want to kill someone, I’ll give you the knife. I just want to tell you that no matter what you’re seeking for, you’ll never be alone. There’s also a Li Yunduo who is willing to fight alongside you.”

Gong Moran was silent for a moment, the corners of his mouth were raised slowly, evoking a faint smile. That smile was different from the usual gentle and soft smile, it was terrifying.

“Duoduo ah, you’re really a gift from Heaven to this Lord. Remember what you said today, if one day this Lord is going to hell, you… will have to accompany this Lord.”

Nan Xun’s mouth twitched, she slandered him in her heart, but kept a straight face outside, “Duoduo is my Lord’s person in life and my Lord’s ghost in death. I’m willing to go through a mountain of swords and burned in fire for my Lord, of course I have to follow you all the way, if I don’t follow you closely, then what should I do if my Lord is hooked by another beautiful ghost?”

A light giggle abruptly came out from his nose, as if he was laughing.

He patted the little hands on his waist, brought the person in front of him and stared at her quietly, staring into her heart with those bright and transparent eyes.

After a long while, he narrowed his long eyes slightly, as he chuckled lightly, he suddenly grabbed Nan Xun’s shoulders and pulled her whole being into his arms. He reached out and lifted her chin, bowed his head and kissed her soft lips.

The force of his kiss was fierce and domineering, wild and hot. Nan Xun took a heavy breath, almost fainting because of the lack of oxygen.

F*ck, she was just showing faithfulness to break down walls in his heart, she really didn’t expect the big boss to change just by listening to a few words, the current big boss was terrifying ah.

After a long time passed, the man took another bite on her now red and swollen lips, as if wanting to imprint his own mark on her body.

Nan Xun reached out and touched her lips, it was now bleeding.

The man leaned in, licking the blood stains on her mouth bit by bit. Nan Xun was slightly startled by his evil and enchanting appearance, and the cold touch on her lips suddenly froze her into a statue.

Little Eight howled, “F*ck, Nan Xun, what have you done? Why did the big boss suddenly change like a demon when everything was perfectly fine just now? I’m scared ah sob, sob, sob… what’s more terrifying is that, after he became like this, his evil value suddenly dropped by five points sob, sob, sob…”

Nan Xun calmly said, “Oh, now I found a new way to lower big boss’ evil value, and that is to completely stimulate the abnormal side of him.”

Little Eight: …

Sob, sob, sob.

After Gong Moran licked clean the blood stains off her lips, he couldn’t help but sighed, “I just go out of control just now. Duoduo, just now you… looked like a seductress.”

Nan Xun groaned in her heart: It’s clearly you who looked like a seductress!

“Come, Duoduo, sit in this Lord’s embrace.”

Nan Xun walked over obediently, but before she got close, she was pulled into his arms.

He put her on his knees, in a posture like a child sitting on an adult.

He suddenly put away the yellow paper he had just written and replaced it with a new one for her, “Come on, Duoduo, this Lord will teach you witchcraft. Cut this yellow paper into the shape of a small man first.”

Nan Xun turned her head to look at him and said in doubt, “But my Lord just wrote Princess Yao’s birthday character on the paper as it is, there was no small paper man, why should I cut it when it's my turn?”

Gong Moran squinted at her, “Can you compare yourself with this Lord? Just do what this Lord tells you to do. You just said so many sweet things with your little mouth, can it be that you have forgotten it all?”

Nan Xun curled her lips, took the big scissors placed at the corner of the table and cut it carefully.

She bowed her head slightly, showing her white jade-like neck on the back, which felt a little hot because of the fervent gaze from the man behind her.

Nan Xun was alarmed in her heart, “Little Eight ah, I suddenly felt a little regret, now the big boss is making me a bit overwhelmed. You say, if he really wanted to release the beast in his heart out, can I still have a way to survive?”

Little Eight, “You present yourself up as a delicious dish in a silver plate, the beast wouldn’t be dangerous if he’s full anyway. Be good ah, I’ll still see you in the future~”

Nan Xun: …

So the fear before was all just a load of bullsh1t? Little Eight couldn’t be happier with the present’s situation.

Nan Xun cut out a little paper-man with hands and feet, she couldn’t help but smile when she finished it, “My Lord, do you think I cut it well?”

Gong Moran didn’t say anything but suddenly approached her ear and gently reminded her, “Duoduo, this paper man is your enemy.”

The hot and humid breath on her ear made Nan Xun’s hands shook, and the paper-man’s arm was cut off accidentally and became deformed.

Gong Moran chuckled, “Yes, Duoduo, that’s it. You can freely express your happiness, anger, grief and joy in front of this Lord. If you like it, then you like it, if you don’t like it, then you don’t. This Lord is fond with your straightforward character.”

Nan Xun: …

Can she say that she didn’t actually mean to cut it?

Is she really that bored to use a little paper man to vent her anger? If she really wanted to vent anger, she would rather go find her enemy herself. This paper man is so cute ah, but it was cut into this ghostly shape.

“Duoduo, continue, write Princess Yao’s birthday horoscope on the back of this little paper man.”

Nan Xun held the little paper man in a daze and foolishly asked, “My Lord, the front and back of this little paper man are the same, how do you know which side is which?”

A small smile formed as Gong Moran raised his arm to hold her right hand that was holding the brush and poked three dots on the face of little paper man, “Alright, this is the front, now you can write on the back.”

Nan Xun: …

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The Villain Has Blackened Again

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