Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 272 - Competition of Sugar Daddies not Acting Skills (11)

A billion and twenty million! Haihuang Entertainment and the film empress Su Wan’s newest contract had been exposed exclusively!

On November 3rd, this morning, the newest edition of Xuri Magazine had immediately led to an uproar the moment the magazines were sold out. A while ago, Su Wan had terminated her contract with Xinyu and even talked about shutting down Apple Daily Newspaper. Even more, with her scandal with the second master Ye, everyone still recalled her deeply. Now that this billions dollar worth of contract was exposed, don’t mention the entire entertainment circle, but even people who didn’t pay attention to celebrities couldn’t help but be dumbfounded seeing this.

A billion and twenty million! What was that concept? Don’t mention ordinary working class but even white-collar workers who earned a medium income wouldn’t be able to earn that much their entire lives!

This sky-high price caused the online users to be envious of her. Then there were some anti-fans that started to cause trouble, making sarcastic comments that celebrities earned a lot but did barely anything. They didn’t contribute to the society at all.

This time, Su Wan who usually made any comments ended up committing on Weibo in the first moments.

Su Wan: I’ve received a lot of old friends’ blessing and I’ve officially terminated my contract with my old company. I didn’t even have to pay the penalty fee. It seemed like I’ve earned quite a bit? How do I spend all of this money? Forgive me for being ignorant but my hand is still shaking right now.

There was a cute chibi version of a little person trembling under the Weibo and the link to a website under the picture.

When Su Wan’s fans saw her newest comment and then clicked on the link, a website would automatically appear. On the red website, there was a bright red heart on the top— Wanling Charity Fund.

This was the website of a private charity fund. The main page included some information to donate and help. Under the website, included news to recruit volunteers. Lastly, it also included China’s international charity association certificate of recognition as well as other formidable department’s approval business accounts.

The private charity fund had invested fifty million. It was an official and big charity. Of course, Su Wan didn’t invest all of this. She only invested in twenty million while the rest of the money was paid by second master Ye. The founders of the charity fund were Su Wan and Ye Shaoling.

Whether it was to promote the charity or to slap the anti-fans’ faces, Su Wan’s newest post immediately attracted many people’s attention. Many changed their impressions of her and became her fans.

“Xiao Wan, good job!”

Song Lin’s voice was really excited. “The company received several spokesperson contracts and movie contracts. I’ve given them to Wu Tong. Once he finishes selecting, I’ll have him show it to you.”

“Mn, I understand.”

Su Wan hung up and lazily rolled around in Su Rui’s arms.

“You’re going to be busy?”

Su Rui naturally heard Song Lin’s words.

“Right, I can’t just sit around and do nothing. As an artist, if you don’t contribute to new works, no matter how popular you are, you’ll slowly be forgotten.”

As she said this, Su Wan lifted her arms and supported her head, smiling at the man next to her. “You’ve just gotten familiar with the company’s processes so you’re going to be busy for a while as well, right?”

“I’m only in charge of Ye Entertainment.”

Su Rui looked down and asked, “Are there any potential newbies in the circle? Recommend me a few.”


Su Wan thought about it before saying, “I have two in mind. I’ll have Wu Tong contact them first. You know that the people I know are from Xinyu. It’s not good for me to keep taking people from Old Huang.”


Su Rui’s gaze flickered. “I remember that Huang Qi’s Xinyu has a popular newbie named Lin Mu and you’re shipped with him, no?”


Su Wan looked speechlessly at Su Rui. “Lin Mu? Yeah, he’s pretty handsome and he has okay acting skills too. He’s just a bit arrogant. The fans just want to ship me with him but we have nothing to do with each other.”

This was the difference between reality and behind the screen. While they could act lovey-dovey on screen, they might be enemies in reality, no?

In short, the saddest fans are fans that ship their idols with one another.

Su Rui’s gaze still darkened hearing her words. “I don’t like him. Don’t act with him. And...don’t forget to show me the new script once you finish choosing it. I can handle the investments for you. My only request is—”

“That I can’t act in any sex scenes!”

Su Wan couldn’t help but reply. “I’ve been just angling myself in front of the camera so that it seems like I’m kissing the actor but I’m really not. For sex scenes, they use substitutes too. Don’t be so nervous.”

“Uh, after what you’ve said, I think that hugging scenes are really dangerous. If you can avoid it, avoid it. Wait no, it’s better if I come visit you at your workplace.”

Su Wan was speechless.

General Su, you’re forcing me to act in a children’s play huh?

Second day.

Wu Tong brought the spokesperson brands and scripts that he chose to Su Wan’s apartment. Su Rui headed straight to the company early morning and Su Wan’s only task was to arrange the work later on.

“I think Aisha Brand is pretty good. It’s an international women’s clothes brand and they’re willing to pay quite a bit for their spokesperson. In the past, their spokespersons were international celebrities. This time, they’re planning on opening their market to China so they’ve prepared a few spokesperson candidates. Sister Wan, do you want to give it a try? I think you can win the position.”

Wu Tong placed the spokesperson invitation in front of Su Wan but she looked up and said, “Pass. Wu Tong, I won’t be accepting any brands from abroad. Let me take a look at the spokesperson invitations from here. Pick a brand with good credibility.”

“Sister Wan?”

Wu Tong looked at Su Wan shockingly. The artists here in this circle were all delighted being invited to become a spokesperson for international brands, but why not Sister Wan?

This was the representation of their status!

“The reason why artists haven’t been accepted mainstream and even insulted behind people’s backs is because they’ve lost their basic morality. They would do anything for money and accept any spokesperson contracts. Do you really think that brands abroad are the best? That they’ll become an international celebrity by accepting a foreign brand spokesperson contract? What a joke.”

Su Wan patted Wu Tong’s shoulders. “Being an artist is like walking on a tightrope. If they aren’t careful in the least bit, then they may die a tragic death. Wu Tong, say, if I keep on participating in charity events and abide by my basic bottom line and principles, will my fans support me if something happens to me in the future?

Su Wan smiled. Then she responded to herself, “They probably should. Even if they don’t...I won’t feel ashamed.”

In this life, Su Wan was going to replace the original body and become a virtuous and talented film empress.

In the past life, the original body did anything for money and was greedy, caring only about profit. To hell with it!

Her counterattack just began...

Lastly, Su Wan chose a spy war drama adapted from a novel from the stack of scripts. This was a mainstream drama. There was a high possibility of it being broadcasted through satellite. Although this kind of show wasn’t young people’s cup of tea, this [Spy Change 1943] had a careful script with amazing design. It had wonder moments and a suspenseful plot. It was a really great spy war drama. From what Su Wan knew about it, this drama would be the black horse of the year. Once it was broadcasted, it would definitely become popular everywhere.

Most importantly, this drama was predominantly for male actors. Although the female lead had quite a few lines, it was to project the men’s schemes. Plus, the male and female leads’ relationship was dull and ordinary. Don’t mention having a passionate scene but there were barely any scenes of them holding hands. General Su must be really pleased with this script.

After choosing the script, Su Wan personally called the company and told Song Lin about this. They would be getting ready for her to enter the cast.

Haihuang Entertainment.

“Brother Tian, Su Wan chose [Spy Change 1943].”

When Song Lin told Tan Tian about Su Wan’s decision, he froze for a moment. “Interesting. She’s in the spotlight right now, yet she chose an inconspicuous producer to work with. Our film empress really likes to surprise people.”

“How’s the script? Have you taken a look at it?”

Song Lin nodded hearing his question. “I’ve looked over it. To speak the truth, the script is amazing! I have a feeling that if operates well, it’d be popular for sure!”

“Okay, then invest some more in this script under the company’s name and promote this script! Also, tell the directors that they must consider using our Haihuang’s actors first.”

“Brother Tian, you plan far ahead as expected.”

Hearing Tan tian’s words, Song Lin smiled. A good script with popular leading actors, and enough money being invested meant that as long as this show became well-known, then the newbies within Haihuang would definitely become popular and well-known as well. By then, they didn’t need to worry about recruiting artists!

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