The Villain Has Blackened Again

Chapter 272: Duoduo, Is This Lord Cruel?

Nan Xun gave Princess Yao a disdainful look, turned around and left, leaving behind a prideful back.

Princess Yao stood on the spot and screamed, swearing as fierce as she could, “Gong Shijiu, you b1tch! This Princess will never let you off!”

After she walked quite far away, Nan Xun couldn’t help looking at the sky.

There’s a way to heaven, you don’t go, there’s no way to hell, but you just have to break in. Can’t you just properly do your role as Donglin Kingdom’s Seventh Princess? You still had to scheme on people before leaving.

Now even if you want to go, I’m afraid that you won’t be able to.

“Little Eight ah, you say, if the Fated Child’s stepping stone died, will it have a big impact on him?” Nan Xun asked Little Eight.

Before he could reply, Nan Xun answered herself, “It shouldn’t have any big impact, after all, Fated Child’s luck is so great, with one stepping stone gone, he can just find another one, as long as the main story line isn’t affected.”

Little Eight exploded, “You asked and answered yourself, why did you ask me?”

Nan Xun: “It’s just a mere formality, I’m telling you ah, didn’t you say that Princess Yao originally will die after being used by Qi Hengqing? But now it’s hard to say whether she can live until the day of her marriage.”

Little Eight, “You’re going to kill her? Forget it, we shouldn’t lower ourselves like them, didn’t you slap her just now? And you also used her own hand to slap oh, she couldn’t even frame you even if she wanted to, hehe.”

Nan Xun sighed softly, “It’s not that I want to lower myself like her, it’s her that didn’t want to let me off. Before, she just wanted to humiliate me and let me look at her status, but from today on, she wouldn’t be satisfied unless I die miserably.”

Little Eight muttered, “Who told you to anger her just now?”

Nan Xun chuckled, “Didn’t you hear her provocation and insult towards me just now? Woman ah, their jealousy is truly terrifying, if you only tolerate her and don’t fight back, then she would bully you even more.”

“What you told me about the saint witch before, do you know why she secretly killed those innocent concubines? Do you think that she was so jealous that she killed whoever received favour from the Emperor? In any case, she’s still a saint from the powerful witch clan, why did she go as far as using this method?”

Little Eight asked, “Why?”

“I think these dead concubines were the ones who humiliated her, they might even have harmed her several times in the dark, that’s why she furiously resisted. It’s just that the method she used wasn’t particularly brilliant, if she was a little more discreet, she wouldn’t need such an obvious method of killing, and she wouldn’t be feared by Great Zhou’s Emperor that she would eventually be killed by him.

Of course, she herself deserved punishment, it was her who killed all of her clan, even if she escaped, she could only spend the rest of her life in regret and pain.”

Speaking this, Nan Xun’s eyes deepened slightly.

The witch saint who loved sincerely at the beginning may be pitiful, it also made Nan Xun felt that she dared to love and dared to hate, but her wilfulness to fulfil her own love was what indirectly killed more than 20 thousand people in the end.

Nan Xun suddenly became a little worried whether a woman who was filled with hatred for the rest of her life would instil those hatreds to her children.

If that was the case, she wouldn’t have any sympathy for her, she would even somewhat hate her.

Little Eight shuddered, “Women are really terrible ah, sob sob sob…”

Nan Xun regained her consciousness and said narcissistically, “In fact, there are still many lovely women ah, like me for example.”

Little Eight: …

After thinking about it carefully, compared with those coquettish cheap women, his family’s Nan Xun seemed a lot cuter.

After Nan Xun returned to Moran Hall, Gong Moran had already returned. When he looked at Nan Xun, his thin lips pursed slightly, as if a little unhappy.

Without waiting for Nan Xun’s explanation, he threw a gold medal to her and said lightly, “If the Queen send someone to fetch you in the future, just directly show this medal to the eunuch. Just say that you feel unwell, don’t go.”

Little Eight whistled loudly, “Big boss is so generous ah, this is an exceedingly high command token, not to mention the Queen, even the Emperor can only compromise when he sees this medal.”

Nan Xun, “That awesome? What’s the use of this?”

“Actually, it isn’t that much useful, other than avoiding death, it’s mostly used to be lazy. Once this token is shown, no one can force you to do anything that you don’t want to.”

Nan Xun was very happy when she heard this, she immediately babied the medal in her hands.

“Thank you, my Lord, I like it very much. My Lord came back so early today, have you had lunch?”

Gong Moran reached out and rubbed her head, his gaze dropped slightly on her clean face, he said in a low voice, “Not yet, this Lord has just asked the kitchen to prepare some meals, I will dine with you today.”

Nan Xun smiled, she suddenly stepped forward and hugged his waist, resting her head on his shoulder, her voice was soft and gentle, “My Lord, you’re so kind, I still feel like I’m in a dream now.”

Gong Moran slowly turned to hug her back, he couldn’t help but sighed, “…silly girl.”

For this meal, Nan Xun cleaned up the table full of food as usual, at any rate, the boss already knew that she’s a little rice bucket, so she simply spread her paws to eat until she’s full. Her way of eating was quite elegant, it’s just that her chopsticks speed was really swift, she cleaned a big plate of food in just a few minutes.

While servants were busy cleaning up, the two people entered the inner hall one after another.

Those servants kept their head down and collected dishes and chopsticks, they dared not see anything else they shouldn’t see. In the past, they weren’t needed to do these tasks, but later on the Lord took a pity on Lady Shijiu and allowed them to enter the outer hall to be waitresses and tidied tables and chairs.

The Lord’s love for Shijiu was evident.

“My Lord, what are you doing?” Nan Xun walked to Gong Moran and asked in surprise.

Gong Moran took out a piece of yellow paper for drawing mantras and wrote Princess Yao’s name and birthdate on it.

Nan Xun quickly held his hand that was holding brush, shook her head slightly and said, “My Lord, don’t, if Princess Yao died from witchcraft, then the people in Moran Hall won’t be able to escape.”

Gong Moran looked at the little hand that was holding his, “Duoduo is over-anxious, this Lord didn’t want to end her now, if she has to die, then I will let her die in Donglin Kingdom.”

Speaking until here, the man’s mouth curved slightly, his smile revealed a trace of strangeness.

When Nan Xun heard this, she let go of her hand, “It was abrupt of me, when my Lord does something, it surely will be watertight.”

Gong Moran turned his head to look at her, suddenly asking, “Duoduo, do you think this Lord is cruel?”

“How come? I know that what my Lord does is all for me.” Nan Xun quickly replied.

Gong Moran then continued to write and draw, saying to her lightly, “Duoduo, you better not be afraid of this Lord. From now on, no matter what you see or hear, you can’t be afraid of this Lord. This road is what you yourself has chosen; it was you who insisted on stepping inside this Lord’s territory. Since you have made this choice, then you have to bear all the consequences.”

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The Villain Has Blackened Again

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