Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 271 - Competition of Sugar Daddies not Acting Skills (10)

“Third brother!”

Hearing that his eldest brother was going to spar with him again, Second Master Ye immediately ran behind Su Rui and exclaimed, “Third brother, do you want to talk to me about the company? Here, let’s discuss this in the study upstairs.”

Glancing at Ye Shaoqun’s embarrassment, Su Rui couldn’t help but laugh. “Second brother, wait for me at the study first. Elder brother and I...are going to spar.”


Ye Shaoqun widened his eyes hearing Su Rui’s words as if he had seen a ghost. “You’re going to spar with elder brother? You’re looking to be beaten up are you?”

“Stand by the side.”

Ye Shaoning looked coldly at Ye Shaoqun and then his deep and serious gaze landed on Su Rui immediately.

Detecting Su Rui’s intention, Ye Shaoning fixed his gaze on him and tossed his jacket to a servant. He crossed his hands together and warmed up by twisting his wrists. “Third brother, go upstairs with me.”


Su Rui nodded and followed Ye Shaoning upstairs. Second Master Ye was alone in the lounge, frozen. In the end, he quickly followed behind them.

Half an hour later.

“Third brother, a superman possessed your body?”

Despite seeing elder brother and third brother’s century-old battle, second master Ye still couldn’t believe that his weak little brother who required concern could beat his formidable elder brother up to the point he couldn’t even stand up.

This didn’t make sense!

Hearing Ye Shaoqun’s exaggerating question, Su Rui smiled. Then he walked to Ye Shaoning and bent over, extending his hand. “Elder brother!”


Ye Shaoning smiled. A comforting glint flickered through his usual cold and indifferent eyes. “Third brother, you’ve grown up. I will keep my words. I won’t interfere between you and Miss Su anymore!”

The brothers held their hands together. With Su Rui’s strength, he pulled Ye Shaoning up.

It had been many years. As the wrestling champion for three consecutive years in the military, Ye Shaoning hadn’t tasted being beaten for many years.

Speaking of, he felt quite good? Of course, the precondition was that the person who beat him was his pampered brother.

He stood up and exercised his legs. Ye Shaoning looked at Ye Shaoqun with a steady gaze. “Second brother, learn after your third brother. All these years, you’re the only one that hasn’t improved!”

Ye Shaoqun was speechless.

How did I offend all of you guys?

“Third brother, here. Let’s go to the study to talk business. So what if I didn’t make any progress? Back then, mother handed me the business over and look, didn’t I do a good job operating it?”

He pursed his lips silently. Ye Shaoqun quickly left the training ground. When the two brothers walked far, Ye Shaoning who kept a serious face finally scrunched his brows and revealed a pained expression.

Dang. Third brother was too ruthless. If it was anyone else, even if they didn’t die, they’d be disabled. This brat~

Ye Residence, study.

The sloppy Ye Shaoqun immediately turned serious once entering the study. The smile on his face also faded. “Y Country’s foreigners are really brazen. They even dare to touch my second master Ye’s goods. Third brother, luckily you subdue the situation for me abroad. Otherwise, your second brother, I will really end up suffering losses.”

“We’re brothers, no?”

Su Rui looked at Ye Shaoqun and then absent-mindedly sat on the only rattan chair in the study. “Second brother, do you know who stabbed you behind your back?”

“Heh. Who else? Lu Jun of course.”

Speaking of his nemesis, second master Ye clenched his teeth in hatred. His story with Lu Jun went way back to elementary school.

That’s right. They had a love-hate relationship with each other. Wait no, they were enemies jealous of each other.

Second master Ye had grown up in the military and he was the tyrant of the school. He bullied the students and beat teachers up. He dared do everything. As for Lu Jun, he was the legendary top student.

The two disliked each other from childhood. When they reached middle school, second master Ye finally had his first love and became interested in a girl. Who knew that girl friend-zoned him.

“Ye Shaoqun, you’re good but I like someone else.”

That’s right. The girl liked Lu Jun.

As the male lead in a world, Lu Jun had a handsome appearance and high intelligence with great self-cultivation and outstanding background.

In short, this kind of genius didn’t need to do anything. He could just stand there and he’d automatically attract everyone’s hatred nearby.

As for second master Ye, he was just the strongest boss within a group of monsters.

“Lu Jun!”

Su Rui’s gaze flickered hearing Ye Shaoqun’s words. “We have to attack them by their fatal spot. Second brother, do you know what Lu Jun’s biggest weakness is?”

“Hmph. He cares most about the company left by his father. No matter what, I’ll get him to become bankrupt and be a beggar on the streets.”

Second master Ye was confident. In his past life, he had really done so. But now...

“Second brother, have you heard of Ye Liu?”

“Ye Liu? Who?”

Second master Ye furrowed his brows hearing Ye Liu’s name. The name was familiar like...

“You’re talking about the new celebrity Lu Jun found?”

“Not little celebrity. They’re truly in love.”

Su Rui smiled and leaned against the rattan chair. “Second brother, leave Ye Entertainment and the company’s other projects to me. Your only job is to pursue Ye Liu. You win if you pursue her.”

“That simple?”

Ye Shaoqun narrowed his eyes. He looked at Su Rui doubtfully. “Third brother, you’re not lying right?”

“Why would I lie to you? Do you think I’m interested in your properties?”

“Heh. You’re not interested. Pah. My bad. What do you mean by my properties?”

Ye Shaoqun looked at his brother furrowing his brows. “Third brother, you’ve been corrupted! Say, did Su Wan teach you this?”

Su Wan and Ye Liu were love rivals. Everyone knew!

Ye Shaoqun kept feeling like there was more to Su Wan than meets the eyes. He was really afraid that his brother would be used.

“I know my own wife. Speaking of…”

Su Rui suddenly sat up straight and looked at Ye Shaoqun with a sparkling gaze. “Second brother, you still haven’t explained to me what happened with the report from Apple Daily Newspaper last time. Here, let’s also go spar on the training grounds too.”

Train my ass!

You both are brutes~

Ye Shaoqun heard Su Rui’s words and then his expression changed. “Cough, um...pursuing a girl is really difficult. I’m going to research Ye Liu’s personal information and then hand it to you tomorrow at the company. You and your wife can do whatever you want. Even if you make me bankrupt, I’m fine. Just like this okay?”

Then, Ye Shaoqun turned to leave like the wind.

Seeing that he closed the door, Su Rui couldn’t help but laugh.

Pursuing the female lead was indeed really difficult.

To speak the truth, Su Rui didn’t have any confidence in Ye Shaoqun. However, his motive was to annoy Lu Jun. Whether Ye Shaoqun could really pursue Ye Liu or not depended on fate~

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