The Villain Has Blackened Again

Chapter 271: Just Based on You, What Can You Do to Me?

When Nan Xun finished reading that line of characters, the previously vivid little paper man lost its vitality at once, laid down softly and became lifeless on her hand.

The curve of Nan Xun’s mouth gradually flattened, a thread of coldness contaminating her eyes.

Gong Da was loyal to State Teacher, and she didn’t want to confront him if not really necessary.

But if he came to find trouble himself, then don’t blame her for being cruel.

Nan Xun’s eyes moved slightly, she pushed the door and went out from the inner hall.

As soon as she left the hall, one person grabbed her arm fiercely.

Gong Shiqi reprimanded, “Id1ot, what are you doing out of the inner hall?”

The two went to Gong Shiqi’s side hall, it was only a few steps away but Nan Xun noticed countless surprised eyes falling on her, some people even directly muttered, “Gosh, that demoness yesterday is actually Shijiu!”

“I wondered which woman enticed the Lord, and it turned out to be Shijiu. Not surprising at all though, seeing how much the Lord spoiled her!”

“I still can’t believe it, the Lord really with Shijiu…”

“Hush, be careful Eldest Brother hear it.”

Gong Shiqi slammed the door to his hall ferociously, gave her an angry look, and came straight to the point, “Congratulations ah, you finally got what you wish for.”

Nan Xun’s eyebrows curled up, she said with a smile, “I want to thank Shiqi for helping me, it must be you that helped inform the Lord yesterday right? Otherwise, how could the Lord arrive so soon?”

Gong Shiqi sighed deeply, “You id1ot, you did what you wanted last night, but do you know the consequences you put yourself in?”

When Nan Xun heard this, she can’t help straightened herself up, “Shiqi, thank you for your reminder, but I already know what my wish is, and I’m not afraid of anything.”

Gong Shiqi mocked her mercilessly, “It turns out you already have self-awareness and ready to die, you know that its impossible for the Lord to be with you all the time, if Gong Da wanted to deal with you, a dead end is the only thing waiting for you.”

Nan Xun held her chin and sized him up and down, she asked Little Eight, “This Gong Shiqi really cares about me, is it that he likes me?”

Little Eight let out a retching sound, “I know you can be very narcissistic sometimes, but I didn’t expect it to reach such a degree. Do you think you’re gold that everyone likes?”

Nan Xun: …

Nan Xun suddenly asked Gong Shiqi, “If I fight with Gong Da, will you help him or me?”

Before Gong Shiqi could answer, she smiled and said, “You won’t help anyone, you will just stand by and watch.”

Nan Xun didn’t even think about hiding herself inside the inner hall from the beginning, because she knew that the Empress would call her again today.

Sure enough, it didn’t take long for the empress’ chief eunuch to come.

This time, she was directly summoned to sit in the palace.

Clearly Nan Xun was just plotted yesterday, but the chief eunuch acted like there was nothing wrong as he led her to the Queen’s palace.

The Queen let her sit down, when she just put her little butt down, she was sized up and down, while Princess Yao squinted at her from the side.

“This Empress see that Shijiu’s complexion is ruddy and glowing, what happy event happened yesterday?” the Empress asked while knowing the answer.

Nan Xun grinned and said, “According to this subject, a colossal happy event indeed happened.”

Princess Yao chuckled lightly, “It’s a coincidence, I saw Fifth Brother today, but his face was haggard, exactly the opposite of Lady Shijiu, don’t know which fairy sucked up his body last night.”

Nan Xun lowered her eyes and smiled quietly.

The mother and daughter had changed their way to humiliate her, but they didn’t think that she would remain unmoved, her mood seemed to be good even.

After sitting for a while, Nan Xun took her leave while Princess Yao’s eyes sank, “Lady Shijiu, this Princess will send you.”

“Sorry to bother Princess.” Nan Xun made a slight curtsy; she didn’t decline her.

Halfway, Princess Yao suddenly held her back, raised her chin and said, “Indeed a shameful thing, this Princess thought that you would cry to death, but didn’t expect that you’re enjoying this. That’s right ah, although Fifth Princes isn’t the most favored prince, but he’s someone a humble person like you can’t even dream of for a lifetime. If it wasn’t because of this Princess’ help, how can you climb to Fifth Prince’s bed?”

Nan Xun admired her condescending and furious face, she chuckled suddenly, “Princess Yao, I really want to thank you, if it weren’t for you and the Empress plotting against me, I might have to wait for a long time before I can climb State Teacher’s bed. Last night, the Lord arrived in time and… heh, he became my antidote.”

Princess Yao’s smiling face froze at once and cracked at the next second, she finally hideously shouted, “You b1tch, what are you talking about? State Teacher? You dare to covet State Teacher?”

Nan Xun covered her mouth with her hand and smiled so proudly, “Why? What good thing Princess Yao did, how come you forgot so quickly? Where did I go last night, what drugs I took, shouldn’t Princess Yao know very well? I ah, with the Lord, right inside the small hall you prepared for us, made sweet love, happy and unconstrained, right until the day was about to light up, the Lord then finally held me and brought me back to Moran Hall.”

Princess Yao’s eyes widened, “Impossible, this is impossible! The immortal-like State Teacher, he’s someone with pure heart and have few desires, how could he do such things with a lowly b1tch like you? This is impossible! You’re lying to this Princess, you s1ut!”

Nan Xun shrugged and chuckled just like Princess Yao did, “That’s why I have to thank Princess Yao properly, if you hadn’t put such a powerful aphrodisiac in the small hall, how could the Lord let me take advantage of the situation?”

“Your mouth is full of bullsh1t! The fifth prince was also in the small hall, if he didn’t do that thing to you, what else would he do then? That aphrodisiac is potent, once inhaled, it can only be undone by mixing yin and yang!” [T/N: snusnu]

Nan Xun was startled, such a poisonous woman!

At that time, if Gong Moran didn’t rush over in time, even if she resisted doing it, she would eventually be tortured to death by that aphrodisiac.

Nan Xun’s eyes moved, she exhaled in surprise all of a sudden, “Princess Yao, I wouldn’t have known if you hadn’t told me this! The Lord obviously have the antidote to detoxify this poison, but he’s willing to use his own body to detoxify me, oh my god! Could it be that the Lord had been interested in me for a long time but still enduring it hard? It just so happened that the Princess provided such an excellent opportunity for us two people, so he took advantage of that situation and finally treat me honestly? If this is the case, then I really should thank Princess ah~”

“You, you sl*t! This Princess will kill you—” Princess Yao’s face was already distorted to the extreme, she screamed, raised her hand towards Nan Xun.

Nan Xun stood still, looking at her indifferently.

The next moment, Princess Yao’s movement suddenly stopped, her hand that was ready to slap Nan Xun suddenly turned and ‘PA’, ruthlessly slapped her own face.

She was seized with terror as she looked at the smiling woman looking back at her calmly, she muttered, “Demoness, you’re a demoness!”

The smile on Nan Xun’s face was deepened even more, “Even if I am, just based on you, what can you do to me?”

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The Villain Has Blackened Again

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