Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 270 - Competition of Sugar Daddies not Acting Skills (9)

After Wu Tong communicated with Tan Tian’s assistant, Song Lin, the two reached an initial agreement and made plans to sign the contract. Su Wan’s only request was for Xuri’s Li Weiyi to give an exclusive interview for the two of them when they signed the contract. Towards this, Tan Tian naturally agreed happily.

Speaking of Li Weiyi, he had been absent-minded lately. Back in the International Hotel, Su Wan said that she’ll contact him but it had already been the sixth day.

Li Weiyi’s life was the typical documentary of a guy who grew up in the countryside and gained a foothold in the city through hard work. He grew up in a village and he was always ambitious, desiring to make a man out of himself in the world. Li Weiyi had passed the college entrance exam and got into a college with a great score when he was young. He was always known as a formidable figure in school as well. Because of his great writing and sharp words, he had been the head director of the school newspaper. After graduating, Li Weiyi’s wish was granted and he became a reporter in a magazine company. Yet, the harsh reality gave him a slap to the face.


What did you think reporters were? Envoys that protect justice to the citizens?


After years after years of hard work and writing up multiple articles, he realized that what he obtained and his sacrifice weren’t proportional.

Society was a huge jar full of multicolors. No matter what color you were when you stepped inside society, you’d definitely be a rainbow of colors when you step out of the jar.

Li Weiyi gradually abandoned his unrealistic wishes and became an entertainment reporter in Xuri who many disdained.

The two biggest secrets of being an entertainment reporter included being brazen and shameless. Li Weiyi was brave enough to publish news that others feared, write articles that others didn’t dare. As a result, he made his way up in Xuri and became valued.

Of course, Li Weiyi was also different from others because he liked to plan ahead. He had a long-term plan for major returns. In his eyes, Su Wan was that huge fish. Whether he could advance another step forward or not this year was dependent on this film empress’ efforts.

On the evening of the sixth day, Li Weiyi had finished smoking his seventh cigarette sitting in front of his computer. After writing up the last sentence for today’s draft, his phone suddenly rang. Seeing Wu Tong’s number, Li Weiyi’s gaze suddenly brightened.


It was still the International Hotel. This time, Tan Tian picked a high-grade conference room within the hotel.

Su Wan and Wu Tong met Li Weiyi in the lounge of the hotel and the three got in the elevator together.

Today was a rather meaningful date. Su Wan pulled her long hair up into a bun and wore a formal outfit. Even Wu Tong had changed into a suit. He appeared much more spirited.

Tan Tian and Song Lin were already there when the three arrived at the conference room.

“Miss Su, this way please!”

Song Lin was a beautiful woman in her early thirties. Even her black suit couldn’t conceal her bearing.

Right now, Tan Tian sat on the master seat in the conference room. This was the first time Su Wan had seen the tricky and crafty criminal gang godfather. He was only in his early forties but he took good care of his skin so he only looked like he was in his early thirties.

Tan Tian wore gentle features and a calm gaze. His black suit set off his mighty and unapproachable temperament. If someone that didn’t know his status encountered him on the streets, they would mistaken him to be a refined scholar.

Of course, in reality, Boss Tan was also really refined. As for being a scholar? It has nothing to do with him.

“Miss Su, quickly take a seat! My daughter is your fan. Please don’t forget to give me an autograph so I can go and give it to her later on.”

Tan Tian spoke and drew their relationship closer.

Hearing his words, Su Wan couldn’t help but smile splendidly. “President Tan, you’re my boss in the future. Don’t mention giving you an autograph, even if you want me to serve upon Miss Tan, I have to listen to you!”


Tan Tian laughed hearing her words. “Miss Su, you’re a frank person. I like working with people like you. Here, this is the contract. Take a look.”

Saying this, Tan Tian waved his hands and Song Lin immediately delivered a contract. Miss Su, please take a look.”

She pushed the contract to Su Wan. However, she didn’t even look before signing her name on the last page.

Tan Tian couldn’t help but narrow his eyes. “Miss Su, you’re really brazen. Aren’t you afraid that I’ll add some despot conditions in the contract?”

“Xiao Wan is at ease with President Tan. If I didn’t believe you, I wouldn’t be sitting here today!”

As she said this, Su Wan smiled faintly before pushing the contract back to Tan Tian.


This time, Tan Tian really valued Su Wan. He signed his name on the contract. Now that this was done, they just needed to deal with Li Weiyi.

He had prepared the entire night for this exclusive interview.

Entertainment circle’s nouveau riche Haihuang Entertainment is collaborating strongly with the film empress, Su Wan. A contract worth billions. This was a great exclusive news!

The entire interview lasted for an hour or so. In the end, Li Weiyi had taken pictures for Tan Tian and Su Wan to keep as a souvenir. In the end, the three parties returned home happily.

“Sister Wan.”

Wu Tong who had been quiet finally couldn’t hold in the urge to ask, “You’re really not going to take another look at the contract?”

Su Wan laughed hearing the concern in his voice. “Okay, I know you’re worried for me but just calm down.”

Believe in Tan Tian?

Su Wan didn’t believe in him in the least bit. She only ever believed in her own man.

With Su Rui by her side, she had the entire world.

Who was Tan Tian? So what if he had a criminal gang? General Su could vanquish them in moments if he was willing to.

That’s why with such a powerful man as her backer, Su Wan could either do nothing or go all for it. There was no losing.

Seeing Su Wan’s confident expression, Wu Tong sighed. He knew Su Wan for a decade. Back then, under some unforeseen circumstances, he became her manager. Su Wan was his first and only artist. Wu Tong wasn’t a really clever manager and he didn’t know how to scheme either. Su Wan chose him to be her manager because of his honesty and sincerity. They ended up working for ad decade together and the two treated each other as family.

Wu Tong truly wanted well for Su Wan. She could feel it.

Su Rui had left by the time Su Wan returned to her apartment. He left a note on the table and understood that he returned to Ye Residence. That way, she could rest in peace now.

Ye Residence.

“Third brother, third brother, you’re finally back!”

Ye Shaoqun’s face was still bruised from the meeting and he immediately threw himself in his third brother’s arms seeing him. He missed him so much. However, Su Rui’s gaze sharpened and he easily dodged it.

Ye Shaoqun was speechless.

Third brother doesn’t like me? It’s all big brother’s fault for being too harsh on me. My beautiful, no, my handsome face is now ruined!

“What’s up with your face?”

Su Rui looked at Ye Shaoqun’s face and asked coldly.

“Um...I sparred with big brother and got these wounds as a result. I already told him not to hit my face. Ye Shaoning always breaks the rules and refuses to listen!”

Right, that’s right. I have to tattletale in front of third brother! Hmph. His fault for not being at home right now.

“Who are you saying never listens?”

A cold and stiff voice appeared behind Ye Shaoqun.

Ye Shaoqun was speechless.

Nani. Can someone tell me what happened? I must be hallucinating.

“You didn’t. Ye Shaoqun, do you want to continue sparring with me?”

Ye Shaoning’s cold voice continued.

So Master Ye, you know telekinesis?

Even humans can’t stop you, hm?

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