The Villain Has Blackened Again

Chapter 270: Little Rice Bucket, Be Careful of Gong Da

Nan Xun, “Although I’m a hard-core face maniac, I still don’t want empty beauty ah.”

Little Eight, “Tsk, what do you know, the witch clan was isolated from the world with simple and pure personality. At that time, Great Zhou Emperor wasn’t only elegant and unrestrained, but he’s also had a way with his tongue, don’t you women love hearing sweet words the most? The witch also can’t avoid his charm ah, her heart fell for the Emperor readily. Later on, she left her clan and entered the palace as a concubine. According to rumours, if you want to overthrow the Great Zhou dynasty, you had to eradicate the witch saint first, as a result…”

When Nan Xun heard until this point, she can’t help but sneered, “No need to hear the result, your tone has already made me guess the outcome of the story.”

“Aiyo, you impatient, just listen to this grandpa. This witch saint was really in love with the Emperor, but although she had beauty and immortal-like temperament, she had a somewhat paranoid personality and hasn’t been favoured for long. Until later, several women who were favoured by the Emperor died of sudden illnesses one after another, the Emperor would favour and respect her even more at the surface, but felt extreme fear inside his heart.”

“Later, a confidant of the Emperor, who is now the founding Emperor of Nanyun Kingdom, used this fear and instigated him to kill the saint. That idiot of an Emperor really listened to him and ordered the entire palace of the saint to be sealed and lit on fire. It was a really tragic day, all maids and servants inside the palace were burned alive.”

Nan Xun chimed in expressionlessly, “That was a good use of ‘using somebody to get rid of another’ tactic, borrowing the Emperor’s hand to eradicate their most dreaded witch saint.”

Little Eight, “But it’s not over yet. The Emperor, under that person’s instigation, personally led his troop to burn down the witch’ 20-thousand-person clan. It was said that around one thousand of them were blood relatives of the witch.”

Nan Xun’s eyes moved slightly, she said with a low voice, “Don’t tell me that not only the saint wasn’t burned to death, but she also managed to escape with a child in her belly, and that was… Gong Moran.”

Little Eight was surprised, “F*ck, you guessed right, amazing!”

Nan Xun pursed her lips, there was an unknown fire in her heart, she didn’t know whether it was because of that worthless witch, or that fatuous and incompetent emperor, or that seemingly courageous and cunning Nanyun Kingdom’s founding emperor who was actually vile and shameless.

Little Eight continued, “Without the witch, the Great Zhou Kingdom collapsed quickly. The founding emperor of Nanyun Kingdom was the first to instate himself as king, while the leaders of the other three kingdoms also divided their own territories and became king in each. For hundreds of years, the four kingdoms seemed to have dealings and intercommunication with each other, but small battles were unceasing in actuality. However, this situation will soon be broken too because heaven sent the OP fated child that was destined to unite the whole empire under one ruler.”

Nan Xun wasn’t interested about the complicated process of that fated child unifying the whole empire, she only cared about Gong Moran.

Gong Moran was a demon that crawled out from hell, and he was here for revenge.

But what Nan Xun didn’t understand was why Gong Moran wanted to be Nanyun’s State Teacher, what does this have to do with his revenge?

The founding emperor of Nanyun Kingdom who had borrowed other hands to kill people was already dead, but the big boss actually repaid evil with good as he assisted his enemy to prosperity, Nan Xun couldn’t help but feel fear when she thought about it.

Because she knew that, gosh, what big boss planned would definitely not be a good matter ah!

What exactly was Gong Moran planning?

Nan Xun sighed, she suddenly hit her own forehead with her hands.

Little Eight asked, “Why are you hitting yourself ah? The more you hit, the less effective you are, don’t you know that?”

Nan Xun: …

“Little Eight, I really think that I forgot some things.” Nan Xun suddenly said.

Little Eight said nonchalantly, “Isn’t it normal ah? Don’t you always forget things?”

Nan Xun thought for a while and finally remembered what she had forgotten. Yesterday she was schemed by Queen and Princess Yao, Gong Moran and her knew about this thing well, but both of them actually didn’t mention it from last night till this morning. For Nan Xun, it was because she forgot, how about Gong Moran then?

Nan Xun didn’t believe that he also forgot.

“Little Eight, can you give me a live broadcast of big boss’ situation right now?” Nan Xun said.

Little Eight suddenly yelled ‘f*ck’, “Don’t ask too much ah.”

“You let me see things in Xue Ming’s world before ah, how come you can’t in this one?” [T/N: Demon King in 1stworld]

“Sh1t, that was a high-level world, okay? This grandpa can use whatever magic artefact, but this is only an intermediate world ah, occasional little actions are fine, but don’t think about live broadcast.”

Nan Xun settled for the second-best thing, “Then help me observe big boss’ movement in the palace, can you do it?”

Little Eight agreed and soon reported to Nan Xun, “State Teacher met Princess Yao on the way… What the f*ck, that woman actually sent away all the servants and wanted to throw herself at the big boss! But State Teacher avoided and walked away without even sparing a glance at her. That shameless woman said that she wouldn’t let you this cheap woman die an easy death, what she can’t get, then this cheap woman also can’t get…”

Nan Xun, “Can you not gnash your teeth when saying ‘cheap woman’ like that?”

Little Eight, “Grandpa is just imitating that woman’s tone but can only imitate around 20% ah.”

Nan Xun sneered, “Such hatred, doesn’t she know that she’s only facilitating my good face on big boss?”

Little Eight, “No way oh, this grandpa heard that woman used abusive language to throw mud at you, saying that you hooked up with men left and right, and even the fifth prince fell under your skirt.”

Nan Xun: …

“A boring and sad woman, the more she acted like this, the more annoying she is.”

Little Eight said, “How strange ah, she cursed you like that, but big boss actually didn’t deal with her. If it’s up to this grandpa, then this grandpa would slap her right on the spot.”

Nan Xun curled her lips, “Even if you want to clean her up, you have to do it in the dark ah. I can do things such as slapping her on the spot, but it would be too cheap of a trick for the Lord.”

Little Eight trembled, “This grandpa got goosebumps all over hearing you call ‘the Lord’.”

Knowing that the big boss was talking with the emperor in the study room, it was so boring, so Nan Xun let Little Eight stop his peeking.

When she was thinking about finding something to do, Nan Xun suddenly found something and snorted a chuckle.

She squatted down and stared at a seam on the door. She saw a yellow paper shaped into a tiny person diligently drilling itself over that tight seam. Waiting until it completely entered, it stood up and swung its paper arms before running towards her side.

Nan Xun stretched out her hand, the little paper man looked at her and jumped up, turning its body around on her palm, exposing a line of small characters on its back:

Little Rice Bucket, be careful of Gong Da.

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The Villain Has Blackened Again

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