Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 27

The Empress was furious.

"Calm the anger! What anger?! You Marquis, how bold! You even have dared to force the Princess. What else do you dare not do? This Empress has only one daughter. You are trying to cut off the flesh of this Empress' heart."

The Marquis's head was pressed firmly to the ground.

"This servant dare not. May the Empress judge the matter clearly."

The Empress saw that the Marquis was so stubbornly ignorant, and in her rage, attacked him.

"The facts are already in front of you, and you still dare to argue! You are asking for Anping's life."

Madam Marquis also cried out, "This servant never wanted the life of the Princess. Since the Princess married here, the entire Marquis family has respected the Princess. How could they take Princess Anping's life?"

The Empress sneered.

"If so, this Empress sees that the first daughter of your house is also very good! From now on, she should come to the Imperial Palace and serve at the side."

After hearing this, the Madam fainted.

The maid beside the Empress immediately stepped forward to pinch the person's philtrum.

Only then did Madam Marquis slowly regained consciousness.

Madam Marquis's breath was weak, and she said, "Your Majesty, you can't! The marriage of Lian'er will be held soon, so she must not enter the Palace."

The Empress sneered.

"The wedding date is postponed until the palace maid can leave at the right age. This Empress will naturally let her back to the residence to complete the marriage."

Madam Marquis cried again.

"Your Majesty, the palace maid, can only leave the Palace when she is 25, so I beg Your Majesty to spare Lian'er. Whatever mistakes are made will be borne by me alone.

The Empress slammed the table and rose.

"The pain of taking your daughter today is the pain of taking Anping's son. If you don't return the child to Anping, then you don't want your child either."

At this time, the Old Madam entered the hall trembling with the help of her maids.

She knelt on the ground and said, "Your Majesty, all this is the fault of this old woman and has nothing to do with others. This old woman is willing to take all the responsibility. I implore the Empress to lift up her hand and let others go."

The Empress straightened her sleeves.

"You don't have to rely on the old woman here. Do not think there is anything more here for you. This Empress gives you three hours. If you still can not choose, then do not blame this Empress for being merciless. Get up and return to the Palace."

The little eunuch repeated, "The Empress is returning back to the Palace."

Just as the Empress left, Madam Marquis fell limp on the ground.

The Marquis stood up and looked at Madam Marquis and said, "Give him back! Give him back immediately!"

Madam Marquis wanted to struggle a little more.

"But that is the first grandson of our Marquis family. These days Xiao Shu only knows the one in the Palace and his Princess mother. How can he still remember our Marquis family!"

The Marquis was so angry that he pointed at her nose and cursed, "If you are still persistent, don't you want Lian'er anymore? If the Emperor blames you, you will not simply lose your child."

Rong Lian also tugged at her sleeve and said, "Mother, please give Xiao Shu back to sister-in-law. Sister-in-law is not an unreasonable person. She will definitely not educate Xiao Shu to leave our family. Do you really want to see me go to the Palace?"

Madam Marquis could do nothing but sit on the ground and bawl.

After she returned the child, this meant that Madam Marquis would no longer have the right to interfere in Princess Anping's child's affairs.

Xiao Shu returned to Ah Jin's side smoothly, and since then, Ah Jin's mission was successfully completed.

Although the Marquis family had returned the child to Princess Anping, they still made the Emperor and the Empress extremely angry by forcing Princess Anping.

The Emperor also used this as leverage to weaken the power of the Marquis family.

After Xiao Shu returned to her side, Ah Jin settled the task and left.

She really waved her sleeves and did not take away a cloud.

The energy in the space that was settled was 1000, and as usual, Ah Jin got 700, and San Qi got 300.

San Qi knew that she wouldn't give the energy for the life-saving incident.

After all, she didn't even ask for it.

It was San Qi who went up to save her.

It remembered the bed again and asked Ah Jin attentively.

"Now that you have become rich, do you want to take that bed? It's good to have a place to rest when you return to space. It's really cheap now, only nineteen dollars and nine, guaranteed to satisfy you. In a few days, it will be back to the original price, yo."

Ah Jin thought about it and said, "Since I have a lot of money now, how can I buy something at a special price? I will buy it when it resumes its original price."

San Qi was so angry that the bird turned its butt to her and stopped talking.

Ah Jin absorbed the energy again and felt the power in her body even more powerful than last time.

She secretly nodded her head.

There was still something that needed to be confirmed, though, and the answer should be available in the next mission world.

The next mission world should have the answer.

Ah Jin greeted San Qi again and asked it to pick a task to get to the mission world.

San Qi quickly selected a mission in the backend and sent Ah Jin over.

After Ah Jin left, San Qi opened the database again and clicked on the character attributes section.

Inside it was Ah Jin's attributes.

Name: Ah Jin

Age: ???? Unknown error

Affection degree: 15

Love degree: 10

Friendship degree: 5

Anger degree: 10

Sadness degree: 5

Fear: 5

Happiness: 20

Total score: 70 (out of 700)

Energy: ???? Unknown error

Mission world: 2

San Qi looked at this poor score.

After two worlds, there was not the slightest movement.

San Qi was worried and began plucking its feathers again.

It was unwilling to go down the row.

The following were its own attributes.

Name: System 0377

Partner: Ah Jin

Mission world: 2

Mission Status: Failed

San Qi also had a task in the mission world.

Its job was very simple.

As long as Ah Jin's emotional index increased, and she didn't play suicide to complete the task properly, its job would be completed.

Who knew that Ah Jin was a person who did not follow the conventional rules?

Since the two missions, there was not the slightest fluctuation in emotion.

Even the anger did not grow, which then meant that she had not been angry at all.

Moreover, she committed suicide in two worlds in a row.

Thus its mission judgment status was "failed."

If it failed, it would have no additional reward.

There would be no reward, which would be energy, but it would have no freedom without energy, and it could not suppress her.

It was now a little doubtful that even if he had energy, he could not suppress Ah Jin.

Ah Jin's body's mystery was too much.

There were many unknown errors on the character attributes panel, something that simply did not happen before.

Matters that you could not solve, then seek help.

So it posted a thread inside the system detailing the problem with its partner and seeking the help of the great gods.

Once the post was sent out, it was like a giant stone dropped into the river, splashing its great waves and ripples.

Different systems have followed the post.

Some systems pitied it, some systems made fun of it, and some systems came up with ideas.

One system mentioned that the system could let her die after completing the task since she loved to die so much.

When she had enough, she would naturally stop playing with suicide.

Such people have to follow the other's temper, not against them.

The more you go against her, the more pleased she would be.

San Qi thought about it.

It remembered Ah Jin when she mentioned death, her face filled with excitement.

It did not feel right.

If you really went along with her, she would probably flip out.

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