I Just Want to Freeload on Your Luck

Chapter 27 (Part 2)

The matter of the spot for the Tournament came to a stop. Some were happy, some were not. The Evergreen Class caved in while the International Class celebrated with pride.

As for the person who was in the center of this dispute, Mingxi did not even pay any mind to what happened between the classes. She was overjoyed. All her thoughts were now focused on her studies.

Besides, because of how Fu Yangxi’s neck had been so coincidentally injured, she was quite worried about it. Thus, she decided to stop interacting with Fu Yangxi for a while.

Fu Yangxi was confused. Why was it that ever since Thursday afternoon, Little Mask seemed to be putting in all her effort to avoid him?

“Do your own homework today.” Mingxi pushed his homework back to him.

“Also, don’t throw your comic books on my table.” Mingxi was prepared to arrange it for him when she suddenly gave it a thought and retracted her hands. “Arrange them yourself.”

“Throw the rubbish? Do it on your own.”

“Dessert? There’s none today.”


Fu Yangxi was so frustrated to the point that he couldn’t sleep. He furrowed his brows as he looked at Zhao Mingxi. He couldn’t figure out why she was angry.

Was she still mad at the fact that he spoke with those two girls during the Music Class? — But he only said one sentence!

Or was she upset over the fact that he didn’t immediately pick a fight with the Evergreen Class when they came over to cause a ruckus yesterday—? But didn’t she ask him not to be so impulsive?

Or was it that there was something else which he did wrong?

Thus, for the whole of Friday morning, Fu Yangxi was wracking his brains, trying to reflect on his actions. He didn’t even have the appetite to eat.


After Zhao Yuning moved out from home. The thought of having been slapped in the face by his mother enraged him. Therefore, he did not attend classes on Thursday and chose to sleep for a whole day.

When his teacher called, Zhao Zhanhuai helped him take a sick leave.

Originally, Zhao Yuning was so upset that he wanted to skip Friday’s classes as well, wanting to go out and play games with his group of friends.

However, after seeing his friends, he didn’t know why but he thought of the scene from some time ago when Zhao Mingxi would drag him out of the cyber cafe. Suddenly, he lost the interest to continue wasting his time.

So after playing for the whole afternoon, he returned to school with flagging interest.

Without Zhao Mingxi’s lunchbox, Zhao Yuning felt as if he didn’t belong anywhere. He was lost as to where to spend his lunch time.

As for Zhao Yuan, she was the one person he absolutely did not want to see right now.

Zhao Yuning walked around the canteen. After that, he went up to the third floor of the canteen, and coincidentally saw Zhao Mingxi and He Yuan having lunch nearby.

When Zhao Yuning saw the opened insulated lunch box beside Zhao Mingxi’s table, his brows were raised in joy and he subconsciously wanted to walk over there.

But after taking two steps, he remembered that the current Zhao Mingxi would no longer want to eat on the same table as him.

A sense of annoyed sadness which he had nowhere to vent to surged in Zhao Yuning’s heart.

He calmed down, ordered a meal then turned to look at Zhao Mingxi.

When he saw that they were still sitting there, he hesitated. Nonetheless, Zhao Yuning still walked over.

Mingxi and He Yang looked up and saw Zhao Yuning walking over to them.

“Jie, I heard that you did well for the monthly exam.” Zhao Yuning squeezed all the juices in his brain to figure out a topic. He sat opposite Zhao Mingxi. “Congratulations.”

He Yang immediately put down her chopsticks and gave him a side eye. “Little kid, what are you doing here? There are so many other seats.”

Zhao Yuning suppressed his own anger and passed a card to Zhao Mingxi. He said, “This is my lunch card. There are still a few thousand yuan inside so it should be enough for you to spend for a while. Da ge will give me money— so don’t find a job or anything—”

Zhao Mingxi didn’t even receive it nor did she raise her hand. She straight up rejected him. “No need.”

He Yang said as well, “Don’t be so fake. If she takes your card right now, will she have to become your worker and make lunch for you after this? Then due to some minor fault she’ll get kicked out from home? Do you take Mingxi as someone who can be ordered around to your whims and fancies?!”

“...” Zhao Yuning clenched the card in his hands, his heart squeezing uncomfortably.

He wanted to complain to Zhao Mingxi about how he had a big fight with Zhao Yuan yesterday and that he was no longer living at home.

However, he felt that the current Zhao Mingxi would not have the patience to listen to his complaints.

Besides, what was the point in him talking about this?

Back then, the person who helped Zhao Yuan bully Zhao Mingxi was him. Now, the person who was not willing to let Zhao Mingxi go was also him.

Nonetheless, Zhao Yuning couldn’t help but to say, “Jie, I left home. For tomorrow’s banquet, I…”

Mingxi gave him a look and furrowed her brows, “Zhao Yuning, are you still confused about the situation here? I’ve already made myself very clear, when I say sever all ties, I mean— mind your own business, and I will keep out of yours. This includes the rest of the family. You have your own family and you guys are living harmoniously. Yet you are hoping for me to be the one to take care of you? ”

“But it didn’t used to be like this!” Zhao Yuning couldn’t hold it in anymore. He said, “Back then you would—”

Before he could finish, Mingxi looked as if she no longer wanted to listen to him. Along with He Yang, she picked up her plate and changed her seat.


Zhao Yuning simply couldn’t understand how a person is able to retract their feelings so decisively.

For the past two years, he didn’t know how Zhao Mingxi treated the other family members, but Zhao Mingxi treated him extremely well. He was certain that Zhao Mingxi cared very much for this younger brother of hers as well.

Whenever their mother scolded him, Zhao Mingxi would even fight back against their mother on his behalf.

However, ever since Zhao Mingxi left home, everything changed. She suddenly retracted all the feelings she had ever felt for them without any hesitation.

She may be able to retract them, but he was unable to get used to it.

Until now, he was still unused to it.

Zhao Yuning watched as Zhao Mingxi and He Yang ate their lunch. After a while, two students from the International Class walked over to them with their trays of food and ate lunch together with them. Zhao Mingxi appeared far more relaxed with those two followers of Fu Yangxi from the International Class than she was with him.

She made new friends.

She will be rearing cats with another person.

Zhao Yuning saw Zhao Mingxi pick a dish from her own plate and give it to another.

Originally, the person who sat opposite her would be himself, and she would only give him the most delicious dishes.

But now she will no longer treat him so well. Will she have another ‘new younger brother’ who will replace him?

Zhao Yuning was distraught with anxiety.


In a blink of an eye, it was Saturday.

The Zhao family booked a whole hotel. After all, it was Madam Zhao’s 50th birthday, so the whole family wanted to have a big celebration.

Mr. Zhao and Zhao Mo pushed aside the work they had at hand and got on the earliest flight home.

“Yuning is still a little unhappy, but he said he will come at around 6 p.m.. I’ve already got someone to send him his suit.”

Zhao Zhanhuai entered with a clean cut suit. He looked especially dashing, save for his furrowed brows. “But later when he comes, don’t get mad at him again. You know that he is at a rebellious stage.”

Madam Zhao sent her friends out. As they had all complimented her youth-like appearance, Madam Zhao was very happy.

She said to Zhao Zhanhuai, “I understand. It will be fine so long as he does not anger me. Why would I want to be upset with him? You are his eldest brother. If you have the time, spend it on disciplining him. He is already 15 yet he still has such a bad temper.”

When she was done, Madam Zhao couldn’t help but to ask the one question she was most curious about, “What about Mingxi? Did you get someone to pick her up?”

“...” Zhao Zhanhuai froze.

Madam Zhao did not pay attention to his expression. She spoke to Zhao Yuan who was still in the changing room, “Yuanyuan, are you done trying? Come out and try this one on.”

Zhao Yuan who was inside made a noise, and Madam Zhao went in to help her pull up her zip. Once she was done, Madam Zhao continued to urge Zhao Zhanhuai, “I asked you a question. Have you asked someone to pick her up?”

“I did.” Zhao Zhanhuai raised his hand and looked at his watch. “She’ll be here in a maximum of two hours.”

Madam Zhao said unhappily, “Another two hours?! It’s already 5 p.m.! Tell her to hurry up! If she is any later she won’t have enough time to try on a gown!”

Zhao Zhanhuai: “...”

“Oh, right. I bought four gowns. Two of them are in her size while the other two are Yuanyuan’s. Just now Yuanyuan said that she wanted to try on that white mermaid gown so I allowed her to try it on first. As for the remaining three, I think there is only one of them which is in Mingxi’s size. I’m afraid that she might not feel comfortable in it when she comes later. If that happens, get the designer to bring over the extra ones.”

If this was back then, Zhao Zhanhuai might not have noticed such details, but at this moment Zhao Zhanhuai felt as if this was something bothering him.

Zhao Zhanhuai whispered, “So why did you allow Zhao Yuan to wear Mingxi’s? Shouldn’t Mingxi’s things be Mingxi’s?”

Madam Zhao found him unreasonable. “Why are you nit-picking on such things? It’s just an outfit. If Mingxi likes something else, we can buy another. There are loads of extras. Mingxi won’t mind.”

Zhao Zhanhuai rubbed his forehead. He felt that he would not be able to explain the current situation to his mother.

Now is not the time to think about whether or not Zhao Mingxi will like these remaining outfits.

Instead, they should tackle the problem of whether or not she will come.

He did send someone to pick her up.

If that person fails, he might have to pick her up himself.

Nonetheless, Zhao Zhanhuai had a feeling that even if he was the one who went, Mingxi might still not come tonight.


Zhao Mo entered with a wine glass in his hands. He coincidentally overheard their conversation and scoffed, “Such a huge fuss just because she left home? And she even got da ge to ask someone to pick her up? This younger sister of ours sure isn’t an easy one.”

Zhao Mo had just got home in a rush just now. He took a nap in the hotel and just got up. His downward cast fox-like eyes and messy silver hair made him appear slightly sleepy.

“Alright, alright. You haven’t been home for the past year and a half because of your overseas filming, so you don’t know what happened. Don’t be so nosy.” Madam Zhao snatched the glass of red wine from him and said, “It is true that we had wronged her, hence her decision to leave home.”

Zhao Zhanhuai had never been able to get along with the playboy Zhao Mo. He was too lazy to even spare him a glance before walking by his shoulder. “I’m going to pick her up now.”

Zhao Mo appeared bored as he stuffed his hands in his pockets. “I’ve met everyone save for Zhao Mingxi. I’ll go with you.”


Zhao Mo was not bothered by Zhao Zhanhuai’s coldness. He took the car keys and chased after him. He quickly followed after him to the underground car park and smiled as he said, “Ge, you’ve changed. You actually volunteered to pick Zhao Mingxi up. Didn’t you use to pick up Zhao Yuan only? There were even two times when I had to pick Zhao Mingxi up. The shocked look on her face still makes me laugh.”

Zhao Mo’s words were like arrows shooting directly at the spot which was closest to Zhao Zhanhuai’s heart.

“Shut up,” he coldly ordered.

Zhao Mo shrugged. “I can go see for myself if that little girl has grown up. I remember how small she was two years ago. But everyone in our family has rather long limbs, so she shouldn’t be an exception. I’m looking forward to it.”

Zhao Zhanhuai immediately stopped walking. He said to Zhao Mo, “You should be careful not to spew nonsense in front of Zhao Mingxi today, and don’t act so poorly like how you did before. Now, she’s— she—”

Zhao Mo’s personality always made him an easy one to hate.

When Mingxi first got home, Zhao Mo was relentless and always put her down on purpose. He bullied Mingxi to the extent that she would blow up in anger. Zhao Mo seemed to take this as his personal source of joy. It wasn’t until Mingxi ignored him and pretended he didn’t exist did he lose interest in her.

Nonetheless, Zhao Mingxi had already been at home for two years. For the past two years, Zhao Mo felt that he did have some fond feelings for this biological younger sister whom he was not familiar with.

“What happened to her?” Zhao Mo stopped smiling. “Is she in her rebellious phase? It can’t be that she got a boyfriend and refused to come home, right?”

Zhao Zhanhuai said in annoyance, “You’ll know once you see her.”


Zhao Mo could not imagine how messy today was going to be.

After around 20 minutes, he did see the current Zhao Mingxi.

But after another 10 minutes, he along with the famous Fu family’s Young Master were both arrested and brought to the police station.

ray’s note: we are officially reaching one of the main climaxes of the story that is Mingxi confronting her family! it has also been more than half a year since the beginning of this story’s journey \(^O^)/ i would like to take this opportunity to convey my sincere gratitude to everyone who has been supporting this story so far. this is my first time translating a whole story on my own and your kind words have been nothing but a great boost of confidence and joy. please continue to show your love for this story and remember to stay healthy and stay safe. i’ll see you all in the next chapter!

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