Believe It Or Not, I Already Caught You

Chapter 27: Goodbye Zombie

Chen Yu who bent her back for the twenty million hard cash, went back to her roommate’s side with a face full of joy as she planned to explain her reason for leaving.

“You guys, go ahead, I need to leave to do something. I’ll get back tonight to sleep and go to class with you guys tomorrow morning.” Chen Yu said.

“What are you going for? What did that person say to you just now?” All of them knew that Chen Yu’s house wasn’t far from school, so it’s not strange for her to go back sometimes, but once they saw Chen Yu’s jovial expression, they immediately knew that something good must have happened.

“Didn’t I say before? That Young Master Tong wants to match clothes for me.” An excitement seeped into Chen Yu’s tone, “He said that he would give me his clothes for free as long as I agree to model for him in order to prove that his clothes are top-notch.”

Twenty million ah, make up for losses, make up for losses, aaaaa~~

“Really? Can we go together to see?” These teenage girls were right at the age of loving beautiful things, and it’s very hard to see a great master at fashion design doing his work personally.

“I’m afraid you guys can’t.” Chen Yu said with difficulty.

“That’s right, Young Master Tong must have wanted to bring you to his personal studio, of course outsiders are prohibited from entering.” Han You explained.

“It’s okay, we can just see the clothes when Chen Yu returns back tomorrow.” Zhang Muwan consoled.

“Right, right, right, Shishi, you’re really gonna change into a real Xishi ah.” Fang Feifei excitedly said.

“I’m originally Xishi ah.” Chen Yu disapproved.

“Tsk!” All three of them gave Chen Yu big eye rolls.

After giving her roommates an explanation, Chen Yu waved her hands before sitting down inside the parked car.

When seeing Tong Chao once more, Chen Yu felt that he looked much more pleasing to her eyes all of a sudden, so strange ya~

“Are you really a Heavenly Master?” Tong Chao couldn’t help but ask Chen Yu at his side.

“En.” Chen Yu answered with a hum, then raised her head to ask Jiang Hui at the driver’s seat, “That… where will we go? Is there any particular address?”

“Heavenly Master Chen, the address we’re going to is Young Master Tong’s private residence at Golden River Road number 388.” Jiang Hui replied.

“Oh.” After getting the address, Chen Yu lowered her head to open Lou Ming’s Wechat and sent a message: (Third Brother, Third Brother, can you ask someone to send me some Profound Strike Talismans? The address is Golden River Road number 388. Ah, right, don’t forget my compass.)

After the last battle, she used a lot of energy from the compass so Chen Yu left it at Lou Ming’s place. In addition, because she hadn’t received any exorcising business recently, Chen Yu didn’t retrieve it since then. Anyway, that compass was also happy to stay there.

Lou Ming replied quickly: (Are you going to exorcise ghosts again? Is it dangerous?)

Chen Yu smiled and replied: (With some Profound Strike Talismans blessed by Third Brother, it won’t be dangerous.)

Lou Ming, who was drawing a new gun design, smiled when he saw her reply, this little girl’s mouth is quite sweet. Lou Ming put down his pen, turned around and took down a black box from the bookshelf. The box contained Profound Strike Talismans that Chen Yu drawn before she left, because he didn’t know when the little girl would use it, Lou Ming always took it with him everywhere. When he slept, he put it under his bed, and when he worked in study room, he put it on the shelf, didn’t know how much evil energy that these talismans have absorbed already.

“Tian Fei.” Lou Ming called Tian Fei in.

“Third Young Master.” Tian Fei promptly came in.

“Find someone to send this box to Golden River Road number 388, have them send it to Chen Yu personally.” Lou Ming ordered.

“Yes.” Tian Fei took the box and turned his heels to go out and do his task.

“And…” Lou Ming continued to give order, “When the little girl finishes her matter, send her back.”


(I sent someone to give it to you, be careful.) Chen Yu suddenly felt relieved after reading Lou Ming’s message. She put away her phone and checked outside.

“Did I offend you?” Tong Chao really couldn’t understand, he’s an impressive female killer, how come this little girl treats him like this?

“You’re not wrong!” Chen Yu nodded without hesitation, “I finally convinced myself to help you (mainly because of 20 million), so don’t offend me again.”

If you make me lose money again, there’s no need for the living dead to lift its hand, I’d personally lift my hand to fix you up.

“...” Young Master Tong, who felt a murderous aura, became reticent as he moved further aside.

At this time, the sky had already became completely dark. Jiang Hui looked at the sky outside and reminded, “Heavenly Master Chen, it’s dark.”

Tong Chao, who had been hunted for several nights, turned pale at the news.

“Don’t worry.” Chen Yu opened the window, a burst of hot air rushed in. Even though it’s night, the temperature of the city that had been roasted for a full day didn’t drop, “The PM index in the air isn’t good, spiritual power’s concentration will become diluted by dust so I estimate that there’s still another hour before it comes.”

The old man’s notes had recorded that if live zombies weren’t fully activated, their bodies and souls were unstable, while moving would require them a certain concentration of spiritual power. At night, the concentration was higher and more stable, so the living dead are usually active at night. However, if they were fully activated, then there wouldn’t be such limitation.

“Huh?” Jiang Hui looked perplexed.

“PM Index?” Tong Chao didn’t believe it, “Can it still be concerned about air quality?”

“That’s the point ah, air pollution is so heavy that real person and ghosts alike all hate it ah.” Chen Yu sighed.

Had it not been for Second Uncle’s repeated assurance that it was indeed this little girl named Chen Yu who had rescued him, he would have almost thought that he had encountered a fraud that can’t even swindle anyone.

Twenty minutes later, the car stopped at a mansion’s door, while at the same time, He Qi, who was responsible for giving Chen Yu her Profound Strike Talismans, arrived.

“Miss Chen Yu, this is what Third Young Master asked me to send you.” He Qi handed the box to Chen Yu.

Chen Yu stretched out her hands to take it, opened the box and saw her compass and talismans inside, she immediately wasn’t nervous anymore, “Assistant He, thank you for sending this to me.”

“Miss Chen Yu is too polite, I’m just following orders.” The implication was that he wanted her to thank Third Young Master.

“Then, send my thanks to Third Brother when you go back.” Chen Yu said.

He Qi smiled and nodded, standing still.

“That…” Chen Yu said after thinking for a while, “I don’t really need anything more here, Assistant He, please go back first so you won’t waste your time.”

“Miss Chen Yu, Third Young Master told me to wait here all the time until you have resolved the matter smoothly before sending you back to school safely.” He Qi said.

“No need to trouble you like this, they can send me back at dawn.” Chen Yu said.

“Miss Chen Yu, this is an order from Third Young Master.” He Qi awkwardly.

Chen Yu blinked her eyes, dumbfounded for a while before she said, “Alright, Third Brother is really kind to me.”

He Qi nodded in satisfaction, I only want to let you know how Third Young Master treats you well ah, otherwise, I wouldn’t be considered as completing my task 100%.

Chen Yu took He Qi inside the mansion with her, although the exterior looked luxurious, there’s not much things inside, you can tell that there’s not many people living here.

“Heavenly Master Chen, do you need me to prepare anything?” Jiang Hui walked over and said.

“No need.” Chen Yu said as she took out some Profound Strike Talismans from the box and put them inside her pocket. She didn’t bring her linen bag, it really wasn’t convenient ah.

After putting the talismans securely, she checked the compass again to make sure that it has sufficient energy. She turned around and said to the people behind her, “Later if that living… that monster comes, you two have to stay away, you…”

Chen Yu pointed to Tong Chao alone and ordered, “Follow me, don’t leave too far.”

“Shouldn’t I hide as far as possible?” Because his memory when he was in his soul state was lost, Tong Chao no longer remembered the scene when Chen Yu protected him. He only remembered when Second Uncle searched for people to protect him, they always kept him away from the monster before taking other people to fight, resolutely not letting the monster approach him, that’s why Chen Yu’s arrangement was a bit strange for him.

“My speed isn’t better than that monster, if you’re too far away and die before I can arrive, then I won’t refund your money.” Chen Yu said.

What the heck ‘not refunding money’ about?

“Cough… Young Master Tong, everything depends on Heavenly Master Chen’s arrangements.” Jiang Hui calmly said from the side.

Just this week alone, Second Uncle Tong already found more than a dozen Heavenly Masters back and forth to protect him, all walked away wounded. Now, the only one who still has the courage to pick this task was Chen Yu. Although Tong Chao was scared, but he could only bite the bullet and nod obediently.

They waited for a while when the surrounding temperature suddenly became cold, the four of them looked at the gate at the same time.

Jiang Hui and Chen Yu were able to discover that something’s wrong quickly because of their innate ability as Heavenly Master, Tong Chao was because he had experienced too many similar scenes during this period while He Qi was purely because of his essence as a fighter.

“Celestial Master Chen…” Jiang Hui looked at Chen Yu.

Chen Yu conveniently slipped her phone that was half-playing ‘Landlord’ game to He Qi at the side, “Sorry, can you help me finish playing this?”

“Alright.” He Qi took the phone.

“Let’s go out.” Chen Yu looked at Tong Chao, who had a pale face, and motioned him to go out with her.

Tong Chao looked at Chen Yu, then turned to look at Jiang Hui, his Second Uncle’s disciple. Under the affirmative eyes of the other party, he bit his lips and followed Chen Yu.

He Qi waited for the two to walk out the mansion’s door, put Chen Yu’s phone in his pocket, picked up the box on the table, and ran to the second floor. It’s safe to stay inside, but if Miss Chen Yu encountered any danger, he wouldn’t be able to help her by throwing more talismans.

Jiang Hui was stunned for a second before he snapped out and followed He Qi to the second floor.

In the yard, Chen Yu was holding the compass in her left hand and two Profound Strike Talismans in her right, quietly looking at the sky ahead where a thick black fog galloped under the eerie moonlight.

“Is it coming?” Tong Chao’s voice trembled because of fear.

Chen Yu glanced at him with a little disgust in her eyes, “Why is he getting more and more timid in the one week I didn’t see him?”

“...” He also didn’t want to be like this ah, Tong Chao was extremely depressed, you try being chased by an invisible monster seven or eight times in a row, and every time you almost couldn’t make it, “Are you reliable or not?”

“Are you really asking this question now?” Chen Yu couldn’t help but curiously asked, “What can you do if I’m not reliable?”

“I’ll be a ghost and I’ll latch onto you.” Tong Chao said miserably.

“Don’t you know that after your soul was swallowed, you won’t even have a chance to be a ghost?” Chen Yu asked in astonishment.

“You…” Tong Chao suddenly wanted to cry.

“It’s here!” Jiang Hui, who was watching the scene from the second floor, saw that the black fog had already flown in front. Seeing that Chen Yu was still only talking with Young Master Tong, he immediately reminded them.

BANG! The two Profound Strike Talismans in Chen Yu’s hand turned into a long sword from blood-red condensed evil aura. When the crimson aura strike that black mist, it immediately severed the dark barrier open and stabbed the soul inside directly.

The demon flew upside-down using a speed that was two-fold faster than before, stopping five meters away in front of Chen Yu. The thick black energy continued to roll and slowly condensing, finally revealing the tall figure inside. It was obviously a spiritual body, but it’s so solid, it could cast a shadow under the moonlight.

Its spiritual body was much more solidified than last time, its vitality had became more intense. It seemed that a lot of souls had been swallowed during this time.

Hadn’t there many Heavenly Masters helping? How come he had swallowed this much? Looking at it, it was about to be resurrected and Chen Yu couldn’t help frowning.

“It’s you again…” A hollow male voice suddenly sounded.

“He, he can talk?” Jiang Hui was obviously shocked.

“What did he say?” He Qi couldn’t hear the ghost and could only ask Jiang Hui on his side.

Chen Yu swished her red sword across the demon’s chest and asked, “Haven’t seen you in a few days, now you can talk?”

“I will be resurrected soon, little Heavenly Master, please don’t hinder me.” said the living dead.

“Wrong.” Chen Yu shook her head, “You should be lacking one more spiritual energy from a living soul that’s born from Yin year, Yin month and Yin day before you can resurrect. There are so many people who were born on that day, but not many such living soul posses pure Yin energy.”

“Since you know that, then don’t hinder me, I also don’t want to kill another person.” The living dead’s gaze fell straight on the pale Tong Chao behind Chen Yu.

“It’s because of my understanding that I want to hinder you ah.” Chen Yu said, the compass on her left hand was suddenly thrown out into the air, while at the same time, she followed along with her sword.

The living dead raised his hand and threw out a black mist that stopped the compass’ attack, but Chen Yu immediately followed with a swing of her sword. The demon avoided it several times, but because he was being restrained by the compass, having to deal with so many attacks at the same time, his palm was accidentally pierced by Chen Yu. Seeing a gust of black mist coming out of his palm, the living dead stared ruthlessly at Chen Yu’s eyes, like a poisoned dagger.

“I don’t believe you can protect him forever.” He said coldly.

“Why would I take that long?” Chen Yu sneered, “Aren’t you running out of time?”

The expression on the living dead changed, suddenly, black energy all over his body surged again with a new vigor, but he didn’t move to attack. He stared deadly to Chen Yu, as if he was planning on something, then he turned around and disappeared into the night all of a sudden.

So easy? Jiang Hui who had witnessed seven consecutive fierce battles, was stunned in place. So many Heavenly Masters before couldn’t stand a chance in front of this little girl’s two tricks?

As expected of talismans that were bought for ten million, so amazing!

Author’s NOTE:

He Qi: To completely finish the task, aside from finishing the literal content of the task, also need to convey Third Young Master’s inner thoughts, understand?

Assistants: Understood.

He Qi: Our Third Young Master isn’t good at expressing himself, so we have to work harder for him, understand?

Assistants: Understood!


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Believe It or Not, I Already Caught You

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