Baobei, Baobei

Chapter 27

The Empress Dowager of the Jiang family was always action-oriented, and everything that she wanted to do was based on the principle of action rather than thought. Now that she had a glimpse of her future daughter-in-law, it was almost impossible for her to wait at home patiently for the girl to visit her home. Moreover, after that incident that night, the daughter-in-law would definitely be shy for a long period of time. Hence, Empress Dowager Kong made her move.

This was a well-planned exercise. Empress Dowager Kong would never act rashly, nor would she appear in a low-profile manner.

For someone who had commanded a presence all her life, she was in the centre of attraction no matter where she went. Sometimes, she could even be as high-profile as if she was in a parade.

The Empress Dowager wanted to see her daughter-in-law, but she was worried that the young lady might be scared away if she specially made the trip down to see her. What excuse should she use? No matter what, Empress Dowager Jiang was a popular socialite on the streets of the Upper East Side in the early 80s. She was good at everything from socializing to showing her face in public.

Hence, the Empress Dowager made her move.

Qinghua Law School suddenly received an olive branch. Of course, it was difficult for any individual or corporation to establish a special scholarship in a top university in China. There were many implications to this. However, this was Empress Dowager Kong from the Jiang family, who had a large financial backing behind her - Bo Yu Bank. If she wanted a scholarship in the school, would you not allow it? It was such a blessing to have such a powerful Boddhivatsa making her appearance!

When the grand car entourage drove into Qinghua Garden, the entire school was in an uproar. The legendary top of the class Rolls Royce LWB Phantom, Empress Kong who alighted from the vehicle, her fully-tailored white outfit, expensive lace-rimmed white hat, lace gloves, a handmade bag that was worth 400,000 USD, as well as the huge, blinding diamond on her finger. Her make-up was immaculate, and her aura was extremely strong as she looked up at the teaching block.

Later on, Shi Xiaoxi would say that this was a textbook example of nobility. Empress Dowager Kong was portraying the role of a real socialite, and most people would not dare to look at her in the eye.

Following behind the Empress Dowager was normally the second prince. Unlike the fashionable look that he had on when he last appeared, he was decked in a handmade suit today. If there was a pocket watch in his hand, there would be people who would think that they had arrived at the set of a television drama. The second prince put his hands behind his back, as he stood behind the Empress Dowager, unleashing a quiet and icy demeanour of a noble prince.

The Empress Dowager had already given her instructions, and had also tasked her secretary to communicate with her school beforehand. She said that she didn’t want to attract too much attention, so she asked the school to refrain from making a scene. The second prince scoffed inwardly. With such an entrance, including the car entourage used for the visit, wasn’t she already making a huge scene?

Nevertheless, the school leadership was still waiting at the entrance of the law school. All that was lacking was a red carpet. Waiting with them were some student representatives, who naturally were the favoured disciples of the leadership.

After sharing pleasantries with the leaders, the Empress Dowager was led on a tour of the school. Even though she had initiated the scholarship proposal, the tour was a means for the school to profile themselves. No matter what, Qinghua’s Law School was well-known among the domestic legal scene, and they produced innumerable award-winning elites and personalities. In the face of such an attractive catch, how could the school’s management be satisfied with simply a scholarship? If possible, they would also strive to get a donation in the form of a library, a sports hall, or something similar.

Many years later, the second prince would still remark that Empress Dowager Kong really treated her daughter-in-law, Baobei, very well. In order to meet her, she had paid such an expensive price! That day, the Empress Dowager really met Baobei, and really liked her. In her joy, she not only sponsored a scholarship, she even contributed funds for specially assisted learning, and donated a swimming pool. Even Boss Jiang could only mutter angrily the word “spendthrift” after hearing what she did.

As the Empress Dowager left for the tour, she nodded at the second prince, who then went to search for the person she wanted.

The students had long heard that a VIP was coming. Baobei also knew about it, but Lecturer Jiang didn’t say anything beforehand. Because of this, Miss Xia even threw a tantrum at Lecturer Jiang after the incident.

When the second prince found Baobei, she was still in class. When such a noble prince suddenly appeared in the classroom, anyone as dreary as Shi Xiaoxi would think she was daydreaming.

Jiang Mojie smiled politely, then knocked on the door under the watchful eyes of the entire room. He then bowed to the lecturer and walked into the classroom. When his eyes swept across the room, he thought inwardly, Baobei was truly someone that should belong to the Jiang family. Within the confines of the huge classroom, she alone stood out in the sea of faces. What a beauty she was, with her clear eyes and bright smile, looking all cute like a petite doll.

With an evil grin, he walked towards Baobei. He then smiled and nodded at Baobei’s roommates; as if they hadn’t seen a man before, the young girls were on the verge of screaming out loud. It wasn’t that they hadn't met a man, but they hadn’t seen a noble prince who would only appear in television dramas. Lecturer Jiang’s aura might be powerful, but they had never seen Lecturer Jiang in a similar outfit.

Naturally, they made space for Jiang Mojie. He didn’t feel unabashed; he simply took a seat beside her.

Baobei was speechless.

“What’s wrong with you?”

“Aren’t I handsome?” Once Jiang Mojie opened his mouth, all the magic was gone. Originally, he wanted to receive a look of admiration and adoration from his future sister-in-law, and let her call him a few more times “Elder Brother” before she married into the family, otherwise, he would be regarded as her junior after she became his sister-in-law.

“This has nothing to do with being handsome!”

Jiang Mojie looked at his attire, and couldn’t find anything wrong.

Baobei eyed him curiously. “Don't you feel warm?”

It’s already in the middle of April.

“Yes, I’m feeling warm.” However, no matter how warm he was, he had to maintain his gentlemanly behaviour. The problem was, such attire was usually worn in attendance to prestigious events, which were always air-conditioned. On the other hand, even the lights and fans were only turned on during certain hours in school, what more air-conditioning!

“I have to ask you this, why would you dress like this when coming to our school?” Miss Xia was smarter than others, so she realised the answer when she asked the question. “Don’t tell me … that the big shot is you?”

“Not me, I’m the future big shot. I’m here accompanying an elder today.” Jiang Mojie had followed the Empress Dowager’s instructions, which was “Don’t say I’m here. I’m worried that Baobei’s still embarrassed and won’t want to see me.”

“Oh.” She nodded. “Then why are you here to look for me instead of accompanying the elder of yours?”

They continued their conversation. Of course they didn’t outrightly do so, they lowered their voices and whispered to each others’ ears. However, Baobei could now be considered one of the more influential figures in school, compounded with the alarming appearance of the second prince of the Jiang family, so their every movement was monitored closely by everyone in the class.

Jiang Mojie had also expected that Baobei wouldn’t leave with him in the middle of class, so he patiently waited for her class to end. During this period, Empress Dowager Kong had sent numerous messages to ask about the situation. She was truly worried that Baobei refused to meet with her, and was already starting to blame the Second Young Master for spoiling things.

“Can you join me for tea?” After class, Jiang Mojie put his arm over Baobei’s shoulder, leading her away.

Baobei furrowed her brows as she looked at him. They could always have tea together anytime, but why did he have to choose today, and create such a huge commotion? Baobei could almost sense a devious plot against her.

“Why are you looking at me as if I was a thief?” The Second Young Master was unhappy.

“Thief? Please watch your words. Did you consider the feelings of a thief?” What she meant was that he can’t even be compared to a thief.

The Second Young Master looked hurt. “Baobei, do you like me?”

Upon hearing his words, Baobei smiled sweetly, “Make a guess.”

The smile was so alluring that the Second Young Master’s mood improved greatly. “You like me.”

“Try again.”

He frowned. “You’re bullying me!”

She couldn’t stand his coquettishness, and suddenly felt repulsed, as she took a step backward.

“Stop staring at me like a housefly!”

Baobei sniggered. “Who’s staring at you? Do you think you’re a piece of shit?”

The three roommates gaped at their conversation. No matter what, he was such a dashing man, and such men should only be flirted with. How could Baobei bear to demean him this way?

The phone in his pocket vibrated again. The Second Young Master took a look, then glanced at Baobei and said, “Let’s go, it’s time for tea.”

However, Baobei was still unwilling, as she sensed that the invitation wasn’t as simple. She called Lecturer Jiang, but he didn’t pick up, and when she sent him a message, he only replied much later that he was in a meeting, and even asked her to follow the Second Young Master without having to worry. Jiang Moxiu was obviously in cahoots with Empress Dowager Kong on this matter. Poor Baobei, she could only foolishly trust her boyfriend.

As the bells for the fourth period rang, Jiang Mojie contemplated dragging Baobei away. It was then that Baobei cast her worries aside and agreed to go for the tea.

In a vast meeting room. People filled the room both inside and out. Jiang Mojie’s arm was slung over Baobei’s shoulder as they arrived together. When Baobei took a closer look, the entire meeting room was filled with many of her seniors, all of whom were giving her strange looks.

The Empress Dowager’s secretary Wang Guanyu had already known that the Second Young Master and the future wife of the Eldest Young Master were heading their way, so he was instructed to receive them. Wang Guanyu was slightly over thirty, and was the son of Boss Jiang’s first secretary. Since they had some interactions and Boss had thought this man to be reliable, hence he arranged for him to help look after the Empress Dowager.

Wang Guanyu snuck a peek at the hand that was slung over Baobei and covered his mouth as he smiled. “Second Young Master, Eldest Young Master had just called and asked me to pass a message. He said you should stop your habits, and watch your paws well.”

Jiang Mojie was an extremely friendly person who would treat everyone like a good friend. He also loved to sling his arms over his friends’ shoulders.

“Urgh …” Jiang Mojie quickly let go of Baobei. He then looked at his paw, as he shook his head and walked away sulkily. Even though the wife is important, so were brothers! There were many such incidents that happened; later, Jiang Mojie made several attempts to protest, but the Eldest Young Master said, Brothers are like one’s arms and legs, while women are like clothes. But I’d rather lose my limbs than run amok naked, so you have to just deal with it.

“Miss Xia, please come with me.” Wang Guanyu’s eyes shone when he saw Baobei, and his expression was sincere.

Baobei turned and looked at Jiang Mojie, then reached out to pull him back.

“What? Do you only think that I’m important now?” He finally regained some of his dignity.

She grunted casually in agreement.

When Empress Dowager Kong knew that Baobei was headed here, she had already made up an excuse of wanting a break so that the room would be cleared out. The school’s leadership were all in the next room discussing related issues; the entire room was filled with people harbouring different intentions.

When Baobei entered the room, the Empress Dowager was looking at a piece of calligraphy. When she heard the door open, she turned around gracefully, putting on that matronly look that she had practiced for long in front of the mirror.

Jiang Mojie had a horrified look on his face; he had never seen the Empress Dowager smiling in such a disgusting and boot-licking manner. Furthermore, even though she was in heels, the Empress Dowager flew over in a tremendous speed, and appeared before them in a flash. He couldn’t even see clearly how she floated over.

“Baobei ~” the Empress Dowager dragged the last syllable, and before she even finished her words, that hand with a diamond ring had already pulled Baobei’s hand, and was patting it. Firstly, she really wanted to see her; secondly, she was trying to prevent Baobei from escaping.

Baobei almost choked on her saliva at the voice. Didn’t this voice belong to the Empress Dowager of the Jiang Family, that she didn’t have a chance to meet “face to face”?

“Baobei, sigh, it’s so difficult for Mother to meet you. Jiang Moxiu has hidden you away like a treasure.” Empress Dowager was also a naturally friendly person, so she dragged Baobei over forcefully to the sofa and started chatting with her. The Second Young Master obviously inherited this friendly trait well. It’s said that people with similar temperaments would find it hard to coexist peacefully. Hence, even though they shared strong familial bonds, the Empress Dowager and the Second Young Master’s relationship was still rocky, and this logic explained it.

At this moment, Baobei’s entire body was frozen, as her smile stuck to her face awkwardly. She looked to be at a loss. She then turned and looked at Jiang Mojie; the latter was holding a cup of Longjing tea, leaning back on the single person couple looking ecstatic. It seems like the Empress Dowager was in her own opera.

“Hi Auntie.” Baobei could only try her best to save herself from this predicament. Furthermore, she was trying hard not to let herself recall what happened that night.

“Look at this child. Why are you still calling me Auntie?” The Empress Dowager was displeased.

“Baobei, call her Mother.” The corner of Jiang Mojie’s lips twitched, overjoyed.

She pouted and then shot back at him. “Who are you to say this? Only Lecturer Jiang can tell me this.”

Empress Dowager Kong was overjoyed at her words. A woman’s intuition was always correct, and a pampered woman like Empress Dowager Kong would have an even keener intuition. During their first “meeting”, she could already sense that she could get along well with Baobei. There, all it took was one sentence for her to think that she liked this child’s character.

“That’s right! It has nothing to do with you!” Empress Dowager Kong echoed.

“Baobei! Do you remember? In Boston, when you were young, Mother would always carry you around. Don’t you remember this?” Regardless of whether the young lady was willing, the Empress Dowager had already given herself the title of “Mother”. “Time passes really quickly; you’ve grown up in a flash! I’d liked you a lot when you were young, and always thought that it would be great if I could have a daughter like you. No matter what, it’s also good now. A daughter-in-law is the same as a daughter.”

Jiang Mojie rubbed his chin and thought inwardly, Empress Dowager Kong had developed the “daughter complex” towards more than twenty girls.

The conversation that followed revolved mostly around Baobei. Empress Dowager Kong led the conversation, as she asked about how Baobei’s parents were, Xia Xu’s wedding, and so on. The Empress Dowager was also very skilled. After a few questions around things that Baobei was familiar with, she slowly forgot about being shy and embarrassed, and started to relax.

“I think that you are too skinny. When you are free, drop by our house with Moxiu often, I’ll feed you properly. Don’t worry, Mother’s recipes are best for women; they are nutritious, yet not fattening.”

“I’ll have to trouble you then.” She had already called herself “Mother”, so Baobei didn’t dare to call her “Auntie” anymore. However, she really couldn’t bring herself to address her as “Mother”. Hene, she could only stop without addressing her, even though it was rude to do so.

“Most girls nowadays are screaming that they want to be skinny. And those men, even though they say that they won’t let us diet for health reasons, but once we are plump, they’ll treat us with disdain. Actually, it’s not that they don’t want you to diet, but they like a woman who can eat without growing fatter. It’s not that they don’t like you to apply makeup, but they like that you also look good without makeup. It’s not that they don’t like you to be skinny, but that they like you to be skinny yet busty.” Empress Dowager Kong was even more brutal with the truth than Baobei.

Baobei nodded. Since they were on this point, Baobei couldn’t help but complain too. Once, Lecturer Jiang said something similar; even though he really didn’t think too much of his words, girls would always care about such things. Even though she didn’t say it, she kept a secret grudge. “Once, when I ate too much, Lecturer Jiang called me a piglet.”

Jiang Mojie rubbed his nose, feeling sorry for his brother. At this moment, two of the three most important women in Jiang Moxiu’s life had successfully managed to get along. This meant that it wouldn’t be long before he would be attacked by the women together.

In conclusion, Empress Dowager Kong’s intricate plan to meet her future daughter-in-law for the first time was rather successful.

On the other hand was Lecturer Jiang’s pathetic “bedding’ plan.

The plan to “eat” Miss Xia up wasn’t going too well.

Since she had a trauma of the apartment, he changed the venue to the villa. However, when he brought her there, the entire villa knew that he was bringing Baobei back to spend the night. Hence, within ten minutes of his return, Third Master Mo apologetically knocked on his door, saying that it was already late at night and he was on his wife’s order to bring his sister-in-law home. What a joke! No matter what, Xia Xu was Baobei’s biological sister. Baobei was here to study, and her parents had entrusted Baobei to her. No matter what, Xia Xu would never allow her younger sister to be taken advantage of, especially when she knew about it!

Since they also couldn’t go to the villa, they went to the suite in the company. It was late at night, so the business district was empty. Yet, a strange turn of events occurred. The group of monsters who would usually leave their work on time, would actually work overtime due to a big project recently!

No matter which of his own territories he went to, his plans would be thwarted. He decided that they might as well go to a hotel! He even intentionally avoided hotels owned by Mr. Fang, since it could be considered a territory owned by someone familiar. He booked a presidential suite; there was music, fresh flowers and dim lights; the ambience was perfect! Just as Jiang Moxiu thought that he could finally complete his quest, a fire broke out in the hotel. Hence, the riled-up Lecturer Jiang had to drag Miss Xia in her unkempt dressing to escape the hotel.

Baobei was covered in Jiang Moxiu’s woven top, standing at the entrance of the lobby. She couldn’t hold her laughter back anymore. Lecturer Jiang said seethingly, “If this continues a few more times, your man will end up impotent!”

In order to do the deed, Lecturer Jiang even thought of getting a private plane out of the country. However, Baobei said, what if they ended up in a plane accident? Or a tsunami happened if they went to a beach, or met with an earthquake if they were on land?

Lecturer Jiang was furious.

Upon knowing how difficult his brother’s bed affairs were, Jiang Moxiu laughed slyly. “Brother, the Heavens are really treating Baobei well. Without giving her a proper status, you can’t touch her.”

Lecturer Jiang thought about it further, and agreed.

Hence, the next day, Lecturer Jiang officially informed Baobei: We’re getting engaged on 1st May!

The reply he got was, “I’m not going to get engaged!”

There was no proposal or anything. Just because he wanted to have sex, he wanted an engagement. Baobei was feeling wronged, and she cursed Lecturer Jiang hundreds of times inwardly.

Jiang Moxiu didn’t mean it that way. No matter how he tried to defend himself, it appeared that the motivation for the engagement was because of that matter. Yet, she would be his sooner or later right? Even without being superstitious, Xia Xu had clearly expressed her stand. The second Young Master had also reminded him, he couldn’t touch her without giving her a proper title. An engagement was also because he cherished her. A man would need a lot of courage to walk into a marriage.

In any case, Baobei decided to go into a cold war with Lecturer Jiang. This war affected many others around them, such as the person with the lowest IQ in their dorm, who would stir things up anytime.

That day, Baobei avoided Lecturer Jiang and returned to the dorm. Shi Xiaoxi happened to be online, and was screaming at the slow speed of the computer. Baobei looked at her coldly and said, “Instead of screaming at the computer for being slow, why doesn’t the person think, having to face this monstrous face of yours, can you guarantee that the computer would be able to work peacefully?”

It was an instant kill.

On Jiang Moxiu’s end, how could he feel good about being in a cold war? Jiang Mojie had simply looked at him gleefully before he was thrown to the countryside to grow carrots. What kind of logic was this?!

No matter what, everyone else had been implicated by Lecturer Jiang’s private bedroom matters, and were suffering badly.

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