Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 269 - Competition of Sugar Daddies not Acting Skills (8)

The morning sunshine penetrated through the crack of the window and lit up his face. Su Rui rolled over out of habit and then felt the warm and gentle body next to him. He instinctively brought her closer to him.

He didn’t need to open his eyes or feel anything. He instinctively could tell who was next to him.


Su Wan moved in Su Rui’s arms and felt his little brother rubbing against her. Su Wan couldn’t resist the urge to lift her leg and then rub it against his private part. “Hey, General Su, you haven’t been satisfied by last night yet?”

“What do you think?”

Su Rui was on the plane the entire day and then last night, he excitedly investigated the purpose of life with his wife in bed. He was supposed to be really tired at this moment but after his wife’s teasing, he became immediately excited again. He couldn’t do anything about it. He couldn’t resist his wife.

Su Rui turned and got on top of Su Wan, planning on having a deep interaction with ehr when the doorbell to the apartment suddenly rang urgently.


General Su actually cursed and then turned to lie down on his spot speechlessly.


Seeing his ruined mood, Su Wan couldn’t help but reach over and kiss Su Rui’s face. “Rest well, I’m going to open the door.”

As she said this, she got up to wear her clothes. She didn’t need to think to know it must be Wu Tong at her apartment at this time.

By the time Su Wan wore her clothes and opened the door, she saw Wu Tong’s smiling face as expected.

“Are you this happy because you got a girlfriend?”

Su Wan couldn’t help but tease Wu Tong seeing his smiling expression.


Wu Tong felt like his sister Wan changed every day. As her manager, he couldn’t keep up with her rhythm.

“Sister Wan, stop teasing me. There’s something really good happening this time! Haihuang Entertainment’s president’s assistant called me today. They want to sign a contract with you. Sister Wan, do you know the price they listed? A billion and twenty million! It’s a billion and twenty million!”

This was really a nine digit contract. What did this mean?

This meant that as long as Su Wan agreed to sign the contract, even if she did nothing for the entire year, she could receive a billion or so in salary.

Dang. This world was too crazy!

Wu Tong thought that Su Wan was originally joking. After all, they’ve seen many performing artists misreporting their salaries and contract prices. In reality, each entertainment company and their artists’ contracts were confidential. Even if the artists were from the same company, there was no way to know how much the other party earned.

“Haihuang, the best entertainment company out there.”

Su Wan wasn’t surprised to hear Wu Tong’s words. Her price was basically made for Haihuang Entertainment!

Just how many entertainment companies in China would be willing to give their artists billions in terms of salaries? Xinyu couldn’t. Even the head of the entertainment companies, Huatian, would have to think twice before doing so. As for Haihuang Entertainment, it was a new entertainment company within the circle and they were willing to do so anyway!

The reason was simple. This was because the owner behind Haihuang Entertainment was Tan Tian, and he was the godfather of a criminal gang.

“You plan on working with Tan Tian?”

A voice from behind suddenly rang. He was still wearing loose pajamas on him and ignored Wu Tong. While talking, he sat next to Su Wan and brought her into his arms. “I’ll give you two billion. Come to my entertainment company. You can play however you want.”

Wu Tong was speechless.

He’s the rumored third master Ye isn’t he? He seemed to be really domineering. Two billion~ Sister Wan, agree already~

“Don’t mess around.”

Su Wan helped Su Rui fix his pajamas. “Go sleep for a while longer, be good.”

After that, Su Wan kissed Su Rui’s face. But this time, Su Rui kept his gaze fixated on her. “Why are you collaborating with Tan Tian?”

In the original plot, Tan Tian’s Haihuang Entertainment basically committed money laundering. His actual business involved smuggling and being part of the drugs trade. With Haihuang Entertainment as cover, their drugs business gradually permeated the entertainment circle, and many of the artists bought from them.

The original body, Su Wan, had attended a banquet with the artists of Haihuang. It was then that she started to become addicted and ever since, she fell down the drain.

Hollow, anxiety, pressure. Their lives had been going too quick. The artists had way more worries than ordinary people. They didn’t dare to eat too much and they always needed to maintain their images. They didn’t dare to dress too casually. Even more, they need to consider their wordings before saying anything. Besides fans, there were also anti-fans. There was a group of paparazzi staring at them constantly. Sometimes, they didn’t even have the right to freely talk or date someone.

In this anxious circle, drugs had become what artists relied on. They needed it.

Behind their glorious images, people that weren’t in the circle would never understand how tragic and depressed they were.

Tan Tian was interested in the entertainment circle’s hard efforts while Su Wan was interested in Tan Tian’s power.

“Now, what Haihuang Entertainment needed was to make themselves known. As for me, I have a well-known status in the entertainment circle and a certain amount of exposure. Most importantly, with the antic of millions and millions worth of salary, this was what Haihuang needed.”

Hearing Su Rui’s questions, Su Wan couldn’t help but respond in a proper tone, “Of course, as a small artist, I can’t intervene in what Haihuang wants to do. But I’m going to be part of Haihuang in the future. If someone bullies me, say Lu Jun or someone else, do you think Tan Tian will allow someone to bully his money tree?”

Su Wan’s first step was to use Tan Tian’s vicious method to disrupt the plot in this world.

Male lead, don’t you have the gold finger of rebirth?

Okay, now I’m going to disrupt everything. Let’s see what you’re going to do now.

In terms of viciousness, can you be more vicious than the criminal gang leader, Tan Tian?

Su Rui muttered to himself. Indeed, getting someone else to do one’s dirty work was indeed beautiful. After being through many worlds, Su Rui almost forgot that Su Wan was an expert at playing with people’s hearts and then advancing gradually. She was great at getting people to do her dirty work.

“Since you’ve decided, then you can follow your thoughts. Of course, Ye Entertainment always welcomes you.”

In reality, Ye Entertainment was just an empty entertainment company under Ye Shaoqun’s name. It hasn’t been officially set up yet but Su Rui planned on actually taking over the family business since coming back from abroad. The entertainment circle was one of the many directions he planned on tackling.

Husbands weren’t good husbands if they didn’t follow their wives.

General Su wasn’t interested in becoming an actor but he was really interested in becoming the CEO of an entertainment company and investor or a producer.

Apparently, he could coerce employees for sexual favors if he became an investor. General Su didn’t care much. He just wanted to do that to his wife.

By then, he’d have everyone in the circle know that this woman was his!

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