The Villain Has Blackened Again

Chapter 269: My Lord, Let’s Do Some Exercise

There’s a split second when the woman’s body was laid bare in front of the man’s face, but it was very soon covered by bedding.

Nan Xun leaned on his chest, asking with all smiles, “My Lord, am I heavy?”

Gong Moran stretched a hand out and patted the back of her head, “Don’t make trouble, this Lord will get up after lying down for a while.”

Nan Xun squirmed and squirmed like a caterpillar, crawling up until she was on level with his face, asking quietly and coyly, “My Lord, it’s still early, should we… do some exercise?”

Gong Moran was stunned for a while, he thought about it for a while, “Alright, although it’s a bit later than usual, but this Lord can teach you a simple skill of swordsmanship.”

Nan Xun became even more shy after hearing this sentence, “My Lord, your words are so subtle ah, then, let’s get started okay? Everyone will get up after a while.”

Gong Moran nodded.

Thus, the two acted together.

One person lied flat on the bed, waiting to be favored, one person got up, wanting to get out of bed.

Nan Xun: …

Gong Moran: …

The embarrassment was so thick that it solidified, Nan Xun erupted into a burst of dry laugh, quickly pulling back the quilt that fell down because the man got off the bed and wrapped herself tightly, “That, my Lord, please go and do some sword exercise first, I suddenly felt unwell and can’t accompany you, ha ha, ha ha ha.”

With that, she turned around along with the quilt, showing her back to him.

Gong Moran didn’t leave, he put down the bed curtain, laid down again, and then turned over the lump with a little girl inside.

A man’s voice came from inside the green gauze canopy with a slight teasing smile, “Duoduo, in the future, you can directly talk what you want with this Lord, there’s no need to be this… implicit. This Lord is sometimes more pedantic and can’t sense out this kind of things.”

Nan Xun really wanted to find a hole in the ground, digging with her fingers on the bedding, almost making a hole on it.

“Duoduo ah, do really want to… practice sword with this Lord?”

“Ah? N-no… this… that… actually, I just made a slip of the tongue.” Nan Xun’s face blushed so red like a monkey’s butt.

Well, in fact it was because she was too confused last night. Although she can remember when she woke up, but she still felt that she had forgotten a lot of things ah. Nan Xun, a little girl, really wanted to have a good time with State Teacher when she’s sober ah.

Maybe she was affected by the last world’s prehistoric straightforwardness, Nan Xun thought so in her heart, that’s why he told something like that to the big boss.

Now that she thought about it, this was the ancient times that paid attention to subtle beauty, how can she have said something impetuous ah?

The man patted her head and explained seriously, “Duoduo, next time, okay? This spare time isn’t enough, it’s too short.”

Nan Xun: !

When did Gong Moran left later on, Nan Xun wasn’t clear about that because she buried her entire face in a soft pillow, refusing to get up.

Right, she truly had no face to meet people temporarily.

It wasn’t until some maids knocked and brought hot water for bathing that Nan Xun finally pulled out her face.

It was a crazy last night, of course she should have a bath, but this early in the morning…

No one was allowed to enter State Teacher’s main hall, but this time, after some maids knocked on the door, they sent a set of bathing equipment directly to the inner hall. If it wasn’t because the Lord had ordered them personally, they would definitely not have such courage.

Nan Xun secretly glanced at those maids who brought hot water and saw that their expression was normal, focused and not looking sideways.

After the bath, Nan xun was refreshed but didn’t go out.

She was nestled in the big boss’ inner hall, bumping here, fumbling there, fiddling a few times if she saw some untidy places.

It was until she found a yellow book that was covered in dust. She flipped it over while slouching on Gong Moran’s favourite couch.

This book didn’t have any title, it recorded a few strange witchcrafts and spells.

Nan Xun wanted to read it casually at first, but she didn’t expect that the following content would attract her.

In her memory of Zuili family’s inheritance, there were several witchcrafts and spells that were similar to those in this book, but she found the things written in this book were even more fierce and domineering, it was like an improved, upgraded version of her memory. Especially the last part of the book, once this spell comes out, she’s afraid that all the people in the entire Nanyun’s palace will die.

Nan Xun’s eyes sank, she closed the book abruptly and carefully returned it to its original place.

At this time, Little Eight suddenly yelled, “Your mom, since you’re not brewing sauce with big boss, why didn’t you call this grandpa ah! This grandpa was afraid of seeing things that shouldn’t be seen and didn’t dare to open my five senses.”

Nan Xun laid back on the soft couch, yawned and lazily said, “I wanted to, but who knew that big boss thought that morning time is too short and rejected my suggestion to do some morning exercise.”

Little Eight: “Sh1t! As expected of Nan Xun, you can bring this topic up without shame! It’s a blessing that the big boss wasn’t scared away by you.”

“By the way, the big boss this time is really too pure oh, do you know how much big boss’ evil point reduced during your ‘fight’ last night? Eighteen points! This was more than the dropped points for the last half year, now the big boss only has 49 points left! I originally thought that it would be difficult since big boss has been alive for so long, never expect… hehehe… this grandpa excitedly ran 5 laps in my space star last night, if it weren’t for that, you won’t be seeing such a calm Eight grandpa like this!”

Nan Xun really can’t see any calmness from Little Eight.

“Little Eight, don’t be too happy too early, I haven’t found big boss’ source of evil, but I can feel that there’s something hidden in his heart, a very terrifying event. This time’s big boss is different than others in the past, his evil thoughts wasn’t made up of various trifle things, if it was because of one thing, then his obsession with this matter might have seeped deeper inside his bones.”

Little Eight heard her analysis and was very startled, he hesitated, “When you say this, this grandpa suddenly remembered the real identity of big boss.”

Nan Xun: …

Hehe, how come she felt that Little Eight already knew from the beginning and was just deliberately hiding it from her? Now that the time was about to come, he planned to lay his cards on the table.

Little Eight cleared his throat and began to tell a story, “A long, long time ago, when the world had not been divided into four kingdoms, the Great Zhou Kingdom ruled the world. The last Emperor provoked a love debt outside with a beauty who’s proficient in the art of witchcraft and Gu. Later on, it was known that that beauty was a saint with exceedingly high power from a witch clan. Afterwards, somehow, the witch’ power spread wide and far and ruled everything under the sky. At that time, the Great Zhou Kingdom was already rotten with corruption, but it wasn’t known whether it was because of the witch, but people had failed several times in their revolt, then…”

Nan Xun couldn’t help interrupting, “That witch’ clan must have had a celestial-like appearance, right? How come she fell in love with an Emperor with a mediocre look?”

Little Eight said, “You don’t know this ah, the Great Zhou imperial family specialized in churning out beautiful men oh. Although the Emperor had no talent in ruling the kingdom, but at least his appearance is top class, this is a world where beauty rules the world~”

Nan Xun: …

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The Villain Has Blackened Again

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