The Villain Has Blackened Again

Chapter 268: My Lord, Lie Down with Me

Despite his mouth saying this, Gong Moran actually went to the small kitchen in person after changing into a neat white robe.

The sky brightened a bit, and the maid in charge of the kitchen has always been the first to get up, at this moment, there were two women burning the stove already.

The two women were yawning and chatting, but there was a sudden cold voice behind them, “Where is the flour?”

The two of them turned their heads and looked around, when they caught sight of the man in white robe who looked like an immortal appeared behind them, they immediately knelt down, exclaiming in shock, “My Lord!”

Gong Moran didn’t even look at them and walked straight to the panel for cutting vegetables before repeating coldly, “Where’s the flour? Hand them to me.”

The two women were very frightened, and when they heard this, they rummaged in a hurry, finally carrying a whole bag of flour to the man’s side.

“Which pot is for making noodles?”

The women handed things promptly, and without the man’s further order, the two laid down a set of cooking set to the venerable person’s side.

Gong Moran lifted his sleeves up and knead the flour himself.

The two women looked at each other and saw the other’s absurd expression at the same time.

Wait, wait, are they dreaming right now?

Is this really the State Teacher in front of them?

The two women blinked their old eyes frantically before finally assured that it wasn’t because their eyes were broken, it was really the State Teacher himself!

The high and mighty State Teacher, who has never set foot in such a place, suddenly came, and he wanted to make his own noodles to eat?


“M- my Lord, please let this old slave do such rough work!” One of the women said with a terrified expression.

Gong Moran faintly ordered, “You go and help me boil a pot of water for cooking noodles.”

“A-ah! Yes!” The two women glared at each other, they did ‘you push me and I push you’ manoeuvre before both went to the stove together.

Gong Moran started to roll the dough when they set, and when they were rolled into one long sheet, he fetched a kitchen knife and cut the dough into strings.

The man’s movements were a little rusty at first, but later he became more and more skilled.

The noodles were almost ready in the pot, so he broke two eggs and made poached eggs.

“What vegetables are there in the kitchen? Bring this Lord some.”

As soon as the kitchen ladies heard this, they immediately brought all the available vegetables in the kitchen, including carrots, cabbage, greens, potatoes, etc.

Gong Moran’s gaze flitted across the carrots and reached out for a handful of greens.

He quickly chose a few vegetables, rinsed them with clear water, threw them into the pot and boiled them for a while.

Seeing that he was about to serve the sliced noodles, the kitchen lady next to him suddenly reminded him with a low voice, “My Lord, you haven’t put… salt.”

A salt jar was brought over during the talk.

Gong Moran’s movements became stiff, his thin lips pressed slightly, he then said faintly, “You help this Lord with the salt, Duoduo likes heavy taste, you put a bit more.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he thought for a while and felt that it wasn’t right, so he immediately changed his words, “Forget it, it’s better to be lighter, she should eat lighter in the morning.”

The kitchen lady scooped out a spoonful of salt in trepidation, her hand that held the spoon couldn’t help shaking.

The Lord said to make it heavier than changed it to lighter in the next second, she’s really afraid that she can’t control it well, what would be better then? Salty or bland?

Gong Moran first tasted the soup, after he said that it was a bit too bland, the kitchen lady immediately added a half spoonful in the pot without daring to add more. Feeling that the saltiness was appropriate, Gong Moran scooped a large bowl of noodles before sprinkling some green onions on top.

The man in white robe finally walked away, and the two women behind him sat on the ground because of their jelly legs, almost fainting due to excessive scare.

Nan Xun, who was sleeping like a pig, smelled the fragrant noodles, took a sniff and opened her eyes.

The scent came from the outer hall, Nan Xun really couldn’t wait any longer, so she put her shoes and wrapped herself with quilt before going to the outer hall.

Gong Moran had just put a large bowl of noodles on the table, seeing the little girl with her head poking out, he thought that she was lured by the savoury scent, he couldn’t help beckoning her to come, “Duoduo, come and eat noodles.”

Nan Xun stared at him wide-eyed.

F*ck, she just mumbled things casually in her sleepy state, did Gong Moran really cook noodles for her?

Her steps were timid, she stared at the large bowl of knife-pared noodles in front of her and then looked up at Gong Moran who was sitting next to her with unusually bright eyes.

“Why aren’t you eating? Didn’t you say that you’re hungry?” Gong Moran rubbed her head, and then helped her smooth out some disorderly long hair.

Nan Xun stretched out her bare arms from inside the quilt.

“Thank you, my Lord!” Nan Xun said joyfully as she held the bowl and ate noodles, complimenting him in the process, “So, so delicious, this is the best noodles I’ve ever eaten in my life!”

“My Lord, aren’t you hungry? Let’s eat with me.” Nan Xun picked a string of noodles and handed it towards his mouth, looking at him with a smile.

Gong Moran paused, he then opened his mouth and ate it before saying, “Duoduo, eat, this Lord isn’t hungry.”

“But, my Lord, there’s too much noodles, I can’t finish all of it, so you can help me eat ah.” Nan Xun said.

Gong Moran raised his eyebrows slightly, expressing great doubts at her words.

For this little rice bucket, how could it be possible to not finish this bit of noodles?

But in view of the little girl’s insistence, the big boss ate one mouthful after Nan Xun ate five.

A bowl of noodles was so glutinous, Nan Xun was afraid her teeth would be sore.

“Still sleepy, do you want to sleep a bit more?” Gong Moran asked her.

Nan Xun nodded quickly, leaned forward to take his arm and smiled happily, “My Lord, can you lie down with me for a while?”

Before he could speak, Nan Xun dragged him to the inner hall’s big bed.

Because she was holding her big ‘coat’ in one hand while pulling the big boss with the other hand, Nan Xun tripped over the coat that was dragged on the ground.

Gong Moran hooked her waist, lifted the person in his arms like a child, and transported her on top of the bed.

After he put the little girl on the inner side of the bed, he laid on the outer side with his clothes on.

Gong Moran laid down with a slippery jade arm around his neck and a smooth thigh on his waist.

He tilted his head to see that the little girl’s eyes were closed, her expression was thoroughly innocent, as if it wasn’t her that rubbed herself against him.

“Duoduo, retract your hand and leg back, be careful of catching a cold.” Gong Moran patted the naughty arm around his neck.

Nan Xun opened her eyes, said a short ‘oh’ and withdrew herself into the quilt ‘coat’ obediently.

It was a little surprising for Gong Moran to see her so obedient.

However, her obedience was all fake. The next moment, Nan Xun secretly loosened the quilt around her body, turned over all of a sudden, her arm flicked out with a beautiful big radian, bringing the quilt fly up with it, opening up so exaggeratedly in the middle of the air before falling back down. At this time, Nan Xun already turned her body, pressing it on top of Gong Moran’s, that flying quilt laid right on top of them like a tight bundle.

The bundle was impenetrable oh.

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The Villain Has Blackened Again

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