The Villain Has Blackened Again

Chapter 267: My Lord, I Want to Eat Noodles

A cold wind blew, messing up all those disciples in its path.

“Eldest brother, second brother, I think my eyes was blurry just now, was that really our Lord?” Gong Liu opened his mouth wide; his jaw almost fell off to the ground from shock.

The Lord always meticulously dressed, his snow-white coloured robe was always immaculate, but just now, The robe was crumpled, what did he do to destroy a fine robe into such a ghastly look?

Furthermore, the Lord’s robe was loose, and the sash wasn’t even tied on. Then where’s the Lord’s sash?

The Lord carried a woman wrapped in a bedsheet on his shoulder. From the well-proportioned arc that appeared because it was wrapped tightly to the body, it could clearly be seen that it was a woman.

And she was naked, naked!

Gong Da and Gong Er ignored him because both of them were still in a state of extreme shock.

Far more than the calmest Gong Da and Gong Er, all the disciples felt that they had seen a fake State Teacher.

Where, where is their real Lord?

The Lord was never close to any woman, and of course he would never ever let himself to be in such an embarrassing situation like this!

Although they didn’t dare believe it, all the disciples present were very clear, the Lord, he most probably already… touched that woman as well.

No, it’s definitely not the Lord’s initiative!

It must be that the demoness used some tricks and… violated their indifferent and rigours Lord!

Everyone wanted to firmly believe in this reason, but if the Lord was really [email protected], why was he so full of composure and openly shouldered the demoness in front of everyone to the inner hall?

That little demoness breathed evenly, it wasn’t that she fainted or badly injured, she just… fell asleep.

The Lord brought a sleeping, naked demoness back to… his main hall.

Everyone was speechless, they were all in a trance because of watching a truly shocking scene with their own eyes.

Compared to the others, Gong Shiqi’s expression seemed much calmer, but the hands in his sleeves clenched into tightly.

The surroundings were silent for a long time, Gong Da was the first to regain his senses. His eyes sank, he then swept his gaze across his younger brothers, giving a cold, clear shout to everyone, “No matter what you see, you must never leak any of it! It’s prohibited even inside Moran Hall, if I caught anyone mentioning this matter again in secret, I’ll personally pull out their tongue!”

Gong Da put out his seniority, he was the oldest that has followed the Lord for the longest time, the juniors always respected him, although he was taciturn in normal times, but he rarely warned them in such a cold tone.

Everyone immediately looked upright and nodded in unison. Even if Gong Da didn’t say anything, they also knew that this kind of thing couldn’t be said anywhere.

Gong Da dismissed everyone except for Gong Shiqi.

Gong Shiqi looked at him with a wooden expression, “Eldest brother, what do you want to ask me?”

“Shiqi, this eldest brother won’t talk in a roundabout way, let me ask you, is the woman brought back by the Lord is… Shijiu?” Gong Da asked with a serious face.

Gong Shiqi’s expression changed slightly, he pursed his lips and said, “Since you know everything, why do still ask me?”

Gong Da’s eyes sank, he waved his arm abruptly.

Gong Shiqi was slapped to the ground by a wave of aura in an instant, a strand of blood overflowed from the corner of his mouth. He glared at him with fury, “Eldest brother, what are you doing? Even if you’re the oldest, you can’t insult your younger brother like this!”

Gong Da sneered, “Shiqi, you think no one knows the little trick you did? Shijiu was summoned today, and you tipped off the Lord?”

Gong Shiqi wiped out the blood stains off the corner of his mouth and sneered back, “I noticed something wrong with the eunuch and told the Lord about it, what’s wrong with it? No matter what, Shijiu also calls you brother, but you want her to meet an accident? Eldest brother, your heart is a bit too hard!”

“Meddlesome! Did you know that you hurt the Lord with a moment of your soft-heartedness?” Gong Da said harshly.

Gong Shiqi laughed, “Big brother ah, big brother, aren’t you looking to highly at Shijiu? She’s a weak woman, if the Lord is unwilling, even if she has a lot of tricks and talents up her sleeve, the Lord still wouldn’t be interested with her. Things have reached this stage, but you still can’t see clearly, right? The Lord, he… was moved by Shijiu, do you understand? It’s the Lord who was attracted!”

Gong Da shouted angrily, “Shijiu is a demoness! She can’t hold her hands to herself since the first day she entered Moran Hall! She seduced the Lord, she desecrated him!”

Seeing him out of control, Gong Shiqi smiled even more happily, “I say, eldest brother, have you ever seen this demoness more powerful than the Lord? Even if Shijiu is indeed a demoness, if the Lord has no other thoughts about her, she wouldn’t be able to entice the Lord even if she possesses the highest evil power with her. I’m saying, you as an outsider, there’s no need to worry about this; whether Shijiu is a demoness or not, the Lord is aware of his own situation ah. Even if you’re the eldest, but there are some things that I, a junior, can give advice to: You can’t interfere in the Lord’s affairs, and you have no right to!”

After saying this, Gong Shiqi walked away.

Gong Da looked at Gong Shiqi’s back as he walked away, then looked at the closed main hall’s door, and returned to his side hall with a blackened face.

Perhaps Shiqi was right, it was indeed because the Lord chose to indulge to Shijiu’s temptation, but if Shijiu didn’t exist in the beginning, then all of this wouldn’t happen, the Lord would still be the respected, deity-like figure, he wouldn’t fall from the highest shrine of his because of the demoness’ enticement.

At this point, he would never let Gong Shijiu off!

At Gong Moran’s side, after carrying the sleeping silkworm to his bed, he removed the several layers of bedsheet wrapping around, revealing the woman’s enticing body like the highest class of white jade.

Gong Moran’s eyes fell on the woman’s body, dark and deep.

He stared at her for a long time, until his breathing became heavier at a certain moment, then he looked away and spread the quilt at the end of the bed to cover her.


An untimely voice came from the little girl’s belly. Gong Moran shook his head slightly, and a faint arc swept across his lips, looking into her pair of misty eyes, a thread of soft indulgence penetrated through his usually cold eyes.

“Duoduo?” Gong Moran leaned close to the woman, calling out with a soft whisper near her ear.

Nan Xun was reluctant to open her eyes, she was too sleepy, so she rubbed her belly with still closing eyes as she murmured lowly from her mouth, “My Lord, I’m so hungry, I want to eat, can you go make me a bowl of knife-pared noodles? Please?”

Gong Moran was absolutely stunned for a moment before he chuckled helplessly.

“Duoduo, you’re getting more and more arrogant, so you want this Lord to cook for you personally?”

Nan Xun’s mouth curved up, she said vaguely, “Anyway, I want to eat, you think of a way ah, I’m this hungry so quick, who’s the one who tossed me until I become like this?”

Gong Moran flicked her forehead, “Reaching for a yard after getting an inch.”

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The Villain Has Blackened Again

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