Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 256 - The Wastrel's Counterattack (18)

Su Family's summoners’ team had been training in the family’s training grounds. Su Qing was originally partners with his brother, Su Chuan. But after Su Wu came over, they became a triad.

In the main family, Su Wu had always been looked down upon and she was considered a wastrel. But in this camp where all the wastrels were gathered today, she had the highest cultivation and status here.

She was the master’s biological sister, and the daughter of the Lord. People didn’t dare to be presumptuous in front of her.

Everyone in the training camp respected Su Wu really much. Moreover, she got along with her group harmoniously.

Su Chuan was a simple-minded person and used to life in the mountains. Seeing that Su Wu was a girl, he tried to help her whenever possible, even though...she didn’t need his help.

However, she enjoyed getting along with a simple-minded person like him.

As for Su Qing, he appeared polite on the surface and was a sunshine boy. When he was with Su Qu, they naturally got along harmoniously too.

People watched as his relationship got better and better with Su Wu. The two went from being ordinary friends to good friends that admired each other. General Su thought that this was about done. By the time Su Wu and Su Qing got together, the male lead, Xiao Yan, would be out.

But at this time, the bestial tide that should’ve happened a month later had exploded in advance!

With the bestial tide coming, Meite City had fallen under despair and fear.

Su Ya had returned from the imperial capital. The journey was really successful this time. Not only did Su Ya obtain His Majesty’s large quantities of rewards, he was even promoted to the position of a Duke. An exception was made for that. From then on, Su Family was considered a noble family in Orinda Country.

Yet with the bestial tide and the groups of magical beasts, titles didn’t mean anything.

This was the first time Long Qianzhan gathered the entire Meite City’s family elders here. At a moment of life and death, everyone had placed away their former hatreds and worked together to defeat the enemies.

The bestial tide had come rather fiercely this time. Meite City had enemies coming from all sides. The four main families in the city were ordered to defend the four city walls. Su Family was in charge of the eastern wall. Besides the Su Family, the castellan residence’s summoners and martial artists of the Meite City were also sent to assist. There were other beginning summoners from other smaller families that were also sent here.

At this time, any efforts were appreciated. All the new summoners of the Su Family also participated in this battle.

Su Ya stood on top of the city wall and welcomed the wind, wearing an advanced summoner’s robe. Standing behind him was a group of Su Family’s elders. Su Rui and Su Wan stood in the third room. Behind the two were the youngest generation of disciples.

Outside the city was a magical beast army that covered the ground densely.

Meite City was far away from the division. When building the city back then, the first castellan probably never thought that such an inconspicuous city would be suddenly attacked by a huge group of magical beasts one day.

These magical beasts were sent specially over here from the division. This could only happen with a magical beast higher than grade nine.

Grade nine magical beasts were already able to transform into humans. In the division, they were considered kings. So what exactly did it want from Meite City?

The original plot didn’t mention the reason for the bestial tide. But Su Wan and Su Rui looked at each other. They had a hunch.

Why did the bestial tide come in advance?

What attracted that grade nine magical beast to attack Meite City under such great efforts?

Little White.

It was the divine aura on Little White.

Because Little White recognized Su Rui as his master, he was able to level and remove his seal in advance too. As a result, the bestial tide was also pushed ahead.

“Everyone, listen to me!”

Su Ya, standing in the front and silent, finally gradually said, “I’ll be using the Red Lotus to attack first. Then, the elders will start up the sword formation. In the end, all the beginner summoners in the family will divide into teams and clean up the battlefield orderly!”

“Yes, Lord!”

The answer was in unison.

Su Ya focused his gaze and his silver-white robe sparkled. In the next second, he leaped down from the city wall, the gust of strong wind blowing at his robe. While in mid-air, Su Ya started to condense his spiritual power. Paired with the fiery red spiritual power condensing, a bloody-red longsword appeared out of midair.

Enchanting sword, Red Lotus!

“The Lord must’ve fooled many ladies with this style of his when he was young, right?”

Su Wan already knew how narcisstic the Lord was. She couldn’t help but say softly in Su Rui’s ears.


Su Rui muttered, “Maybe that’s how the Lord got his madam.”

Su Zhan and Su Wu lost their mother at a young age. Su Family’s people had never seen their madam’s appearance before either. But as the birth mother of the female lead, how could she possibly just be an ordinary character?

Su Wu’s identity was really complicated and mysterious. Meanwhile, Su Ya’s wife’s identity was strangely celebrated too.

Of course, this had nothing to do with Su Wan.

With the appearance of the enchanted sword, the magical beasts grew restless. Su Ya stood midair and confidently waved his longsword at the group of magical beasts closest to him.

Red Lotus Chop!

With the flashing of the red light, a group of magical beasts’ corpses fell limp on the ground.

It was like deja vu from the perspective of a cartoon male lead.

“Lord is formidable!”

“Lord is invincible!”

Everyone besides him started cheering excitedly.

Su Rui’s eyes twitched. Please. The ones in front of were magical beasts of the lowest grade, okay? If Su Ya couldn’t even take care of them, what sort of Lord is he?

Of course, the Lord must be exhausted. Not only did he need to kill magical beasts, he also needed to act cool and even strengthen morale while he was at it...In short, do you think being a Lord is simple?

He has a lot of pressure, okay?


The elders’ sword formation was ready. With that, the dozens of people accompanied Su Ya and rushed out.

Su Family was known for using swords. This was also the main reason why Su Ya had taken a fancy to Su Wan.

Seeing that the elders were getting ready to fight, Su Rui also smiled at Su Wan before summoning his King’s Edged Blade. He couldn’t use Purple Ming yet. The malicious influence was too strong and best suited to deal with high grade magical beasts. Plus, the battle had just begun. Su Rui didn’t want to steal Su Ya’s spotlight either.

It was difficult for the Lord to get the spotlight okay!

Through the war cries, Meite City’s battle of defense had started. Under Su Rui’s suggestion, Long Qianzhan had already activated the castellan’s token and started requesting help from everyone. As long as they could survive the first two days, three days at most, they should be able to get an assisting army.

At night, the lights were splendid and glorious in the city. Everyone couldn’t fall asleep.

Outside the city, warcries continued. Metallic scents of blood were still spreading in the air.

Su Rui and Su Wan changed shifts and returned home to rest. The two were covered in blood. Su Wan let out a relaxed sigh after bathing in the warm and comfortable water.

Although many people in the Su Family got hurt, no one died. However, this was just the first day. How will tomorrow turn out?

“When did you say assistance will come?”

Su Wan couldn’t help but turn to look at Su Rui who was in the other bathtub.

“Three days at most. If they come quickly then maybe tomorrow evening.”

In the original plot, the bestial tide happened a month later. Because the battle situation was drastic and extreme, Long Qianzhan only activated the castellan token just before he died. It was also because of his death that the royal family realized how serious the situation was. The royal family then activated the conveyor belt in order to send the assisting army and resources over. Because of the change in situation, they probably wouldn’t be using the conveyor belt. But even if they rushed here day and night, it’d take at least two days, right?

The two were discussing this issue when someone opened the door. Separated by the screen, Su Pei’s anxious voice rang, “Master, third miss, the assisting army is here!”


Su Rui couldn’t help but stand up. He tugged the robe on the rack and wrapped it around him. “That quick? Are they from the royal family’s summoners’ academy?”

“Yes. Apparently, they were part of the newbie team that were training nearby. Young Master Xiao is also part of them!”

Su Pei quickly responded after hearing Su Rui’s question.

Xiao Yan was back?

This male lead was different! Not only did the time for the bestial tide change, he was still able to come back due to an unexpected turn of events!


Su Wan leaned against the bathtub after hearing this. She sure was busy now.

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