The Villain Has Blackened Again

Chapter 266: Carry Away, Be Surrounded

Gong Moran looked down and frowned slightly.

At this time, Nan Xun who was looking for her missing clothes suddenly thought of something. She quickly tightened the red gauze covering her body, coughed lightly and reminded him, “My Lord, my dress was… shattered by you last night.”

Gong Moran: …

A trace of embarrassment was rarely seen inside the State Teacher’s eyes.

“Duoduo, stay here and don’t move around, this Lord will go for a bit.”

After giving an order, Gong Moran waved open the ‘table door’ and went out, leaving Nan Xun covering her mouth to hide her laugh.

Because she was naked, Nan Xun didn’t dare to call on Little Eight. She held the tattered red gauze, laughing while reminiscing about their ‘fight’ last night.

Humph! Gong Moran, you’re such a tsundere! You usually dressed up like what? A respectful deity? Nonsense!

Are those crazy things last night can be done by a cold-hearted and indifferent respected deity?

Her clothes were shattered, and his marks on her waist were so obvious.

Nan Xun gathered some pieces of her clothes from the bed, crumpling it in one hand before abruptly spilling them on top of her head.

Looking at the fluttering white fragments, Nan Xun couldn’t help but laughed low and rolled on the bed.

Aiyo, really, the more you think about it, the more you felt embarrassed.

In the courtyard of the small hall, Gong Moran stood in front of the fifth prince with his hands on his back.

The fifth prince had been in a coma for the whole night, so Gong Moran struck his sleeping acupoint before he slowly woke up.

The fifth prince opened his confused eyes, after seeing who was standing in front of him, his expression changed into one of shock. He immediately knelt and kowtowed, “State Teacher please forgive me, this Prince was schemed by someone yesterday! It was this Prince who offended Lady Shijiu that evening, this Prince is willing to beg for her forgiveness!”

The fifth prince was a smart person. Yesterday he drank a cup of tea when he went to greet the queen, and it was that cup of tea that knocked him out, his memories of yesterday were jumbled, but he was sure the woman who suddenly appeared was Gong Shijiu, State Teacher’s most beloved little apprentice.

If State Teacher wasn’t here, he would have guessed that Gong Shijiu was one of the people who plotted against him, but now, he knew very well that both he and her were both schemed by the queen.

A chilling cold voice came above his head, “Fifth Prince, this debt between you and me will be calculated again another day, now you’re going to find two robes for this Lord, one for male and one for female.”

The fifth prince was worried that State Teacher would immediately settle the account with him, but he didn’t expect, the words that came out, turned to this sentence.

After hearing this he was able to consider other things, he didn’t dare to look closely at the person in front of him just now, so when the fifth prince took a careful glance up, he immediately opened his eyes wide in fright.

The shock in his heart was beyond words.

The State Teacher. His, his… his clothes are dishevelled!

He asked to bring him two robes, one for male and one for female each, the male one was naturally for State Teacher, as for the female one…

Fifth Prince’s mouth was gaping wide, he glanced at the small room next to him, he couldn’t see the bed, but he vaguely saw some scattered clothes fragments on the ground.

State Teacher and his apprentice Gong Shijiu, they both, could it be the two of them…

Oh, god!

After receiving a big shock, the fifth prince’s mind spin at lighting speed, he suddenly kowtowed to the man in front of him, saying with a serious tone, “Please rest assured, State Teacher, this Prince doesn’t know anything about today’s matter! This Prince will immediately go to find the thing that State Teacher wants.”

Gong Moran lightly said to him, “Forget it, no need to trouble the Fifth Prince, it’s not good if this matter goes out. You leave this small hall alone today, do what you should do, treat it as nothing has happened. Things that shouldn’t be in this small hall, you should deal with them in time.”

After a small pause, he added expressionlessly, “These days, perhaps this Lord will find the Fifth Prince for some small talk, is there any place that’s hidden from any other’s eyes and ears?”

When the Fifth Prince heard this, a flash of glee appeared in his eyes, he immediately replied, “This Prince will arrange for it soon.”

Gong Moran nodded slightly, “The Fifth Prince isn’t in good shape nowadays, for fear of being entangled with evil, Gong Liu will visit the Prince’s palace for a ritual.”

The Fifth Prince immediately understood what he meant as he quickly bowed to him.

Before leaving, the Fifth Prince said with a meaningful glance, “Although the sky isn’t that bright right now, but a lot of soldiers is on patrol on the way to Moran Hall, this Prince will lead some of them away.”

Gong Moran gave a faint acknowledgment, not caring in the least.

The Fifth Prince knew that State Teacher can avoid them completely with his ability, but this didn’t prevent him from expressing his gratitude.

Dismissing the third wheel, Gong Moran returned to the small room, only to find that little girl already slept crooked on the bed, her sleeping posture was a bit… hard to explain.


The abrupt growling sound made the sleeping little girl rubbed her belly with one hand, her mouth muttered twice before she turned over, facing the door.

There’s no mattress on top of the bed, her body was only covered with the thin red gauze, it just can’t hide her exquisite and elegant body at all, instead, it made her more fascinating.

Gong Moran couldn’t help rubbing the space between his eyebrows. He stepped forward and tore off the remaining red gauze hanging on top, and completely wrapped her with a few movements.

In the end, a part of the woman’s slender white arms was still exposed, furthermore, her plump feet also can’t be covered.

Gong Moran frowned, he simply tore off the sheet and wrapped the little girl in another three layers, this time, he only left her head open.

Gong Moran carried the baby silkworm wrapped in sheets on his shoulder and climbed directly over the wall.

He can walk everywhere in this palace even with his eyes closed, that’s why, even though he was carrying a person, it won’t affect him in the slightest.

After a short while, Gong Moran returned from the small hall to the inner court of Moran Hall, however, he had just walked a few steps when someone suddenly yelled behind him, “Who broke into my Moran Hall?”

With a bang sound, all Moran Hall’s disciples ran out from their side halls and surrounded the ‘evil-doer’.

Moran Hall’s master had a very high status and all his disciples possessed weird witchcraft as well as the Gu’ techniques. Various assassins and spies often visit here, therefore, all disciples developed a high level of alertness. State Teacher was carrying a person on his shoulder, and in a moment of carelessness, his steps became a little heavier when he crossed over the wall, that’s why…

Today was a cloudy day, stars in the night sky were also few and far between, so the group of people set up lanterns and illuminated the scene before them.

Those lanterns illuminated the dishevelled State Teacher, and the… person on his shoulder.

Although the person was wrapped like a silkworm, from the jet-black long hair hung down loosely, and the figure who was also slender, this person looked like… a woman.

All Moran Hall’s disciples were dumbfounded.

One disciple even lost control of himself as the lantern he held fell down to the ground.

“M- my Lord?”

Gong Moran glanced at them slightly, “There’s nothing wrong with this Lord, just go scram back.”

Leaving behind a sentence that was neither salty nor bland, he carried the woman straight back to his main hall, his steps were still steady and firm.

The door opened with a bang sound, and also closed with a bang, after that, the surroundings went absolutely quiet.

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The Villain Has Blackened Again

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