Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 265 - Competition of Sugar Daddies not Acting Skills (4)

Su Wan’s apartment sat on the third ring road. She had used all of her money that she earned to buy this apartment from five years ago, when she first received an award. It was to encourage herself.

Everyone saw how artists seemed impressive on the surface but in reality, they had spent a lot of money to look good. Whenever they walked the red carpet, they had to spend at least five or six, or even seven figures on valuable jewelry and evening gowns because they were usually exclusively custom-made. Towards performing artists like Su Wan, they were able to afford them but as for B or even C Listers, sponsors let them borrow the evening gowns for the red carpet. Both parties benefited from this. However, once they were done with the event, they had to return the gowns.

Of course, there were some inconspicuous performing artists that wore outfits that other popular celebrities had worn before in order to gain attention while walking the red carpet. But in reality, performing artists got exposure from the media reporting news on them. If they didn’t bother with the celebrities, it didn’t matter if they streaked the red carpet.

To performing artists, their relationship with the media was like water and fish.

Therefore, there were rarely any performing artists that dared to brazenly go against the media.

But Su Wan wasn’t really arrogant and conceited. While the traditional media and the internet were competing, the Apple Daily Newspaper’s performance had slipped continuously. There were lots more influential new media.

Back then, when Su Wan and Lu Jun were together, she had helped Apple Daily Newspaper offend many other media. Now, the smart decision was to beat down Apple Daily Newspaper and work with several media that she regarded with good prospect long-term.

“Sister Wan, rest well. You…”

Wu Tong’s expression turned conflicted seeing Su Wan sitting on the sofa in a daze when she entered the room. He paused and thought about saying something when his phone suddenly rang.

Not many people knew about Wu Tong’s personal number. Therefore, Wu Tong answered when the phone rang.

“Give the phone to Su Wan.”

A cold male voice rang through the phone. Wu Tong felt his scalp going numb just hearing this.

“Who, who are you?”

Though Wu Tong was stunned by this grandeur voice, he naturally wouldn’t give an unknown number to his artist as a professional manager.

“I’m Ye Shaoling.”

“Ye Shaoling?” Wu Tong couldn’t help but repeat the name, a hint of shock in his voice. He heard of this name before. Ye Shaoling, Ye Family’s third master.

“Pass me the phone.”

Su Wan naturally heard Wu Tong’s shocking call. Her gaze sparkled and she stood up.

“Oh, oh okay.”

Wu Tong subconsciously passed the phone to Su Wan. Who knew that she turned and went into her bedroom with her phone.

“I’m Su Wan.”

Su Wan closed her door and leaned against the wall.

Hearing her phone, Ye Shaoling couldn’t help but laugh softly. “Wife, it’s me. That Master Chen didn’t do anything to you right?”


Su Wan smiled and slowly walked to her bed, leaning comfortably against it. Glancing at the crystal chandeliers hanging on the ceiling, she responded in a carefree tone, “What can he do to me? Your wife, I am not as weak as you think I am.”

Su Wan had gone through many mission worlds and seen through the joys and sorrows of life. She had many ways of protecting herself.

Su Rui naturally let out a relieved sigh hearing Su Wan’s response. If that Master Chen dared to touch his wife, he’d make sure he’ll die a tragic death.

“You’re still abroad?”

When Su Wan just picked up the phone, she saw the number and knew it was an international number.

It made sense. If Su Rui was in the country, he’d be in front of her already. He would never just make a call to her.


Su Rui responded and continued, “There are some important family matters that I need to handle. I can’t leave for now. I’ll give you my elder brother and second brother’s personal numbers to you in a bit. If you need anything, call them.”

“You don’t have to go through so much trouble.”

Su Wan smiled. “I can handle Lu Jun by myself too.”

Maybe in other people’s eyes, Su Wan was a celebrity and Lu Jun was a grand celebrity, so they were not from the same world. But in Su Wan’s eyes, Lu Jun was just one of her many ordinary targets from her countless worlds.

Rebirth? She’d seen many of that.

People with net worth over billions? She made many bankrupt before too.

In actuality, there were many ways for mission takers to kill someone when they knew the plot and had countless skills.

But Su Wan thought that the best way was to attack their mind. It was easy to kill someone but if she wanted someone to continue living in regret and pain, that would be really difficult...

Su Rui was smiling. “I know you can do this by yourself too but you have me now. I don’t want you to be so tired.”

He wanted to pamper and give her the best since they were together now.

“I’m not tired at all, especially after I’m with you. Speaking of, I seem to be dragging you down and causing your rank to fall. You haven’t gotten many points recently, right?”

Su Wan suddenly recalled a really important issue. Su Rui used to be in the top ten of their department but who knows what his rank is now.

She could actually choose not to complete the mission. If Su Rui was willing, she could even help him matchmake the female and male lead. This was truthfully a really simple thing to do.


Su Rui paused momentarily before asking, “You’re going for training right?”


Hearing this, Su Wan’s expression suddenly changed as she lay in bed. “Could it be Xu Ce had...chosen you?”

Su Wan was a bit shocked but then he momentarily recalled Su Rui’s incredulous perceptivity. She calmed down immediately. That Xu Ce had calculated everything. He was really sneaky.

“Xu Che...he knows about our relationship. He had reported the list of members in my department. Wife, you should know that based on my rank and background, I actually shouldn’t be chosen. Xu Che had decided this on his own. At the same time, he also proposed a deal. He wants to seal my memory before entering the training space.”


Su Wan suddenly sat up hearing Su Rui’s words. “So you’re saying…”


Su Rui’s voice became a bit strange. “By then, we’re going to be enemies! Wife, I won’t be letting you so don’t worry about my points.”

As expected, General Su was still confident as ever! It seems like he’s set on obtaining the reward for being first in points.


Su Wan couldn’t help but hmph. “Don’t underestimate me. I’m telling you that there are hidden masters in each department. Even if you can find them all, can you guarantee that you have the ability to one shot them?”

One shot?

That was a pretty good suggestion.

Far away, Su Rui was sitting on a rocking chair and holding his phone with a deep gaze. Hearing Su Wan’s words, a silent smile floated on his handsome face...

The two chatted for a long time despite being far away from each other, up until Wu Tong’s phone ran out of battery did Su Wan tell Su Rui about her number. In the end, because General Su cherished his wife a lot, he hung up reluctantly so that she could rest.

Su Wan placed her phone down and changed into a casual outfit. She was planning to shower and then sleep but then she suddenly felt as if she forgot something.

She turned and left the bedroom. As expected, he saw Wu Tong curled up on the sofa dispirited.

“You’re still here?”

Su Wan couldn’t help but ask.

Wu Tong was speechless.

“Sister Wan, my phone!”

Wu Tong responded weakly. He wasn’t curious about Su Wan and Ye Shaoling’s relationship. He was really just waiting on his phone because he had made plans with his girlfriend.

“Uh, phone? It ran out of battery.”

Su Wan came to a realization and went back to her bedroom and gave Wu Tong his phone back.

It ran out of battery!

Wu Tong suddenly felt attacked. He’d definitely be forced to kneel on keyboards by his girlfriend tomorrow!

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