The Villain Has Blackened Again

Chapter 265: Frick, a Beast in Human Clothing

Nan Xun took a bite of his thin lips and mumbled, “My Lord, you’re very shameless if you say this. I’m a maiden staying in the boudoir and waiting to be betrothed, my skin is thin ah. The Last time I wanted to see you was because I was very worried, but you actually told me to roll away! No matter how big my heart is, I will still feel very sad after hearing this.

You deliberately alienated me, didn’t even want to say a word to me, rejecting and detesting me, if I still force myself to get closer to you, wouldn’t it annoy you even further? I finally figured out a way to stay with my Lord, what if you chase me out of Moran Hall if you’re unhappy? That’s why I don’t dare annoy you any more. As long as I can stay by your side, then it’s okay even if you won’t say a word to me…”

The more Nan Xun talked about it, the more she felt that she was pitiful, she cried out, “Why do I like you ah? Even though I know that it will only be miserable. Princess Yao dares to show her feeling so openly, but I dare not, because I’m nothing, I’m just a little rice bucket, wasting food from my Lord all day long, I have been a little beggar since I was a child, and I always am… Sob sob, I really don’t deserve my Lord, but, my Lord, I really like you…”

The little girl was still chewing on his lips just now, but once she started crying, her face and eyes went bright red.

Gong Moran looked at her pitiful appearance, he suddenly reached out to hoop the back of her head, gently pressing it back to his.

The two faced each other, nose to nose, eyes to eyes, their line of vision tangled with each other.

After a moment of silence, the misty-eyed man suddenly said, “Who said you’re not worthy of me? Girl, didn’t you want to violate me? Are you planning to only cry in my arms all night, en?”

This sentence was like opening a Pandora box, Nan Xun was dumbfounded, she said in a daze, “My Lord, are you serious?”

Gong Moran didn’t answer her question, “What do you think?”

Nan Xun wailed once before she started to really exert her strength on chewing his mouth, rubbing her calf flexibly against his waist, trying to rub open his belt.

“I can’t, my Lord, I can’t bear it any more!”

Nan Xun originally stuck to him like a plasticine, but now she was willing to get off him. She quickly let go of her hands and legs, slipped down his waist and hugged it abruptly. With the greatest strength in her life, she pushed the man in front of her onto the bed.

There was a red gauze curtain on the side of the bed, when she pushed the person down, Nan Xun’s legs accidentally hooked the curtain along as it fell down too, wrapping around her.

Nan Xun, who was in a hurry, couldn’t take care of this annoying thing. She directly began to pull on Gong Moran’s sash, she used her mouth to bite when her attempt on pulling it was unsuccessful, and then directly tore it when her bite was slow and clumsy.

With a ripping sound, the high-quality sash of silver silk embroidered with dark patterns of flowing clouds was torn apart by Nan Xun…

Then, Nan Xun hurriedly pulled apart the man’s robe, but before she started, a strong force sucked her so suddenly.

Nan Xun’s eyes were spinning around, before returning to her senses, her position had been adjusted with Gong Moran.

There was still no expression on that beautiful face, still and calm, but something crazy had gathered in those eyes, threatening to gush out in a moment of carelessness.

“Why are you so clumsy?” He suddenly commented, then lowered his head, abruptly held on Nan Xun’s lips, holding her head on place, ruthlessly pressing himself on her.

It’s like a piece of ice instantly turned into boiling water, skipping the process of melting in the middle.

Nan Xun didn’t dare to recall the following events.

Frick, what a beast in human clothing!

The man’s white robes were kicked to the corner by the two, reduced into a crumpled pile, while the woman’s white dress was shredded by a strange force, torn in pieces on the bed. Once in a while, her excited movements caused them to fly in fragments, gradually floating down like petals of flowers raining down, covering the two entangled bodies.

The clothes were gone, but the red curtain was still there, binding the two’s inseparable bodies together. That dashing colour was so striking, showing the distinct jade white-like skin underneath, fluctuating along with the movements below…


When Nan Xun woke up, her mind was still a little confused. She turned her head a bit, and she really saw… Gong Moran next to her.

It was really Gong Moran.

Nan Xun’s eyes widened suddenly. Although she was now awake and remembered everything from last night, the State Teacher who has always been cold-hearted suddenly turned into a hot fire, making her didn’t know which direction was north or south, west or east. However, the touch clearly felt real, she can’t help but question herself whether it was true once again.

Last night, she actually rode on top of… big boss.

Nan Xun was in a daze. The sleeping man suddenly opened his eyes and asked faintly, “Awake?”

Nan Xun woke up, “Awake… My Lord, I seemed to have a… spring dream yesterday, haha.”

Gong Moran tilted his head to look at her, his eyes were very clear, it didn’t look as if he had just woken up. He stared at Nan Xun’s embarrassed little face and said, “Duoduo, did this Lord ever taught you to evade from an issue?”

Pausing for a moment, his eyes moved, “Do you not remember what you did last night?”

Nan Xun’s little mouth opened slightly, as if she was shocked by this sentence.

“My Lord, I remember all of them!” Nan Xun said anxiously. After saying this, she froze for an instant before she whispered, “But I thought that I was dreaming because it was too unreal. My Lord, all of this is true, right? I’m not dreaming right now, right?”

Gong Moran looked at her for a while when his long arm suddenly stretched out to the back of her neck, pushing her towards him.

The next moment, his handsome face was suddenly enlarged in front of her widened eyes.

In a sober state, the feeling of two pairs of lips touching each other was so vivid, and it seemed to intensified several times more within this confined space. A slight chill passed in through the seam of her lips, shaking Nan Xun’s mind, bringing it to the sky as it suddenly exploded like bright fireworks.

A long time passed, Gong Moran rubbed her head, his voice was a bit sluggish, “It’s getting late, we should head back.”

Nan Xun touched her own lips, she couldn’t help but felt them again, after that, the corners of her mouth couldn’t stop rising up as her eyes bent into beautiful curves.

The naked State Master wore his robe in a blink of an eye, it’s just—

His clothes were crumpled by their crazy action last night, and the look of State Teacher who had been particular about dressing was currently a bit… unsightly.

And that sash on his waist was also torn to pieces by the frenzied Nan Xun, so it was basically useless now.

Nan Xun looked at Gong Moran’s loose and wrinkled snow-white robe, and for the first time, she felt an unusual sense of shame.

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The Villain Has Blackened Again

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