Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 264 - Competition of Sugar Daddies not Acting Skills (3)

After they finished eating at Yuding Pavilion, Su Wan and Wu Tong originally planned on driving back to the former’s apartment but the reporters that have been guarding the door caught them head on as soon as they left the restaurant.

Therefore, one mustn’t underestimate the capability of a reporter. Sometimes, their investigative skills were much more professional than the criminal police.

“Su Wan! Su Wan! Someone said that they saw you and Master Chen in the International Hotel. What do you have to say to this?”

“Su Wan, someone leaked news of you hiring bots online to tarnish Ye Liu’s reputation. Is this true?”

Su Wan smiled faintly at them upon being surrounded by people and seeing them eagerly waiting to see her make a mistake. “I just finished eating. It must be hard being reporters. Have you guys eaten on this cold day? Do you want me to treat you guys out?”


The group of people turned silent for a while after hearing Su Wan’s words. In the end, Xuri Magazine’s reporters reacted first, “Su Wan, you haven’t answered our question yet. Have you been to the International Hotel today? What do you think about Ye Liu’s scandals?”

Oh look at that. Look at how devoted they were.

Su Wan still wore a faint smile. “I did go to the hotel today but no comment on who I went to see. If you guys have time tomorrow, you can come to my news conference. Everything will be clear by then! Other than that, I’m not familiar with Master Chen. He’s from the upper class and I’m just an actress. How could I possibly know such a mighty figure? Don’t write anything without basis! I don’t mind. I’m fine with you guys trying to bring me more exposure but I heard that Master Chen is...really overbearing. It won’t be good if you guys accidentally offend him.”

Su Wan purposely revealed a nervous expression and the nearby people changed their expressions hearing her words.

Entertainment magazines were usually not credible, and the same goes for the reporters. Celebrities would usually cooperate with the media in order to get more exposure and to promote themselves. As for Lu Jun and Master Chen, unless the magazine really had evidence of their scandals, they really shouldn’t be writing about them.

Su Wan faintly smiled and continued talking seeing that the reporters knew what to do. “Right, who did you just ask me about? Um...Ye Qin? No, I think it’s Ye Liu? Who’s Ye Liu?”

Su Wan cocked her head slightly and glanced at Wu Tong by her side, confused and seeking him for assistance.

Wu Tong also furrowed his brows in deep thought seeing Su Wan’s action. “Ye Liu? Isn’t that Sister Wan’s substitute? I heard that she’s dating Mr. Lu right now. Ah, she always likes to be around Mr. Lu in the past anyway…”

“Wu Tong, don’t talk drivel.”

Su Wan faintly smiled and stopped Wu Tong from finishing his words. In the entertainment circle, people take turns entertaining one another. One needed to make vague responses to the reporters’ questions. That way, it’d be interesting since they could either advance or retreat depending on the situation.

“Su Wan, you really don’t know Ye Liu? She’s Lu Jun’s current girlfriend!”

“Right. Lu Jun even confessed to Ye Liu on Weibo! There are many of your fans cursing Ye Liu out under her Weibo. Su Wan, you really don’t know?”

Clearly, the reporters didn’t buy Su Wan acting blind to the situation.

Since they were unable to do anything about Master Chen, they would force some news out of Su Wan and Ye Liu. Best, a love battle of the century between the two women. That way, it’d hit the headlines and there’d be a selling point!

“It seems like everyone is sure that I know her? I’ve been in the circle for twenty years and even if there haven't been hundreds of people that have been my substitute, there were at least dozens. I really can’t remember all these people. Plus, I’ve already broken up with Lu Jun. We broke up on equal terms because our personalities aren’t compatible. I’m a really reasonable person so there are no hard feelings. I don’t want to say anything else now, in case people think that I am trying to gain sympathy. If you really care about my recent situation, come to my news conference tomorrow. I’ll answer all your questions!”

Su Wan gave Wu Tong a look. Seeing that the two were about to leave, a young female reporter couldn’t help but step forward and stop Su Wan. “Su Wan, you still haven’t…”

“Hm? Apple Daily Newspaper?”

Su Wan interrupted the female reporter’s words and wore an interesting expression. The boss behind Apple Daily Newspaper was best buddies with Lu Jun. In the past, Su Wan had given them quite a bit of exclusive news. Now that she became enemies with Lu Jun, they were eager to latch onto her. They’re really ruthless!

“Wu Tong. Remember to notify the guards tomorrow and not let anyone from Apple Daily Newspaper into the news conference!”

The reporters were stunned hearing Su Wan’s words.

They’ve only heard of reporters going against celebrities but this was their first time seeing a celebrity going brazenly against reporters. Even if she’s a popular film empress, she needed to consider the situation. After all, Apple Daily Newspaper was a popular newspaper company within the circle. Though their sales volume couldn’t be compared to Xuri Magazine, they were a newspaper company that specially focused on entertainment. Their sales volume was also very impressive daily.

The female reporter also froze hearing Su Wan. Then, a flicker of excitement flashed by in her eyes. She immediately grabbed this opportunity to pursue in a sharp tone, “Film Empress Su, are you planning to ban this small newspaper?”


What an interesting choice of word.

A smile floated on Su Wan’s face. She glanced at everyone with her bright and beautiful eyes. In the end, her gaze was on the female reporter. “That’s right! I’m going to ban you guys! From this point on, all of my news conferences and briefings will prohibit Apple Daily Newspaper’s reporters from coming!”


Everyone let out a gasp. They heard of entertainment companies and television banning artists but never had they seen artists banning media. Was this a joke?

While everyone was stunned, Su Wan had gotten quickly in Wu Tong’s car and they left.

In the car, Wu Tong hadn’t processed what happened yet. “Sister Wan, you’re...joking right?”

With Wu Tong’s sensitivity to his profession, he thought that Su Wan had done this purposely to shift the media’s attention. News of her bold words banning the Apple Daily Newspaper would definitely make it on the headlines tomorrow. Tomorrow was also the day she’d be hosting a news conference. With this piece of news acting as foundation, the news conference tomorrow would definitely be an interesting sight to see. Su Wan just needed to do her best to explain what she meant today and everything would go well.

As artists, who cared about their faces?

They’d do everything for exposure and fame.

Su Wan laughed nonchalantly hearing Wu Tong’s question. “I’m not joking. I’m really going to ban Apple Daily Newspaper.”

Wu Tong was speechless.

Oh no. Sister Wan has been abnormal tonight. Could it be that she hurt her head over her breakup?

International Hotel, Room 5080.

Master Chen and the new model were making love when the hotel door was suddenly opened by a spare room card from outside.

“Who are you guys?”

Master Chen only had enough time to tug the blanket over and cover his lower half before a group of men in black rushed in.

“Master Chen, sorry for the disturbance.”

The men in black by the two sides automatically moved to make room, followed by a chuckling voice. A young man wearing a white suit walked inside casually. Those ignorant would think that he was the godfather of a certain association with his attire.

“Ye Shaoqun? What are you doing?”

Master Chen narrowed his eyes and looked at Ye Shaoqun confusedly.

They naturally knew each other but they weren’t part of the same circle, so they rarely saw each other.

Do what?

Ye Shaoqun’s eyes twitched while hearing Master Chen’s question. Who the heck knows what he’s doing?

“Cough. Third brother.”

Ye Shaoqun smiled and held his phone up properly, glancing at the handsome man wearing a gloomy gaze through the video chat. In a faint tone, “The Master Chen you’re looking for is here. Mn, there’s also a model here. Her figure is pretty good. Want to take a look?”

“Where’s Su Wan?”

The expression of the person in the video didn’t change as he asked this coldly.

“Hey, my third brother is asking you where Su Wan is.”

Hearing his brother’s words, Ye Shaoqun immediately shifted his phone and pointed the camera at Master Chen’s overly pale face due to excess debauchery.

Master Chen’s gaze flickered hearing his question. He played with countless women all these years and encountered all sorts of situations. Glancing at the Ye Brothers, Master Chen had a hunch. “You’re looking for Miss Su? I’m not familiar with her. Plus, how can I possibly see her in this hotel? But I have her manager’s number. I can give it to you.”


The indifferent and icy voice rang through the video. Master Chen was straightforward and found Wu Tong’s number, reading it out loud.


The video feed was cut off as soon as Master Chen finished reading the number.

Ye Shaoqun: Damn you! You’ll die by spending a few extra minutes talking to your brother?

But speaking of, wasn’t Su Wan Lu Jun’s ex-girlfriend? Why was his brother anxious to find her?

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