The Villain Has Blackened Again

Chapter 264: My Lord, I Like You

After a moment of losing control, a bit of embarrassment crossed Gong Moran’s eyes.

There was a strong fragrance in the small hall, it was clear that someone had put aphrodisiac in the incense burner beforehand, but when he saw Duoduo entangled with another man, he really wanted to kill the two people in a moment of impulse.

Gong Moran took a deep breath, it didn’t matter if the air was full of aphrodisiac, because only in this way can he hold back the traces of uncontrollable restlessness and blood-thirst in his heart.

The fifth prince who was slammed to the ground groaned in pain, but he still continued to crawl to bed by instinct.

He felt that he was going to die if he didn’t vent, his body would explode alive, that’s why other pains weren’t as important to the fire in his body.

Gong Moran had already seen the appearance of this man clearly, and seeing that he was still crawling to the bed, his gaze sank down, a biting cold that could pierce bones, no matter if he was the fifth prince, he directly raised his hand, five fingers forming a claw, a formidable power sucked fifth prince in a blink of an eye.

He rudely stuffed a pill into the fifth prince’s mouth, picked him up like picking a chick before throwing him out the door. After thinking a bit, Gong Moran also hit his sleep acupoint.

The door had been broken into bits and pieces, Gong Moran looked at that empty gap, waved his arm, and a long table was lifted, blocking the gap from prying eyes.

After that, he walked step by step to the big bed inside the hall, his steps seemed to be heavier with each step he took, his eyes became deeper.

The incense burner in the hall was still burning with that powerful aphrodisiac incense, wisps of smoke waved to and fro, constantly filling the confined space, making the fragrance thicker and stronger.

He lifted his gaze to look at the censer, but he didn’t care about it, letting the fragrance spread around, overflowing the room and filling his nose.

At this time, Nan Xun was already completely confused, her mind couldn’t even process the things that happened before her, she only felt that Little Eight was chattering very loudly.

“Nan Xun! Big boss is coming!! F*ck aaaaaa! What will happen with this cliff ahhh?! If nothing happens, this grandpa will follow your surname! Grandpa will go away, you have a good fight with big boss, awooo~~”

“So noisy.” Nan Xun murmured, then turned her head to take a look.

She had already forgotten where she was now, and only saw Gong Moran pacing towards her expressionlessly.

Nan Xun was stunned by his rigorous beauty, as well as his pure, indifferent temperament.

Nan Xun tilted her head slightly, letting out a low laugh all of a sudden.

So angry ah, this [email protected] ignored her these days and treated her like air. Seeing him now, she really wanted to knead that expressionless face of his into a pig, then tear that untainted robe to pieces completely, clutch his body, leave countless paw prints, and afterwards bite his mouth, bite to death!

Gong Moran arrived in front of the bed and stood still, he reached out, patted her little face and whispered to her, “Duoduo?”

Nan Xun quivered abruptly, her seductive eyes stared at him widely, “My Lord? My Lord, is it really you ah?” She smiled foolishly, “Hehe… I thought that I was dreaming.”

Nan Xun was sitting on the bed in a daze, but now that she saw him, she stood up and immediately took advantage of the height difference.

Her little flushed face looked down from above, her beautiful eyes seemed to be drenched in water, the mist coiled around, changing into fine threads that entwined the man in front.

“Duoduo, you have been poisoned by aphrodisiac, come here.” Gong Moran’s expression was still cold and clear, he stretched out his hand towards her.

Suddenly, she lifted her pink lips, looked at him with a smile, and used her soft, enchanting voice to say, “Alright ah, I’ll go, but my Lord, you have to catch me oh~”

Her words just fell, when she jumped forward all of a sudden like a frog.

Gong Moran stood there and didn’t move, watching the little girl who was eagerly pouncing on him like a grasshopper, entwining herself to his body tightly.

Nan Xun held his neck with both hands and shook it gently, leaning close to the handsome face while giggling, rubbing and gazing at him.

Gong Moran was indifferent at first, he gradually stretched out his hand to prevent her from falling.

What he had in his arms was no longer a person, but a small ball of fire, burning his body all over.

“Duoduo, stop making trouble, come down.” He reached out and patted her back.

Nan Xun raised an eyebrow, “Trouble? I’m not making trouble oh, my Lord, I like you, I want you, hehe~~”

When Gong Moran heard the words ‘I like you’, his eyes flashed, and he couldn’t help but stare at her seriously.

Nan Xun achieved what she wished for as she started to raise her hands up, she patted the man’s face from both sides, then squeezed it to the middle.

Seeing that beautiful face that was squeezed by her and how his rosy thin lips had become like a duck, she couldn’t help but laughed happily, trembling her small fireball body against the man’s.

Gong Moran just watched her silently and didn’t speak, letting her small hands played mischief on his face, and her hot body rubbed against him.

“My Lord, do you know ah, I wanted to do this from sometime ago, I was already violating you in my heart even before you came. and now you finally have some other expressions on your face, hahaha…”

Nan Xun was too happy. After kneading his face for a long time, she felt that something was lacking. In the end, she directly pressed the man’s nose gently.

Pig nose hahaha…

Gong Moran waited until she played enough before finally releasing her hands. He asked curiously, “How did you want to voilate this Lord?”

His voice was a little deeper than before, and the gaze he used to look at her had already darkened for some time.

“How do I want to violate you?” Nan Xun chuckled, her brows curved, she exhaled as she approached his ear, “My Lord asked while knowing the answer, of course it’s…like this.” The last words were ambiguous because Nan Xun suddenly held his thin lips and chewed them.

Gong Moran sucked a breath abruptly and immediately tilted his head, trying to avoid her.

But who’s Nan Xun ah? How could she let go of the things that she focused on? Of course, she would chase after him.

In the end, Gong Moran didn’t hide any more, he just stood like a wooden head, letting her do whatever she wished.

Nan Xun laughed in a low voice, very pleased with herself for making him compromising her.

She bit and whispered hoarsely, “My Lord, it's uncomfortable, really uncomfortable, my body is uncomfortable, my heart too… why have you ignored me these days? What did I do wrong?”

Talking and talking using her soft and charming voice that penetrated his marrow cried, provoking pity and love.

Gong Moran sighed slightly, because he was bitten by her, his voice also became ambiguously odd, “If this Lord ignores you, then you’ll also ignore this Lord? Don’t you like pestering me the most? Why did you shrink back into your tortoise shell when I left you in the cold?”

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