Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 263 - Competition of Sugar Daddies not Acting Skills (2)

Wu Tong’s black Lexus was already parked outside by the time Su Wan hurried out the hotel back door. Su Wan scurried over and got in the car quickly. “Take a few spins around and then take me to eat.”

After saying that, Su Wan immediately tossed her peaked cap away and leaned against the seat in the back row relaxed.

Seeing that Su Wan appeared really tired, Wu Tong said nothing. He started the car and slowly drove onto the streets. It was his own personal car and the media had never found out. But for safety reasons, he still took the car on a few spins in the city mindlessly as Su Wan asked.

Right now, Su Wan was still leaning on the seat in the back row. She appeared to be taking a nap In reality, Su Wan was quietly thinking about the plot in this world.

This was a rebirth entertainment circle world. Lu Jun was the reborn male lead in this world.

In his past life, Lu Jun successfully proposed to Su Wan on her birthday. The two got married and because of Lu Family’s strict rules, Su Wan had given up on her career in the entertainment circle and devoted herself to becoming a noble madam.

Lu Jun’s mother, Madam Lu, was well-known as the “Iron Lady” within the upper class society. She was really powerful and looked down on Su Wan’s background. Thankfully, Su Wan was also good at acting. Despite disliking Madam Lu, she still acted like a sensible daughter-in-law and did everything she should.

Originally, it would’ve been a peaceful and blissful life for her. However, because of a finance crisis, Lu Family’s business was strongly impacted. At such a critical moment, Lu Jun’s opponent in business, Ye Family’s second master, Ye Shaoqun, had seeked Su Wan out. He gave her money for her to help him steal a very important document from Lu Jun. Su Wan ended up agreeing as well?

Okay. Su Wan really didn’t know how to roast this bizarre plot.

Therefore, don’t try to talk sense with roman novel authors because they are illogical and have a huge imagination!

In short, each supporting lead and cannon fodder was basically moronic and brainless, all for the sole purpose to get the male and female lead together.

Therefore, with the arrangement of the plot, Su Wan actually stole her husband’s business contract worth hundreds of million in exchange for some money because she was possessed in a sudden moment. In the end, she successfully caused her husband’s company to go bankrupt.

After Lu Family went bankrupt, Su Wan immediately divorced with Lu Jun and then went abroad with the money Ye Shaoqun gave her.

Lu Jun had lost everything. Madam Lu couldn’t accept this and ended up passing away due to sickness. At this time, the villain, Ye Shaoqun, had displayed all his skills to court disaster. He arrogantly appeared in front of Lu Jin. While mocking him, he exposed Su Wan’s true face.

Lu Jun thought that he was deceived by the wife he loved deeply and was deeply shocked. Ever since, Lu Jun was unable to recover from the attack and went from a grand master of an influential family to a wanderer.

At this time, the male lead’s true love appeared.

On the way back, Ye Liu encountered Lu Jun who was starving and freezing. Because of Su Wan’s work, she had seen Lu Jun several times. After recognizing him, she brought him home. Ever since, the pure and innocent inconspicuous woman started to take good care of Lu Jun. He then slowly believed in love again. The two ended up falling in love after getting along with each other. But at this time, this poverty-stricken lifestyle forced Ye Liu to work ever harder as a substitute and to seek out minor character roles in the movies and film city. Who knew that while acting in a cultural film, because of an issue with the equipment in the cast and crew, Ye Liu accidentally got heavily injured in an explosion and laid unconscious in the hospital.

Lu Jun hated himself after finding out this news. He ran out of the house and went to visit the heavily injured Ye Liu like a madman. Who knew that he got into a car accident on the way there.

By the time Lu Jun woke up from the car accident, he found out that he had been reborn to two years ago.

This was the most precious gift heaven had given to him. After he saw Su Wan in the hospital, he decisively mentioned breaking up with her. After leaving the hospital, Lu Jun went around looking for Ye Liu. When he saw the busy girl wearing a smile on her face in the movies and television city again, his heart subconsciously skipped a beat. Lu Jun told himself that he’d protect Ye Liu forever and give his best to her.

He would make Ye Liu the most happy woman in this world and help her achieve her dream as a film empres...

“Sister Wan, we’re here.”

Wu Tong’s soft voice rang in Su Wan’s ears. She looked up to see the familiar “Yuding Pavilion.” A director’s wife had opened this chain restaurant within the entertainment circle and Su Wan was a frequent guest.

“Let’s go.”

She casually wore her sunglasses. Su Wan and Wu Tong walked inside the restaurant quickly. The manager that they were familiar with led them to a very exquisite looking private room.

“Sister Wan, what do you want to eat?”

The lobby manager was familiar with Su Wan. Although there was lots of negative news, business people naturally need to wear smiles nonetheless. They couldn’t be careless in the least bit.

“Like usual.”

Su Wan didn’t look at the menu and replied faintly. The lobby manager immediately nodded and quickly left.

Seeing that the door was closed, Wu Tong couldn’t help but push his chair and sit besides Su Wan. “Sister Wan, what exactly happened? About that… did the reporters discover you?”


Su Wan sneered. “Someone had exposed the news in advance and led the reporters over. If I left late, I’d definitely be stopped by them!”

In the original plot, Su Wan was blocked by a group of people within the guest room of the hotel. Ever since, her reputation went down the drain. Even more, the company ditched her. All her contracts and spokesperson opportunities were tossed away. By the time she had come back out from retirement a year later, she had steadily fallen down from her position. At that time, Ye Liu, under Lu Jun’s assistance, had slowly but steadily turn from an inconspicuous person to a representative figure of the new generation and and the Tin Hau.

Ye Liu’s success was like a slap to Su Wan. She had to use her connections and even personally talk to the bosses in different companies, willingly lower her status as well in order to beg for opportunities. Unfortunately, the bosses didn’t care. Once a person lost their popularity in the entertainment circle, that was it. If they didn’t have a world-shaking chance waiting for her, it’d be a dream to try to make a comeback.

Her career and love life were both successful. This led Su Wan to be engrossed with drugs. She started to find comfort in the hallucinations and she quickly became wan and sallow.

In a coincidence, Su Wan and Ye Liu appeared in the same cast. This time, she had to be a supporting lead for Ye Liu!

Su Wan was unable to accept this. She purposely caused trouble for Ye Liu while filming. Who knew that the male lead who came to visit Ye Liu had seen that.

Therefore, Su Wan completely angered the male lead. Therefore, someone reporter Su Wan taking illegal drugs. In the end, she was arrested under the suspicion of hiding drugs. At that time, not only was her future dim, she also had to face jail time.

The discouraged Su Wan chose to commit suicide in the detention center in the end...

This was the cannon fodder film empress’ last life.

Su Wan was sitting in Yuding Pavilion’s private room right now. There was a cold glint in her eyes.

Lu Jun. The original body lost her life, trying to pay for the price of angering him. This time, I’d be avenging her.

“Sister Wan?”

Wu Tong became serious after feeling the cold aura on Su Wna. “Do you know who is doing this to you?”

“Heh. Who else can it be? People say that when strangers meet again, they’d be friends but Lu Jun is quite ruthless when it comes to Ye Liu.”

Su Wan laughed in contempt. “I’ll remember this account. In the future, I’ll settle it with him.”

It was Mr. Lu?

Wu Tong’s gaze darkened hearing Su Wan’s words. Lu Jun had money and power. He and Su Wan were no match against him.

“Sister Wan, the company will probably be on Mr. Lu’s side. Let’s stay on low-profile for now.”

Wu Tong was just a manager. He had no influence in the company. But he had been by Su Wan’s side for a decade so he naturally was on her side.

“Low-profile? No. Wu Tong, call and notify all the media. I’m going to cancel my contract with Xinyu Entertainment.”


Wu Tong stood up in shock. “Sister Wan, you still have three years with the contract!”

Although she’d obtain attention to a certain degree, she’d need to pay a huge amount of penalty for canceling the contract in high-profile. Plus, Xinyu Entertainment was a considerately well-known entertainment company. Where else could Su Wan go after leaving this company?

How could she develop by being the senior sister of a small company?

“Why are you nervous? There’s naturally going to be a place for me.”

Speaking of this, Su Wan shook the phone in her hands. Her hands slipped and stopped on a name on her contact list.

Ye Shaoqun, Ye Family’s second master.

This villain had won Lu Jun in the past life but in this life, he had no choice but to be a cannon fodder in front of the reborn male lead.

But even if this Second Master Ye fell down, there was still a Third Master Ye.

Ye Family’s third master, Ye Shaoling, a finance genius that graduated from a well-known college abroad. After Lu Jun got rid of Ye Shaoqun, Third Master Ye successfully returned and took over the profession as the villain and a dedicated male supporting lead...

If nothing happens, Su Rui was definitely Ye Shaoling in this world.

Third Master Ye, I’m waiting for you here. Don’t make me wait for too long.

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