The Villain Has Blackened Again

Chapter 263: Drug, Schemed

The Queen was very upset. She listened to Yao Er and felt that accepting this woman would help in the future fight for the throne, but it looks like this woman was too ambitious.

It’s good to be ambitious, but the official wife position can’t be given to this woman as it has already been predetermined to be for the Left Minister’s legal second daughter.

“Your Majesty, it’s not that I want to climb up to an official wife position, but Moran Hall’s disciple cannot marry for life. Have Your Majesty ever seen Moran Hall’s disciple marry a wife?” Nan Xun said casually.

The Queen was startled, “You’re a woman, how can you be the same?”

“Your Majesty, let us not mince matters, you’re looking at my status as a Moran Hall’s disciple, but if I really marry someone, this status will be useless then. Moreover, our State Teacher might even support Fifth Prince to avoid suspicion.” Nan Xun said with a smile.

The queen’s face changed abruptly, after a long time, she finally said in embarrassment, “It’s this Empress that was thoughtless, let’s just pretend that Lady Shijiu hasn’t heard about today’s matter.”

Nan Xun gave a salute, giving a glance before leaving and found that she [Yao] was smiling at her with a vicious look.

After walking far, Nan Xun vaguely heard the Queen’s complaining voice, “Yao Er, this matter is inappropriate, fortunately this Empress didn’t facilitate it.”

Princess Yao grumbled in a flirty manner, “I know, imperial mother, it was this daughter who was thoughtless, it’s just that this daughter accidentally saw second brother staring at Gong Shijiu’s portrait in a daze, this daughter just wishes that she could help him obtain the beauty.”

Nan Xun couldn’t help frowning, she felt that entering the palace this time wasn’t so simple.

Would Princess Yao just let her go so easily?

However, despite her worry, Nan Xun encountered no accidents along the way.

Gong Moran knew about the Queen’s summoning, so he asked her.

Nan Xun told him about what happened in the palace in full detail, after hearing it, Gong Moran didn’t frown even for a little.

Nan Xun was a very interesting person, except for the initial struggle, after the big boss deliberately alienated her, she also tried her best to cooperate. When the other party asked a question, she answered and said nothing to add.

When Nan Xun turned around and left, Gong Moran’s indifferent gaze fell on her back, there was some emotion brewing inside those eyes.

His words were full of affection, but didn’t expect that she would be so heartless.

In the end, she’s still young, her temperament was still undefined too.

So be it then, it’s good like this too, this outcome was just what he had wanted.

After this time, the queen would summon Nan Xun into her palace every three to five days, each time just to sit down, sometimes Princess Yao was there and sometimes not.

After another half a month, seeing that Princess Yao was about to get married, the Imperial Eunuch, who always summoned Nan Xun came to Moran Hall again.

Nan Xun was somewhat annoyed, she didn’t bother to change her clothes and directly left with him.

The other disciples of Moran Hall weren’t surprised seeing this, but they wondered in their hearts whether the queen really likes Shijiu? Why did she call her to the palace repeatedly?

They weren’t afraid that Shijiu would reveal Moran Hall’s secrets because she hadn’t been here for a long time and hadn’t learned anything yet.

Nan Xun followed the Imperial Eunuch in front of him, as she walked, she felt that the road was wrong, so she couldn't help but asked, “Gonggong, isn’t the Queen summoning me? Why is the road a bit unfamiliar?”

The eunuch explained, “The Queen went there to enjoy flowers, please just follow this eunuch.”

At this time, Nan Xun had already realized that something was wrong. Although it was still the same eunuch, he'd never announced that it was the queen’s decree this time.

Nan Xun had been waiting for this day, so of course she didn’t try to reveal the other party’s intention.

The Imperial Eunuch took her to a small hall. The scenery here was beautiful, but its location was remote, most people won’t come here at all, a very suitable place to kill people.

What the other party wanted definitely wasn’t her life, otherwise, she wouldn’t take such great pains and take a big round-about way like this.

“The Queen is resting in this hall, Lady, please go inside.” The eunuch said.

As soon as Nan Xun walked into the small hall, she heard a clear ‘clang’ sound outside.

The door was actually locked by that eunuch!

Nan Xun was taken aback before she walked directly inside. She wanted to see what tricks Princess Yao and the Queen were playing!

“Little Eight, is there any back door in this small hall?” Nan Xun asked.

“No, you can only climb the wall if you want to go out.”

Nan Xun said, “I have now guessed a possibility, perhaps there’s a corpse lying inside, and they want to frame me.”

Little Eight took a quick look and said, “Not a corpse, it’s breathing.” And the panting frequency was quite frightening.

Before the second half of the sentence was spoken, Nan Xun already pushed the door open.

As soon as it was opened, Nan Xun felt a strange fragrance which made her dizzy, immediately, a strange feeling crept up.

Nan Xun who had guessed the matter instantly: …

“Little Eight, give me a hundred poison detoxifying pills.” Nan Xun said softly, in the blink of an eye, her voice became weak and enchanting.

“F*ck, this grandpa already said long ago that the pill can cure hundreds of poisons, but not aphrodisiac ah.”

Nan Xun was so angry ah. This fragrance was so powerful that with just one whiff, she felt like she’s about to go to heaven.

She didn’t even know how many breaths she has already taken, but she felt that her body was no longer hers, she's on the way developing into a loose woman ah.

She was walking as if she was floating, catching sight of a male lying on the bed, she obviously wanted to go far, far away, but her two feet seemed reluctant, they instead approached the bed step by step.

Nan Xun looked over with seductive eyes, she thought that the man on the bed was quite familiar, seemed like that… fifth prince?

Hehe, what she said to the queen when she saw her on the first summon was really useful ah, the queen actually listened to her, and in turn chose to scheme the second prince’s rival, the fifth prince.

Just look at the fifth prince’s appearance, it’s clear that he also has been drugged, and he’s also slowly waking up.

Nan Xun walked to the bed and sat down, stretched out her hand and patted the fifth prince’s face. When he opened his eyes, she leaned over to look at him, smiling like a little hussy, “Fifth prince, you…uh, do you have any way to get out?”

The fifth prince was even more confused than her, the strong reaction of his body made him drag Nan Xun over, reaching his hand out to grab her clothes.

Nan Xun was furious, she slapped his head, “Go, go, sh1t, you actually want to f*ck me?”

Nan Xun kicked him with one foot, pointed at the door outside, she squinted and ordered, “Go, you go smash the door outside, if you can’t, then hit it with your head, hurry up~”

“F*ck, Little Eight~ How come I’m speaking like this la~~ Ai, so annoying oh~”

Little Eight: …

The kicked fifth prince crawled towards Nan Xun again instinctively, he didn’t understand what Nan Xun was talking about just now, he just wanted to vent, it was very uncomfortable right now.

His perseverance made Nan Xun very angry, she lifted her leg, about to kick him flying.

However, at this moment, with a bang, the door was knocked open by a strange force as it was broken to smithereens, bits of woods fell on the floor.

From outside, at first glance, the man and woman on the bed had seemed to be entangled with each other, their posture was really wanton.

Gong Moran’s eyes suddenly sank, something surging out in his ever-so calm eyes, an unknown fire burst up in his heart.

With a wave of his arm, the man lying on Nan Xun’s body was slammed to the ground.

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