Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 262 - Competition of Sugar Daddies not Acting Skills (1)

The water from the sprinkler kept on flowing down and the entire bathroom was enveloped by the mist.

Su Wan opened her eyes to find herself curled up in a corner of the bathroom. The pure white bath towel that she wore was already soaked.

It was warm water, around 60F. It poured down the top of her head and Su Wan wiped her face, feeling unwell. She needed the support of the spotlessly white ceramic tile to stand up.

She was in a luxurious guest room of a highly rated hotel. She just needed to look at the interior decoration of the bathroom to find out.

She gradually walked to the bathroom sink and Su Wan lifted her hand to wipe away the mist on the mirror. The clean mirror reflected a beautiful but pale face.

Film empress, Su Wan. This was the identity she had in this mission world.

Su Wan lifted her hand to touch her face. In this world, it’d be the original body, Su Wan’s thirtieth birthday next month.

Thirty years old. To an ordinary woman, that was the last of her prime years.

Thankfully, in the entertainment circle, the female celebrities all had tricks to care for their skins. Even though they were thirty, the original body was still able to act like an eighteen years old young lady in any TV shows, without any pressure as well.

The original body was discovered by a scout when she was seventeen. She took on acting roles while going to school. She was already the well-deserved film empress after debuting and in this entertainment circle for twelve years. In Huaxia Entertainment Circle, everyone thought that she was the winner in life.

She already steadily took the position as senior sister within the film world before she even reached thirty. Not only did she receive two film empress awards, she also had a rich boyfriend who loved her dearly.

Lu Jin, the male lead in this world. He was Su Wan’s super fan and at the same time, her boyfriend. Mn, ex-boyfriend now.

Three months ago, Lu Jun was still planning to propose to Su Wan on her thirtieth birthday. Then the two would obviously get married. However, this was three months ago.

About two and a half months ago, Lu Jun had gotten into a car accident coming home after finishing up a business deal. He laid on the hospital bed unconscious. By the time Su Wan finished her work and went to fly back and check on him, Lu Jun had brought up breaking up with her indifferently.

The two had been together for five years. But because Lu Family’s rules were strict, the two always treated each other respectfully and never went over any boundaries. Su Wan had always thought that maybe Lu Jun didn’t love her as much as she imagined. Therefore, while she was hurt that Lu Jun suddenly wanted to break up, she was unable to accept his excuse that their “personalities were incompatible.” The two fought in the hospital and a reporter from the Rising Sun Magazine happened to capture a picture of them fighting. In the end, news of Su Wan being dumped by Lu Jun had appeared on the major media headlines. Since then, Su Wan started receiving trouble.

The entertainment circle was really complicated. It might be really difficult to become popular from being an invisible person overnight but it was also easy for to pull someone down from a very high position, tarnishing their reputations.

After Su Wan and Lu Jun broke up, reporters from Rising Sun Magazine had brought up pictures of when Su Wan attended luxurious gatherings when she was still not so popular. In the report, it implied that Su Wan was dumped by Lu Jun because of her misconduct and her lascivious behavior. For a moment, the reputation Su Wan had built within the entertainment circle suddenly crumbled. At this time, there were really sugar daddies within the entertainment circle that seeked out Su Wan. As it turned out, after the news of her breaking up with Lu Jun had been revealed, many rich businessmen that lust after her had gone to Lu Jun to sound out his opinion. After they noticed that Lu Jun really didn’t care about her, those rich businessmen who drooled at her beautiful face made their moves decisively.  

Su Wan naturally rejected this sudden “business.” She admitted that she did indeed like money. When she first got together with Lu Jun, she was interested in his family background but she wasn’t interested in just anyone. She had remained chaste because she wanted to leave the entertainment circle and marry into an influential family.

After Su Wan rejected the rich businessmen, people started causing trouble for her. She lost a few spokesperson opportunities and contracts. At the same time, scandals that magazines had reported on her became more and more realistic. The public opinion was powerful enough to melt even metal. Who knew what was real and fake within the entertainment circle?

Especially a female celebrity who was high up. There were many who were fans of her but even more people that disliked her.

The internet was scary and the power of anti-fans was even more endless.

While she was under pressure, Su Wan thought about seeking help from Lu Jun. After all, the two had been together for five years. Even if their feelings weren’t genuine, he’d still care about her, right?


Su Wan went alone to Lu Jun’s villa after disguising herself. She hadn’t returned the villa’s key to Lu Jun after they broke up so she was able to easily enter his personal villa. However, the moment she entered, she saw Lu Jun entangled with another woman on the sofa.

At that moment, she understood that his so-called “incompatible personalities” was just an excuse for him to be with someone else.

What Su Wan couldn’t accept was that she recognized the woman with Lu Jun!

Ye Liu, an inconspicuous person within the entertainment circle. She had taken on the role of minor characters within the movies and television city to survive. Once, Su Wan’s manager, Wu Tong, encountered her and thought that her rear view was really similar to Su Wan’s. Wu Tong and Ye Liu had signed a contract for her to be Su Wan’s professional substitute.

She, a grand film empress, had her boyfriend stolen by a substitute who only played minor characters?

Under a fit of anger, Su Wan naturally wanted to rush over and teach Ye Liu a lesson. Who knew that Lu Jun protected Ye Liu and even exclaimed that if she dared to touch her, he’d cancel her within the entertainment circle.

Cancel her? He speaks quite arrogantly!

Su Wan angrily returned to her apartment and called Wu Tong immediately, telling him about Ye Liu and Lu Jun.

Wu Tong thought that this was an opportunity for Su Wan to turn the tables around and gain sympathy. Therefore, he immediately contacted a few magazines that he was familiar with, exposing the news about Lu Jun and Ye Liu. These magazines sent people over to wait in front of Lu Jun’s personal villa. They really then caught intimate pictures of Lu Jun and Ye Liu.

When the news was exposed, the internet was in chaos.

Ye Liu who was originally inconspicuous immediately became a popular hot search person. Even more, she was addressed as “shameless mistress” by the bots hired by Wu Tong. During this moment of crisis, Lu Jun suddenly posted a long speech. While clearing himself and Ye Liu, saying that they got together after breaking up with Su Wan, he also exclaimed that Ye Liu was his true love. He refused to marry anyone but her!

A large group of online users immediately fell on their knees due to Chairman Lu’s handsomeness and his deep confession for Ye Liu. At this time, the bots that Wu Tong hired started to turn back on their words since they were bribed by Lu Jun. They ended up attacking Su Wan.

What does it mean to suffer a double loss after trying to trick the enemy?

This was it.

This time, Su Wan really couldn’t do anything. She was unwilling to let the image she built up to be ruined just like this nor could she lose her position in the entertainment circle after losing the opportunity to marry into an influential family.

Therefore, she finally made up her mind and secretly contacted a young wealthy master that was interested in her in the past. This Master Chen was known for his playboy image. However, his family had money and power. But there was not much Su Wan could do right now. At this time, she could only exchange her body for her future...

“Su Wan, still not done?”

Master Chen’s impatient voice rang outside the bathroom.

Su Wan turned and adjusted the temperature of the sprinkler water. Then she opened the door. Master Chen saw her soaked body and he couldn’t help but knit his brows. “What are you doing?”

“Master Chen, I, I accidentally got my bathrobe wet. You can go wash first. I already adjusted the water. I’ll make a call to the reception desk for them to bring over a new bath towel.”

Su Wan exclaimed softly. Though Master Chen was a bit unhappy after hearing her words, he still nodded. “Okay, hurry up!”


Seeing that Master Chen entered the bathroom, Su Wan quickly returned to the bedroom of the suite. She wiped herself dry and changed her clothes.

Then she hurriedly called Wu Tong, “Wu Tong!”

“Sister Wan, how are you…”

“Cut the crap. Drive the car to the hotel back door. Wait in the car for me!”

Su Wan hurriedly hung up. She knew that this guest room would be surrounded by a group of reporters in a few minutes. She needed to hurry and leave this troubling area.

She quickly walked outside. It was still quiet in the hallway and there wasn’t a single person. Su Wan pushed her hat down and turned to walk down the stairs from the escape stairway. Not long after Su Wan got downstairs, there was a group of reporters who received news and rushed out of the elevator, rushing straight for the room Su Wan was just in...

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