The Villain Has Blackened Again

Chapter 262: So Angry, Drifting Apart

It always depends on the State Teacher’s mood whether he wanted to go to the morning court or 3no. Since Nan Xun saw that he’s not awake, she didn’t wake him up, she just let a servant go to boiled hot water and prepared the dishes early.

In this way, when the big boss wakes up, he can drink tea and eat freshly cooked breakfast.

After finally hearing movements from the inner hall, Nan Xun set out to prepare.

Waiting patiently until the inner hall's gate opened, Nan Xun then immediately went in with hot water.

“My Lord, I’ll help you wash your face.” Nan Xun soaked a brocade handkerchief, wanting to rub his face.

Gong Moran slightly turned his head away from her hand, took the brocade handkerchief from her hand and said lightly, “This Lord can do it myself; you go out first.”

Nan Xun was stunned. Since she became this big boss’ disciple, Nan Xun had done all things like cleansing and changing his clothes, and the big boss never refused ah.

Is this big boss embarrassed because of yesterday?

But Nan Xun soon discovered that it wasn’t as simple as big boss being embarrassed; his attitude towards her simply returned to when they were still estranged with each other.

Nan Xun worked so hard to prepare breakfast, but the big boss left without even looking at it, only saying that he had something with the emperor.

This time, Gong Moran didn’t take her when he met the emperor, he only brought Gong Da with him.

Nan Xun cried at Little Eight, “It’s over, I have a hunch that big boss’ evil value won’t budge for some time.”

Little Eight was dumbfounded, “Why ah, wasn’t it still fine yesterday?”

Nan Xun laid on the table, her face squeezed flat, “Who knows ah, it might be that something triggered his obsessiveness.”

Because of Gong Moran’s change of attitude, Nan Xun planned to take the risk and go inside on the full moon night.

She knew that people who receive backlash from forbidden art was really dangerous, it’s very possible that he wouldn’t even spare or recognize his close ones, but there may be unexpected gains when you take a risk.

Nan Xun thought about all the consequences, but she didn’t expect that she couldn’t open the inner hall gate at all on the full moon night!

Gong Moran locked the door from inside.

Nan Xun suddenly felt somewhat distressed when she heard the increasingly painful groans coming from inside.

Has he been passing it like this, all these long years?

A year is twelve months, he has to endure this inhuman torture every month, and how many years has he gone through?

Nan Xun couldn’t help but knock on the door, “My Lord! My Lord, can you open the door please?”

The man’s constrained and painful roar halted for a bit, he then suddenly shouted at Nan Xun, “Go away from me!”

“I’m not going to! My Lord, let me see if you’re okay or not? My Lord, I’m just worried about you!”

There was a bang.

The man inside smashed something over, shaking the door in front of Nan Xun.

“This Lord told you to go away, did you not hear?”

Nan Xun’s face sank, she really followed his words and rolled away, but she didn’t go far, she only went back to his bed, then covered her head with quilts.

You deserve the pain.

Little Eight was a little confused, “With your temperament, shouldn’t you just kick the door open right now? You really don’t care about the big boss any more?”

Nan Xun said indifferently, “Going in and what? Sending my head to him? I feel that the current big boss is just too dangerous, my little life would really be severed if I force myself in.”

After a pause, Nan Xun’s voice deepened, “Even if I go inside without caring for my life, I still can’t help him with anything, if I can’t help him, at least I shouldn’t…”

All the disciples in Moran Hall felt the estrangement of Gong Moran to Gong Shijiu, some were delighted, while some were worried.

The big rock hanging on Gong Da’s heart was finally put down, but Gong Shiqi was worried that the little rice bucket would be unable to recover from this setback.

Nan Xun, who had been deliberately alienated, had fewer and fewer opportunities to see Gong Moran, even if he was resting in the inner hall, and they were only separated by one door, Nan Xun still couldn't see him.

Although Nan Xun was depressed, but she'd still eat and sleep like before, her heart was indeed very big oh.

On the other hand, there was a faint blue mark under State Teacher’s eyes, which was obviously from insomnia and anxiety, everyone knew that State Teacher had been working too much recently.

Little Eight saw that Nan Xun was so heartless, he couldn’t help but be anxious, “Dear da, you just eat and drink like this every day, don’t you care about anything?”

Nan Xun spread her hand, “Otherwise? Your mom, he didn’t bring me with him wherever any more, he'd locked himself in the inner hall as soon as he came back, when I asked questions through the door, he only answered perfunctorily, what could I do then?”

Little Eight: “Then you just don’t do anything then?”

“Don’t be anxious, I’m waiting, waiting for an opportunity, you know this happy event that happened recently? After Qi Hengqing returned, Donglin’s emperor immediately contacted Nanyun's two old foxes who were interested in making connections through marriage. The candidates for this are Princess Yao and the Seventh Prince Qi Hengqing. This marriage is already an ironclad affair, and Princess Yao will soon become the Seventh Princess of Donglin.”

Little Eight wasn’t interested in this, “Who cares about them ah, this Princess Yao is just a beauty who will suffer unhappy fates, in the end she will die in Donglin Kingdom, becoming a footstool for Qi Hengqing.”

Nan Xun sighed, “Seems like this world’s fated child isn’t only fortunate, but he also has first-class ability to hook up women. Princess Yao loved the State Teacher so much before, now she’s willing to be married to Qi Hengqing in a blink of an eye.”

Little Eight, “What’s the turning point you’re waiting for? Does it have something to do with this woman?”

Nan Xun said, “Right ah, I learned a bit of mind-reading technique from the big boss, I saw that this Princess Yao has a dignified and generous exterior with pettiness inside. She stumbled in my hand before, so she’s bound to take revenge before leaving. She’ll be married to Donglin in two months, just wait, she’ll definitely do something within this period.”

Little Eight ‘oh’-ed, suddenly feeling relieved.

Such a Nan Xun made him worry-free oh, he thought that she was just being idle, eating and waiting to die, but didn’t expect that the small abacus in her heart was still working full on.

However, Nan Xun didn’t expect that this waiting would go on for one full month.

An Imperial Eunuch specially came to Moran Hall to pass on the Queen’s decree and invited Gong Shijiu to pay a short visit to the palace.

Nan Xun followed the Imperial Eunuch to the Queen’s palace, as expected, she saw Princess Yao there.

The Queen looked up and down at Gong Shijiu, the more she looked at her, the more satisfied she became. She took her hand and smilingly said, “Looks like Lady Shijiu is sixteen this year? Lady is the same age as Yao Er, Yao Er is going to get married, but Lady Shijiu hasn’t been betrothed to someone yet.” She continued after a slight pause, “Don’t know if there’s someone whom Lady Shijiu likes? If not, what do you think of Second Prince? This Empress can’t guarantee the wife position, but I can promise you a side concubine position.”

Nan Xun’s expression changed slightly, she immediately replied, “This servant is afraid that she’s unworthy of the Second Prince.”

Princess Yao chuckled, “Lady shijiu, my second imperial brother is a giant among men, do you think that a side concubine position isn’t enough and instead wants an official wife position instead?”

After saying this, Princess Yao acted spoiled to the queen, “Imperial mother, why don’t you help Lady Shijiu? Although Lady Shijiu originally came from a low status, she’s now State Teacher’s disciple, her status is different already, so giving her a wife position is also feasible.”

The Queen pulled her face down when she heard Princess Yao’s words.

Nan Xun: …

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