Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 261 - The Wastrel's Counterattack (Epilogue)

“Demon king? M-master, how are you…”

Little White stared at Su Rui with his hair standing up. His huge snow-white body kept on moving back.

“I’m a demon.”

Su Rui slowly said, in a dangerous tone, “Since you know my identity now, I’m giving you two choices. Either submit or die!”

Little White: Nani, to live or to die? This was really a difficult question!

Seeing that Little White was still hesitating, Su Rui’s purple eyes flickered. He summoned a pitch-black sword in his palm. This was the demon sword he obtained from the abyss. This was the first time he summoned this since coming from Dongchuan, mainland.

Little White couldn’t breathe due to the violent demonic aura. Was he going to die? Was he?

Right now, Little White suddenly came to a realization. No matter whether he was a demon or deity, it was all in the past. Humans controlled the mainland right now. Why did he have to be fixated on whether he was a demon or deity?

“Master, master, I…”

Little White’s gaze brightened. He quickly opened his mouth but before he could finish, the pitch-black demonic sword had always been waved down.

“I know your choice!”

That was paired along with Su Rui’s voice. He and Little White had an agreement. He could hear Little White’s thoughts at the first moment.

Little White was speechless.

You know but you’re still waving your sword at me. Damn. Master, you’re really demonic~

Very late at night.

Su Wu was deep asleep in her room when there was a sudden rush of footsteps in the courtyard.

“Who’s there?”

Su Wu had been an assassin her entire life so she had sharp senses, her gaze stern and cold.

“Eldest miss, eldest miss!”

Su Pei’s anxious voice rang outside. “Eldest miss, quickly open the door! Little White, Little White, he, he’s about to die!”


Su Wu didn’t even have time to wear any outer clothes. She opened the door wearing only flimsy pajamas. Su Pei stood there anxiously as she carried a small white ball in her arms.

This was...Little White?

How did he become like this? Little White wasn’t as big as he was anymore. He was just a small white ball. He seemed to be even smaller than when he first awakened.

“What happened to him?”

Su Wu raised her hands to carry Little White in her arms out of habit. She stared at Su Pei and asked nervously.

“I, I don’t know. Master told me to carry him to you. His entire body is shaking and he’s suddenly cold and suddenly hot. He appears to feel really uncomfortable.”

Su Pei didn’t know what was up with Little White either. She was purely just following Su Rui’s orders.

“Little White?”

Hearing Su Pei’s words, Su Wu looked at Little White in concern. While softly calling for him, she gently patted Little White’s fur like she usually did.

“Xiao Wu, Xiao Wu darling.”

Feeling Su Wu’s aura, Little White subconsciously buried himself in her arms. Little White felt as if he was really going to die feeling like he was tossed in a volcano at one moment and into a frozen ocean the next moment.

Not every divine beast could withstand the demonic influence inside their bodies. Master, you’re really ruthless~

Su Wu could do nothing seeing that Little White’s body was shaking. After dismissing Su Pei, she carried Little White back to her bed. Like in the past, she carried him and let him bury himself in her warm bed. Meanwhile, Su Wu’s hand was on Little White. She slowly transported her spiritual influence into his body. After a while, Little White stopped feeling cold. Sparkling white silk started to rush forth from his body and enveloped him. That white silk gradually turned dark as time passed. It was half white and half black. What exactly was this?

Su Wu was ignorant to this. But for Little White’s safety, she quietly watched over him. Up until it was almost morning outside and after confirming that Little White was in no danger, Su Wu finally closed her eyes to rest for a while. Before she could actually fall asleep, she was woken up by the movement besides her.

A pair of warm arms subconsciously moved up her body.

Su Wu suddenly opened her eyes and lifted her shoulders to attack him.


The person clutched his stomach and opened his pair of clear and innocent eyes. He stared pitifully at her. “Xiao Wu darling, why did you hit me? It hurts so much~”

Su Wu was speechless.

What the heck was going on?

Why did she hear Little White talking to her?

Su Wu turned and made eye contact with the man on her bed.

“Long...Long Li!”

Seeing the handsome naked man lying on her bed, and how the original body was secretly in love with him previously, Su Wu was unable to keep her calm!


“Long Li” turned over and laid down, winking. He smiled at Su Wu and exclaimed, “I knew you like me like this. Here. Xiao Wu darling, give me a hug…”

“Scram, get lost!”

Su Wu jumped down from her bed in a panic. “You, you, who exactly are you? Are you Little White?”

That’s right. The handsome man in front of her was indeed the divine beast, Little White.

Last night, Su Rui had hurt Little White with the demonic sword but he was actually doing so to complete the agreement ceremony within their demon race. Now, Little White had truly recognized Su Rui as his master. Su Rui’s demonic aura had also removed the seal within Little White’s body from tens of thousands of years ago.

After the seal disappeared, Little White recovered his spiritual power. According to standards of the divine beast, he could automatically turn into whoever he wanted to be.

Because Su Wu had awakened Little White, he naturally had a lot of feelings towards her. When he was with Su Wu in the past, Little White had often heard that she was secretly in love with Long Li. At that time, he had seen Long Li’s appearance from afar. Therefore, when he transformed, he subconsciously transformed into Long Li...

A woman was most afraid of a man pursuing them. General Su’s secret weapon was the divine beast, Little White.

That’s right. Little White was actually one of the many male supporting leads in this world. He had another name in his clan. That was Bai Mulin.

Since Little White has transformed into Long Li, he has been chasing behind Su Wu and pestering for hugs. This caused chaos within Su Wu’s courtyard every day. The sudden appearance of “Master Long” had originally shocked the Su Family but then they gradually became numb to it. Especially seeing that this Master Bai had looked exactly like Master Long. He was also even an advanced summoner. Su Ya happily got ready to betroth his daughter to him.

Su Wu was speechless.

So I’m still the daughter of a stepmother?

In order to escape Su Ya from imposing marriage on her, Su Wu ended up leaving Meite City and headed for the division to train with her friends and the simple-minded Su Chuan.

Su Rui naturally knew about Su Wu’s whereabouts. Without another word, he kicked Bai Mulin to the division as well. It just so happens that there was a magical beast king too. He had him handle that while he was at it as well. It satisfied both sides.

Three years later.

Long Qianzhan had officially resigned from his status as a castellan. After selection from the royal family, the new castellan status had fallen on Su Ya’s hands.

Not only did the Lord advance from a grade two summoner to a grade one summoner, he was also promoted to a castellan.

To the Su Family, this was two simultaneous happy events in the family. Of course, Su Ya had been thinking about something else instead.

Since when will his son and daughter-in-law give him a grandson to play with? Only then would he feel as if his life was complete.

Towards this wish, Su Rui and Su Wan could do nothing about it. But just because they couldn’t do it didn’t mean that others couldn’t.

Lord Su wore a smile on the entire time after seeing Su Wu return home after three years with her family.

Right now, although Su Wu wasn’t above all like how she was in the original plot, she obtained a loyal divine beast as well as husband, and a little bun. The family of three also obtained a magical beast king while they were at it as their mount.

A certain gold python king: this is an unlucky year for me! If this king wasn’t hurt by the Sickle of Death by then, how could I have been defeated by you guys?

Bai Mulin: this is fate!

Right, this was fate.

Everyone had their own fates and were going on completely different paths in their lives.

In the imperial capital, Xiao Yan had gotten together with Zhao Cuiying. Meanwhile, Zhao Wanying had also gone on the path of a sinister female supporting lead doing her best to steal her elder sister’s husband!

Back then, Su Wu’s buddies that made their way through the division had all made names out of themselves. They were renowned summoners from the Meite City. Right now, this city was the representative city of Orinda Country.

Although it belonged to Orinda Country, everyone on the mainland knew that its surname was Su!

Since Castellan Lord had his grandson, he immediately passed his seat to Su Rui, returning home to coax his grandson.

While the entire Meite City, the entire Orinda Country, and even the entire mainland were waiting to see how the genius Master Su would develop Meite City, he ended up shaking his hands and handing the city to Su Wu and Bai Mulin.

“Little White, I need to return to the demon world. You and Xiao Wu need to look after our home! You mustn’t leave Meite City before I come back!”

Back then, his words were still lingering in his ears. But now...

Bai Mulin: F*ck you! Screw your sister’s husband! (Cough, I think that’s me?) In short, Su Zhan, you have no conscience. You and your wife left just like that. And you even ended up leaving for your entire life! Don’t play me like this, okay!?

This divine beast had originally planned on taking my wife and children to explore the mainland. But because of you, I am now stuck in the city forever.

That’s right, after the family of three returned home, Su Wu received news that her mission was completed.

In this world, there were countless talented people now. Su Wu wasn’t the mighty female lead anymore. She wasn’t with Xiao Yan either. But...was it true that if they weren’t the leading role, they wouldn’t be happy?

There were many times when happiness was in their hands. As long as one was willing to hold it tightly in their hands, it wouldn’t slip away.

Before Su Wan and Su Rui left the mainland, they went to visit Su Qing. He was also a true summoner now.

He had a great future ahead of him. Even more, he was the new leading role that Su Wan and Su Rui had trained.

“See if my culinary skills have become worse, okay?”

Before they broke up, Su Qing personally cooked a feast for the two of them.

Back in the Su Family Village, Su Wan had promised Su Qing that she’d taste his culinary skills when she had time. Now was the time for her to honor the promise.

Consider this as putting a perfect end to the lost love for the original body.

After geasting, Su Rui left with Su Wan. They weren’t going to return to the demon world but this entire mainland instead.

Su Qing stood on the hillside watching the two leave. He couldn’t help but smile faintly.

Xiao Wan, you’re really blessed.

I hope I can find my own happiness too

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