The Villain Has Blackened Again

Chapter 261: Rice Bucket, I’ll Be Your Brother

The black shadow was kicked to the ground, he immediately covered his stomach while spitting out curses, “Li Yunduo, you little rice bucket dared to kick me! And you kicked me so ruthlessly too!”

“Shiqi?” Nan Xun yelled in surprise, she hurriedly grabbed the lantern over and saw Gong Shiqi’s face flushed by candlelight.

Gong Shiqi got up from the ground and glared at her angrily, “I thought there was a thief in the small kitchen, didn’t expect it would be you, this little rice bucket. I saw you brought so much food to the hall today, a complete meal of chicken, duck, fish and meat, but after all of that you still become a hungry ghost? Got up in the middle of the night to cook and eat, the heck?!”

Nan Xun yawned, she continued to add firewood to the stove and responded in a spiritless manner, “Didn’t you say that I’m a rice bucket? How can I be a rice bucket if I eat so little?”

Gong Shiqi’s voice abruptly raised, “That’s what you call ‘a little’? That can fill the appetite of five big men! I have never seen a woman who can eat better than you! Did your parents throw you out after they found out that you’re a rice bucket?”

Nan Xun paused for a bit before faintly replied, “My father and mother died when I was very young, they were killed by bandits, I watched them get killed while I hid in a pile of hay, that’s why I don’t have anyone to rely on now.”

Gong Shiqi opened his mouth, a trace of worries crossed his eyes.

“…hey, little rice bucket, because you called me Brother Shiqi before, then I’ll be your brother in the future, with me, I won’t let others bully you, little rice bucket.”

Nan Xun squinted and let out an ‘oh’, “Thank you ah, brother, anyway, I was woken up by hunger, how about you? Are you going out to do something sneaky in the middle of the night?”

Gong Shiqi was startled, his mouth twitched a little, “This young master just couldn’t sleep so just came out for a walk.”

Pausing for a bit, he hesitated before opening his mouth, “Little rice bucket, I heard that Princess Yao pushed you into a pond during the last palace banquet and the Lord picked you up personally? Later on, the Lord also hu – hugged you back? That… is it true what they said ah?”

Nan Xun stirred the stew with a spoon, taking her time to respond, “Most of them are true, but one sentence is false.”

Gong Shiqi let out a sigh, his eyes lit up slightly, “Which sentence is false? Is it the one where the Lord hugged you back? I’m just saying ah, how can it be possible? How old are you, how would the Lord hug you all the way back?”

Nan Xun turned her head to look at him, attacking him with a blinding smile, “The sentence that I said as false is ‘Princess Yao pushed me into the water’, not what you said oh~~”

Gong Shiqi choked, he was speechless for a moment.

Nan Xun said, “Princess Yao wanted to frame me, so I just turned her own trick against her, letting her push me. Until now, Princess Yao is still inside her palace, transcribing female discipline ah, really serves her right.”

Gong Shiqi sighed without interest to the story, “So, the Lord really hugged you all the way back?”

“Really ah.”

“How good ah, little rice bucket, I thought you were just talking, but you actually really did act on it. The Lord made several exceptions especially for you, work harder ah, maybe you can really take the Lord down.”

Nan Xun laughed, “You think that I can take the Lord down?”

Gong Shiqi rolled his eyes at her, “I was only saying it sarcastically, can’t you notice it, you little rice bucket?”

At this moment, the stew was cooked so Nan Xun didn’t care to say anything else. She shared a small portion in a bowl to Gong Shiqi and poured the rest of it in her own bowl, planning to eat them all. Gong Shiqi took his own small bowl, then looked at the huge bowl in front of him, his lips twitched fiercely.

After she finished her bowl, Nan Xun finally smiled and said, “Shiqi, If I succeed to take the Lord down, I’ll invite you to eat both delicacies from land and sea ah.”

Gong Shiqi ‘tsk’ and said, “Let’s wait until you really succeed, then we can talk about this again, do you think what I told you last time was a lie? The Lord isn’t close to women, if you can really make him break his precepts, then I’ll write my name upside down.”

Nan Xun immediately replied, “Qishi Gong? Not bad, coarse enough.”

Gong Shiqi: …

The two established a brief friendship because of this bet. After eating, Gong Shiqi was instructed by Nan Xun to wash the dirty pots and bowls.

Gong Shiqi was washing while cursing, “Smelly girl, I just said that you were kind for giving me a bowl, it turns out that you want me to clean the mess afterwards…”

After cleaning up, the two went to their respective room.

Nan Xun, who was full, fell asleep as soon as she laid her head on the pillow, she slept like a log until dawn came.

Little Eight screamed early in the morning, “Oh oh oh! Nan Xun, big boss’ evil value dropped by 10 points last night, exactly 10 points ahhh~! Hehehe… look at your radiant face, did you get tossed a lot by the big boss last night?”

Nan Xun: …

She really wanted to confiscate all those little yellow books in Little Eight’s hands, he was such a pure beast before ah.

“No need to explain, this grandpa understands, hehe, grandpa understands everything.”

Nan Xun sneered ‘hehe’ and said, “You understand sh1t, nothing ever happened last night!”

Little Eight exclaimed, “Impossible, if nothing happened then how could big boss evil value drop by 10 points all at once?”

Nan Xun snorted, “It’s quite a lot, I’m also surprised.”

“Really no siren fighting?” Little Eight said, still somewhat didn’t believe her.

“Really. Nothing happened except for gnawing his mouth yesterday. The reason why I’m so radiant today is because I woke up after a full meal last night.”

Little Eight was a little vexed, “Your mom, I deliberately turned off my five senses so long because I was afraid that I’d disturb your morning exercise, but don’t mention morning exercise, there’s not even a night exercise as well.”

However, Little Eight quickly fell into contemplation.

If the big boss loses so many evil points because of an accidental kiss, then when it’s time to brew sauce, wouldn’t he be… hehehe.

He suddenly discovered a little secret, the longer the big boss held back in that aspect, the more evil point he would lose if he'd just touched a little hand and kissed a little mouth.

Little Eight immediately started to search the many worlds he had observed before, as a result, he discovered a lot of rigorous big bosses. Little Eight became more excited the more he thought about it, he couldn’t wait to take Nan Xun to the next world.

Big boss with hundreds of thousands of abstinences, there are many candidates here he he he~ ~

Cough, cough, calm down, let’s fix this world’s big boss first. His evil value is still 67 ah, it’s still too early to say this.

After Nan Xun got up, she saw the hall gate was shut close, she couldn’t help but frowned, “Is the big boss still sleeping?”

Little Eight said to wait for him to take a look.

“Still asleep. To be honest, you two seemed like you were hollowed out by each other, you can’t blame this grandpa for thinking too much.”

Nan Xun: …


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