Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 260 - The Wastrel's Counterattack (22)

Three days later, after Meite City returned to normal, the Su Family had gone all out, decorating the residence with lanterns and colored banners, preparing a huge wedding for Su Rui and Su Wan. This time, Su De and his significant other were naturally presented as noble guests. Everyone in the Su Family Village attended this wedding banquet.

This was the grandest wedding since Meite City was built.

All the common citizens in Meite City and a few of the Lords from other families all prepared gifts and came to attend the wedding banquet.

A few days ago, Su Zhan had completely captured the hearts of the common people in Meite City. Even the clan elders from the three families all gave up the idea of competing with the Su Family.

Now, Su Family was fully deserving of being the first grand family in Meite City!

Xiao Family had no choice but to concede quietly and couldn’t even complain in the least bit.

The castellan, Long Qianzhan, also came to attend the wedding banquet with a valuable gift. Even more, Su Ya had asked him to be the wedding witness of this wedding.

Summoners’ weddings weren’t complicated. Su Rui and Su Wan wore red wedding robes with gold veined patterns sewn on them. The two mounted vigorous magical beasts and went around the city, receiving everyone’s blessings.

Their wedding night was as important as winning top marks in the imperial examinations.

It was an important occasion in life. Even if this wasn’t their first time getting married, General Su was extremely excited as if this was indeed his first time getting married.

Su Wan leaned in Su Rui’s arms, feeling his grip on her waist tighten. She couldn’t help but close her eyes and smile.

When you find your significant other in this vast world, you’d finally understand what it means to be happy.

They didn’t need to experience any hardships or anything, or even a world-shaking confession. Even if they did nothing, as long as they were together, they’d be bursting from happiness...

Tonight, the color red dyed their wedding room. It was another night of passion.

Su Family continued to do what they needed to do the second day. As for master and madam?

Did you expect them to come out of their wedding room on the first day? You’re too naive!

Su Liang: I’m betting ten gold coins. At the very least, five days!

Su Pei: Stingy. I’m betting on twenty gold coins. At the very least, a week!

Su Ya: A thousand gold coins, ten days!

Su Pei and Su Liang were both speechless.

Lord, can we poor people still have fun?

Elder: Lord, hurry back and take your medicine~

Su Ya was dumbstruck.

A month later, Xiao Yan and his buddies finished training and traveled back to the imperial capital. Teacher Yun Fan originally had hope about kidnapping the genius back to the academy but returned disappointed in the end.

Don’t mention Su Zhan but no one else in the Su Family even left with him.

Royal family summoners’ academy was abusing their powers?

Royal family summoners’ academy was full of geniuses?

Were they as powerful as my master? Were they more of a genius than my master?

In short, they refused to go with anyone other than the master.

The brothers revealed their loyalty for Su Zhan.

Teacher Yun was provoked by their disdainful gazes. In the end, he left with tears streaming down his face.

After the group left, the royal family’s rewards arrived as planned. This time, the Su Family had done a great job at helping the castellan defend the city and against the magical beasts. The royal family in the Orinda Country did this for the Su Family but in reality, they were just interested in the genius Su Zhan. In order to get him on their side, the royal family had really put a lot of effort into this. The cultivation resources they rewarded blinded people’s eyes.

Despite this, Su Rui basically split the resources amongst the disciples of the Su Family. No matter whether they were from the main family or the different branches, each of them obtained quite a bit of cultivation resources.

Many people in Meite City were impressed by the Su Family’s surge in development and Master Su’s dictatorial manner. Right now, the Su Family just started to form a new summoner army. They watched as Su Rui trained the wastrels into incredible summoners. The commoners in the city all became restless. Finally, an old man had brought his grandson over and got on their knees in front of the Su Residence. He hoped that the Su Family could accept his grandson. They were willing to sign a soul contract with the Su Family. The old man just wanted his grandson to get a chance at becoming a summoner. With the first person’s lead, there was clearly going to be a second. Quickly, everyone who held hopes in becoming summoners had gathered in the Su Family.

A majority of the people got to stay after passing the initial examination.

The Su Family actually didn’t need any more people but since Su Rui wanted the Su Family to become the most powerful family in Meite City, he needed the common people’s support.

A year later, Su Family’s new summoner army had expanded to a thousand people. Right now, Su Wu was a grade five medium summoner. Su Qing and Su Zhi had advanced to medium summoners like her.

The three had become leaders of each of their own summoner teams. Like the disciples in the Su Family, they started to handle matters for the Su Family.

Su Rui was still stuck at grade one summoner within this year. He was actually able to advance. Advancing above grade one summoner meant that he’d be breaking through another realm, namely a prefecture-grade summoner.

Prefecture-grade summoners were divided into advanced, medium, and low grade summoners. After prefecture-grade summoners, they’d be advancing into deity-grade. After that, it was monarch-grade. Right now, the highest grade summoners on the mainland were addressed as royal summoners.

Su Rui was the Demon King right now. If he urged the spiritual influence in his body, he’d be able to advance to a monarch-grade summoner. However, grades and whatnot meant nothing to him right now.

For the year or so, Su Wan had also advanced into a grade three summoner. The two were lovey-dovey and the Su Family had become more and more prosperous with each passing day. Even Su Zhan who had remained in that realm had displayed faint signs of advancing.

In short, everything was heading in a good direction. However, Su Wan heard nothing from her mission still.

Su Wu was already Su Family’s true eldest miss. She also forgived Su Ya for neglecting her.

Lord Su wasn’t as indifferent and ruthless as Su Wu imagined in the beginning. In these days, Su Wu had gradually understood that maybe it was just Su Ya’s way of protecting this “wastrel” daughter of his.

Right now, Su Wu was concentrating on assisting her elder brother and father. She didn’t have too many ambitions. It could be said that Su Wan was halfway through with her plan. However, the female lead was still not in a relationship.

Far away, Xiao Yan appeared to still be in love in Su Wu. He was still in the imperial capital so there was no progress with the mission. No development at all.

There wasn’t any hope with Su Qing either. Su Rui had to take a risk!

“You’re really going to do that?”

After hearing Su Rui’s thought, Su Wan was surprised. She never thought of using this move because she wasn’t sure if he could do it.

“I’ve made up my mind. What do you think?”

Su Rui glanced at Su Wan’s faint smile and waited for her response.

“I support all your decisions!” Su Wan winked at Su Rui. The man sings and the woman follows. Madam Su never rejected her man’s suggestions.

Therefore, that night—

Little White was deep asleep in his room. In the dark night, he suddenly sniffed the familiar yet terrifying demonic aura again. He suddenly opened his eyes and a pair of charming purple eyes appeared in front of him.

This was...

A demon king’s aura.

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