Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 26

Madam Marquis jerked to her feet.

"What did you say?"

The little maid repeated again, "Princess, the Princess! She hanged herself."

Madam Marquis felt immediate dizziness, and then she was unconscious.


"Someone come quickly!"

All of a sudden, the Marquis Residence was in chaos.

Just after Huan Huan had finished telling the Empress the whole story, she saw a little eunuch rushing in.

The Empress's brow knitted.

"What are you doing? There are no rules."

The little eunuch knelt down on the ground.

Sobbing, he said, "Your Majesty, it's not good! Princess Anping hanged herself."

The Empress slowly stood up as if she could not believe it.

Huan Huan also did not believe it.

"Impossible! Her Highness was still fine when I left her."

The little eunuch said, "The Marquis has asked the Imperial Doctor, but the results are not yet known. Please rest easy, Your Majesty."

The Empress let the little eunuch go to inform the Emperor.

She gripped the handle of the chair tightly and breathed heavily.

Whether Anping was alright or not, she would make the Marquis Residence pay the price.

"Come on, people. Set out to the Marquis Residence."

After the Imperial Doctor rescued Ah Jin inside the Marquis Residence, Rong Yi asked, "Imperial Doctor, how is the Princess?"

The Imperial Doctor breathed a sigh of relief.

"Fortunately, it was not late. If it had been a little later, I would not have been able to save the Princess. There is no danger now. She only needs to rest and recuperate."

The boulder in Rong Yi's heart fell to the ground.

He thought he was going to lose her.

The moment he saw Ah Jin hanging from the beam, he felt like he had fallen into an ice cave.

His whole body was cold.

Even the blood in his body did not flow.

He looked at Ah Jin lying on the bed.

Her bloodless pale face, the usual delicate face, had lost all life.

The marks on her neck reminded him of everything that had just happened.

He held Ah Jin's hand for the first time and shed tears.

A man's tears were not lightly shed, except before they reached the point of grief.

He kissed the back of Ah Jin's hand.

"Please, don't scare me. Don't leave me. As long as you don't leave me, I promise you everything. You like Xiao Shu, then sleep with him. I will not compete with him. If you like children, let's have more. Promise me that you won't leave me, okay?"

San Qi was freaking out in space.

"Why do you have to use such extreme means? There are so many ways. Is it bad to go slowly and gradually?"

Ah Jin took a toothpick and shaved her teeth.

Treating it with contempt, she said, "What do you know? This is called forever. A virtual thing like you will never experience the joy of death."

San Qi's whole body trembled with anger, and its feathers fell out in a poof.

It slapped Ah Jin back into the original character's body with one wing.

Had it not stepped in to cure the original character, I guess it would have really failed this time.

Ah Jin really wasn't afraid of anything, and she didn't care.

Ah Jin returned to the physical body and felt her right hand being held tightly.

As her left thumb fumbled with the toothpick in her hand, she slowly opened her eyes and looked at Rong Yi.

When Rong Yi saw her awake, a smile bloomed on his face.

The years had not left traces on his face, but his refined eyebrows had added a charm with age, plus a mature charisma on his body.

Ah Jin was shaken by his smile.

His eyes clearly reflecting her own shadow, but he seemed to see the world.

Rong Yi helped her sit up and said, "You're awake. Would you like some water?"

Ah Jin nodded.

Her throat was like being cut with a knife.

The pain was unbearable.

She probably would not be able to speak for a short time.

Rong Yi poured a cup of warm water, and Ah Jin took a few sips while he was holding it, which eased the pain a bit.

Rong Yi put down the cup and asked, "Better?"

Ah Jin nodded again, and Rong Yi took her into his arms, tightly circling her shoulders.

Ah Jin felt him trembled, so she reached back, hugged him, and then gently patted his back to soothe him.

"Ah Jin, don't scare me in the future. We can take our time to solve things. Don't leave me, please."

The man who was nearly thirty years old cried like a child, dampening the shirt on Ah Jin's shoulders.

Ah Jin gently patted him up and down on the back until he calmed down.

Rong Yi repeatedly asked her not to do anything stupid in the future.

Only after receiving her affirmative reply did he feel a little more at ease.

San Qi cursed in space.

"Scumbag! You're a scumbag who cheats on virtuous women and men."

"Shut up."

"I can not control you but still can not scold you? I'm going to cuss! Scum girl! Scum girl! Scum girl."

Ah Jin didn't care.

She just ignored it.

Everyone in the Marquis Residence was already at the entrance, ready to receive the Empress.

Even the Madam Marquis was immediately pulled out as soon as she came to her senses.

Soon the Empress's carriage arrived with guards in front of the road where eight horses drove side by side.

The carriage's four corners were engraved with different golden dragons.

The vehicle was covered with bright yellow curtains embroidered with dark royal patterns.

There were four palace maids on each side of the horse, and several Royal guards were behind the carriage.

When the carriage stopped at the entrance of the Marquis Residence, the eunuch came forward and proclaimed, "The Empress has arrived!"

The people of the Marquis Residence immediately knelt down and saluted, " Greetings to the Empress. Long live the Empress."

The Empress completely ignored the people kneeling on the ground. She was led by Huan Huan to Ah Jin's courtyard.

No one in the Marquis Residence dared to get up without the Empress' order.

Rong Yi heard the sound of bowing and saluting in the courtyard at that time.

He hurriedly dried his tears and helped Ah Jin out of bed.

The door was opened by a maid.

When the Empress saw that Ah Jin was about to get out of bed, she immediately took a few steps forward and pressed her back into bed.

The Empress looked at Ah Jin, who had tears streaming down her face and had white silk wrapped around her neck.

Her heart was filled with anger and pain.

She was angry at Ah Jin's weakness, seeking death at the slightest thing.

Others followed the procedure of "first is to cry, second is to make trouble, and three is to hang."

She was good, directly omitted the first two steps, and jumped to the third step.

Her heart ached for Ah Jin's body.

She was angry at the Marquis's people using filial piety to press people.

It was simply unforgivable.

It was only when Rong Yi knelt down and saluted that the Empress found him and saw that his eyes were bloodshot and swollen from crying.

Her heart felt a little better.

The Empress pressed Ah Jin, who wanted to get up.

"Anping, I have learned the whole story. Don't worry, I will make a decision for you. Don't say anything. The main thing is to get well."

Ah Jin's tears dropped like broken pearls and landed on the back of the Empress's hand.

"Xiao...  Shu."

The Empress patted her hand again.

"I understand. I will help you get him back. Do not cry."

She looked at Rong Yi again.

"You take good care of Anping here."

Rong Yi bowed again, "This subject follows the order."

Her Majesty was guided by the maid to the Marquis's Meeting Hall.

"Have someone call them all in to see this Empress!"

One after another, the people of the Marquis Residence entered the hall and knelt and bowed, " Greetings to the Empress."

The Empress slammed the hot tea she was holding in front of the Marquis.

The cup fell to the ground and shattered.

The scalding water carrying the tea splashed onto the Marquis's robe.

The Marquis felt a burning pain under his skin, but he didn't dare dodge it.

He could only prostrate himself and said, "Please let the Empress calm her anger."

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