I Just Want to Freeload on Your Luck

Chapter 26 (Part 2)

Back in the classroom...

Ke Chengwen was still talking about Zhao Mingxi’s cello performance a while ago.

“F*ck, Mingxi. You’re way too modest. Why have you never made any mention about such a skill?!”

“It wasn’t as if it was an important skill.” Mingxi kept her test papers in her desk drawer.

Besides, it was a skill that she had learned in her past life, so she wasn’t sure if she still knew how to do it.

Who would’ve known that the moment she touched the cello, the familiar tune which was carved in her mind started to appear.

Looks like everything is unreal save for the knowledge embedded in your mind.

“Stop ogling at her.” Fu Yangxi pushed Ke Chengwen’s head to the side roughly.

After the few of them sat down, Mingxi saw Fu Yangxi pour himself a cup of hot water. Then, he poured out a few vitamin-like white tablets from several bottles and gulped it all down with the hot water.

Just as Mingxi was about to ask him what he was drinking, she saw Fu Yangxi suddenly wave lazily towards the entrance to their class. “Come here.”

A follower immediately ran over and placed a huge box on Mingxi’s table. He was allowing her to make the first choice.

“What is this?” Mingxi’s attention was drawn to it.

What she saw was a whole box of fluffy scarves. They all looked soft and relaxing. She couldn’t put a finger on the brand linked to it, but seeing as how exquisite it was, it must be an expensive brand.

However, because they had bought too much, it could only be kept in a box.

Ke Chengwen explained, “Gang scarves.”

Fu Yangxi tossed the white bottles into the desk drawer and sat on his desk. He cuffed his hands behind his head and swung his legs. He was looking at Zhao Mingxi happily.

The small mole beneath his eye seemed even more apparent from this angle.

“You are currently the No.1 follower, so you can choose first.”

Mingxi said, “...The things in your gang sure are unique. First it’s a phone case, and now it’s a scarf.”

Has she finally infiltrated the gang and became the No.1 follower after a month of effort?

Although Mingxi wasn’t cold at all, considering how it was a group activity, she felt obliged to join.

She looked around before finally pulling out a white one. Then, she lowered her head and wrapped it around her neck.

The scarf was very comfortable. She felt much warmer after putting it on.

When Fu Yangxi saw this, he feigned a look of nonchalance and coughed before reaching out a hand to grab blindly. “I guess I’ll choose at random as well.”

Due to his blind grabbing, he pulled out a pink one. When he saw that, he pulled a long face and tossed it back in.

He took a glance at Mingxi’s choice before reaching in to pull out a black one.

Ke Chengwen: “...”

You call this random? You’re obviously choosing a specific one.

The scarves were happily given to everyone in class.

In the midst of this joyful atmosphere, Mingxi sat down and continued to do her test papers.

Fu Yangxi placed one leg above the other as he sat on the table. He was happily taking off the one he was originally wearing and putting on the new one.

Then, Mingxi looked up and suddenly noticed that at the right side nearing the back of his neck, there were two deep and long gashes.

Similar to the injury on his hand previously, it seemed as if he had been injured by shattered glass. It had now scabbed over, but she could imagine how horrifying the cut was when it was first inflicted.

Mingxi instantly stood up and pushed Fu Yangxi’s face to one side.

The two of them were suddenly very close. He could feel Mingxi’s breath on him.


Her eyelashes were like a crow’s feathers. They were long and black, clear as day.

“What, what are you doing?” Fu Yangxi was shocked. He thought she suddenly wanted to kiss him so his face immediately went red while his body became as stiff as a rock— But after waiting for two seconds, Mingxi still had yet to do anything.

Fu Yangxi’s eyelids twitched. Only then did he realize that she was looking at the wound on his neck.

Fu Yangxi changed his expression and instantly pushed Mingxi away. He stood straight, took two steps back and quickly put on the scarf.

“What happened to your neck?” Mingxi stared at his neck in shock.

She did not see such a wound on Fu Yangxi’s neck a week ago. So if her guess was right, he must’ve been injured this week.

However, as the days were getting colder recently, Fu Yangxi had always had a scarf on. Furthermore, he was seated on her right, so she would never have been able to notice the right side of his neck.

Thus, she only found out today.

Fu Yangxi’s expression was more relaxed now. He touched his neck which was covered by the scarf and said nonchalantly, “When I was cooking instant noodles, the temperature of the water was too high so the glass bowl shattered.”

Mingxi asked, “This happened previously as well?”

Fu Yangxi looked at her. “Yeah.”

“You’re too forgetful. It’s already the second time. If you were a little more unlucky, the glass shards could’ve cut through your veins.”

Mingxi didn’t know why but she felt a surge of anger within her. “Have you always been like this?”

When Fu Yangxi saw her expression, for some reason, his heart felt a little weak.

He tried to cover up the gentleness he felt in his heart. He curled his feet around a chair and pulled it over. Then, he sat down, and with his arms crossed, he looked at Zhao Mingxi, raised his eyebrows in joy and said proudly, “Little Mask, have you never heard of this saying that a scar is a man’s medal of honour?”

Mingxi: ...

To hell with your medals.


Mingxi felt unsettled for the whole afternoon. She was wondering if it was because of her sucking away Fu Yangxi’s luck that he was constantly so unlucky.

He had been cut by glass shards twice already.

Aside from the fact that Fu Yangxi was treating her very well right now and was protecting her as he would a follower, she should still know how to repay his kindness.

Even if she wasn’t friends with Fu Yangxi, in fact, they were merely strangers, she could not allow herself to do such a thing whereby she would transfer her unluckiness to Fu Yangxi.

The system said to her: “Such an occurrence will never happen. You are merely freeloading on his luck, not absorbing it. Do you get it? Fu Yangxi getting cut by glass is definitely not something caused by your actions.”

When Mingxi heard the system’s words, she let out a sigh of relief. Nonetheless, she still felt a little uneasy.

She decided to stop freeloading on his luck for a few days and observe the situation.


As for the other side, while Zhao Yuning had some free time after the end of the second period after lunch, he was suddenly pulled to the Literature Department’s office by a friend. “A senior from Year 3 is looking for you.”

“What the hell?” Zhao Yuning didn’t know anyone from Year 3. However, his friend kept on pulling him to the point where he couldn’t even escape. Thus, with a feeling of annoyance, he got dragged to the Literature Department.

Before he could get close, he suddenly heard a familiar voice.

Zhao Yuning subconsciously stopped walking.

“Teacher,” It was Zhao Yuan’s soft voice. “Have you decided on the host for next month’s Annual School Celebration?”

“Why do you ask?” A woman’s gentle voice could be heard from the other side.

Zhao Yuning thought that Zhao Yuan was going to do what she said during lunch time which was to recommend Zhao Mingxi. Therefore, he didn’t dare to disturb them. He merely waited outside for her to come out.

He thought to himself, Yuanyuan jie is truly magnanimous.

“I’ve been the host for the past two years. My experience and capabilities far exceeds anyone’s qualifications to be the host this year.”

“I know Mingxi is very popular right now, including the fact that she scored higher than I did this time. However, Miss, have you seen the forum? A lot of people are wondering if Mingxi cheated— She- because she’s my elder sister and I know her very well, she would never have been able to score such marks in normal exams. She did look for Shen Liyao before the exams.”

“The Annual School Celebration’s pictures will eventually be posted on the school’s website, I think it might not be a very good impression on the public, right? So I hope you can still give me this chance.”

“If you agree, I can invite a pianist from Berklee for this year’s piano recital.”

“The CCTV can prove if a student has cheated, not by the words of students in a forum.” that teacher said. “But I still want to thank you for telling me about such a topic in the forum. If there are such rumors, then indeed, choosing Zhao Mingxi may not be good for the school’s reputation.”


He heard a few things after that. The teacher seemed to be saying something to Zhao Yuan. However, Zhao Yuning could care less.

The blood in his system was boiling while his head was buzzing like an old broken TV.

If the person standing there was someone like E Xiaoxia, Zhao Yuning would not react this way.

But why was it Zhao Yuan?

How could it be Zhao Yuan?

Zhao Yuan was never one to fight against others for something.

But soon after, Zhao Yuning noticed something. Although Zhao Yuan had never forcefully taken anything from anyone, everyone in their family including her friends would take the initiative to help her pick on Zhao Mingxi— Just like the previous E Xiaoxia incident.


He recalled all the previous incidents.

The blood in Zhao Yuning’s veins rushed to his head. He was so shocked that he forgot to leave.

His expression changed again and again. He didn’t even notice that the guy who brought him there had left.

He didn’t know how long had passed when the door was opened.

Zhao Yuan walked out and closed the door politely. There was a smile on her face.

She looked back and met Zhao Yuning’s unbelieving eyes.

The air became deadly quiet.

Zhao Yuan was shocked. She exclaimed, “What are you doing here?”


The atmosphere in the Zhao family was rather awkward after school had ended today.

Zhao Zhanhuai had yet to come home. Madam Zhao didn’t know why, but for some reason Zhao Yuning and Zhao Yuan got into a fight. After returning home, with an angry look, Zhao Yuning locked himself in his room to play games. He didn’t come out until it was time for dinner.

As for Zhao Yuan, her eyes were red-rimmed. When she was asked what happened, she refused to say anything and went to her room as well.

Madam Zhao was certain that it was Zhao Yuning who bullied Zhao Yuan. She walked upstairs with a frown and knocked on the door before dragging Zhao Yuning out. “Apologize to your sister. What did you do this time?”

Zhao Yuning was about to throw a fit. “What the f*ck does this have to do with me? Why don't you ask her what she did? She told the teacher that Zhao Mingxi cheated—”

“Are you insane?” Madam Zhao was in disbelief. “Why would Yuanyuan say such a thing?”

Zhao Yuning gritted his teeth. He regretted not recording the whole conversation.

When Zhao Yuan heard the commotion outside, she immediately opened the door and ran out. She said to Madam Zhao, “No, Mom, it has nothing to do with Yuning. I bumped into some other matters. Really!”

When Madam Zhao saw how fearful Zhao Yuan was, she was even more certain that it was Zhao Yuning who had bullied her. She got even angrier. “Yuning, you’re already 15. Why can’t you man up and take responsibility for what you’ve done?!”

Zhao Yuning was so angered that his head was spinning. He glared angrily at Zhao Yuan.

Now he understood how helpless Zhao Mingxi felt when she couldn’t even explain herself. He felt so f*cking wronged! His fist was clenched tightly.

“Come down and have dinner.” Madam Zhao ordered before turning to go downstairs.

“Amazing.” The way Zhao Yuning looked at Zhao Yuan was as if he didn’t know her at all. “Is it fun to have all of us wrapped around your fingers?”

Zhao Yuan said, “Yuning, let me explain. I was forced to do it! I simply didn’t want to lose this opportunity—”

“You are very different from what I imagined.”

Zhao Yuning glared at her and cut her off in disappointment, “Since you have done something wrong, the least you could do is apologize. Not to me, but to the teacher because you spewed nonsense to her face. You should apologize to Zhao Mingxi, because you slandered her name. But you’re still trying to find excuses for yourself. You don’t feel regretful at all.”

Zhao Yuan was afraid that Madam Zhao would hear him so she lowered her voice. “We grew up together. Why must you always favour Zhao Mingxi over me?”

“Because you’re claiming what doesn’t belong to you! Don’t you get it?!” Zhao Yuning was so angered that his words were no longer filtered. The frustration and anxiety he felt ever since Zhao Mingxi left home had accumulated to the maximum at this point.

He yelled out, “You’re claiming what doesn’t belong to you. Who do you think you are to have everyone lean in favour of you?”

“You won’t even let me have a pet cat. This is my house so why can’t I have a cat? I just want a f*cking cat! I want 100 f*cking cats!”

Madam Zhao rushed over and gave Zhao Yuning a slap on the face.

That night, with a handprint on his face, Zhao Yuning left the Zhao family home and checked into a hotel.

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