Rebirth of the Ultimate Rich Second Generation

Ch 26 - Mhm mhm, Little Lin is so obedient~

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After Chi Shi's matters were resolved, Luo Lin handed $3000 to Lin Jiadong: "Give our brothers a treat at the Haijin Restaurant, I’ve already booked a table there. Go enjoy yourselves, let me know if you run out of money."

Haijin Restaurant was one of the industries under the Luo Enterprise. Luo Lin had already spoken to the manager beforehand and $3000 for a few tables was sufficient.

Lin Jiadong nodded. He ushered those brothers into the cars and headed for the Haijin Hotel in succession.

"Are we going as well Brother Lin?" Liu Wanchuan, Liang Zi, and the Li brothers inquired.

Luo Lin nodded and patted Liu Wanchuan's shoulder: "Little Chuan, you’re the oldest out of the five. The victory today is a good start. As long as we keep this trend, there will be a spot for us in this city.”

“Those who showed up today, including you five are all the elders of the group. During lunch, the five of you will share a table. I’ll leave the hosting of the gathering to you guys. You don’t need me to teach you what to do right?”

The smart Liu Wanchuan understood Brother Lin's intentions and nodded tactfully: "Rest assured Brother Lin, leave it to me... you're not joining us?"

Luo Lin waved his hand at them smilingly: "You guys go ahead. I have some matters to attend to. I’ll try to acquire a gathering place for everyone by next month. We’ll be scoffed at if we don’t have a gathering spot after school.”

These five weren’t stupid, they nodded in agreement. Even though they seemed exhausted from all the work, they were merely dealing with some trivialities.

The actual person who presides over the grand picture was still Brother Lin.

Everyone hailed a taxi and got on one after the other. They then waved Luo Lin farewell: "Brother Lin, we're heading off. Let us know if you need anything."

Luo Lin smiled as he waved back, watching as the taxi whizzed into the distance.

Even though the conflict wasn’t the group brawl everyone expected, it had shown its results.

Liang Zi got revenge for the last time Chi Shi’s men broke his arm. One must admit that his vengeance was repaid in quite an impressive manner!

In regards to Chi Shi, his reputation had thoroughly been dragged through the mud after this embarrassing debacle. No one would pay him any heed in the future.

Since the beginning, Luo Lin never planned to touch a single hair on Chi Shi's body. After all, the brat had a Deputy Mayor dad. If the son was wounded in any manner, then things would spiral out of hand.

Individuals like Chi Shi weren’t hard to deal with, all you had to do was destroy their majesty.

If things go as predicted, then Chi Shi would report the matter to Brother Dragon as soon as possible.

Brother Dragon must be wary of Luo Lin, after all, seven of his men had been thrown into prison. That wasn’t something any ordinary person could do.

Brother Dragon was merely a minor character who pulls bluffs. After that incident, he actually resorted to exploiting a student. From his actions alone, anyone could tell that he wasn’t made for big things.

Therefore, Luo Lin didn’t need to care about him. If there are any issues, Luo Lin could simply act accordingly and that alone was more than enough to destroy Brother Dragon.

There were three factions in One High, Lin Jiadong, Chi Shi, and Qian Hu.

Now that Lin Jiadong had joined Luo Lin's camp, and with Chi Shi destroyed. The only one remaining was the Prince of the Underworld, Qian Hu.

That person was the toughest to deal with out of the three. His father was a seasoned gangster veteran of Zhengzhou City, Qian Baiwan.

Based on Luo Lin's current strength, there was nothing he could do to Qian Baiwan. So it was fortunate that the Prince of the Underworld, Qian Hu never paid any attention to these matters.

However, if he does bump into Qian Hu, then it couldn’t be helped. Luo Lin also had a lot of ways to deal with him.

'Even though the other party was the Prince of the Underworld, I’m the young master of the Luo Family!

Zhengzhou City was such a large place that not everyone was familiar with each other. With that alone, there are at least ten if not eight methods to deal with arising problems.

In the short term, Luo Lin does not want to clash with him. It was not that Luo Lin was afraid of Qian Hu, but that it was unnecessary.

As his mind was filled with thoughts, Luo Lin crossed the street and headed to where the internet cafe was.

When he entered the internet cafe, the original arrangements and computers were missing. There were a few painters who were applying a coat of paint onto the wall.

Coincidentally, there was a tall and slender beauty dressed in Adidas sportswear instructing the workers.

Today, Luo Lin finally got a good look at this outspoken and straight-forward beauty who appeared out of nowhere. She didn’t notice Luo Lin's arrival as she issued instructions with her back facing the entrance, her attitude resembling those of an ancient warrior.

There was a pink towel hung on her neck while the ash-grey colored sportswear concealed her voluptuous figure. The loose sportswear appeared fuller because of her perky buttocks.

As she gestured, her breasts swayed along with her rigorous motions as if they were full of buoyancy.

"Miss Song, you're being so diligent today?" Luo Lin greeted with a smile.

Upon hearing Luo Lin's voice, Song Meiyuan's actions froze, and she turned around. This revealed her natural face, paired up with her pearly-white teeth, it showcased her youthful beauty.

No one knew if it was intentional, but when she laid eyes on Luo Lin, she puffed out her prideful assets which distracted Luo Lin a little.

Her fair-skinned neck which had been exposed was covered with a thin layer of sweat. Song Meiyuan wiped her sweat with a towel: "Oh, isn't this Obedient Little Luo?"

Luo Lin grinned and thought to himself.

'Is Miss Song going to utilize her seductive techniques today?'

Just as he was about to tease her, an even taller and well-rounded beauty walked out from within the internet cafe: "Meiyuan, who are you talking to? ...ah, Little Lin? Why are you here?"

Luo Lin fell into a daze, 'Isn't this my dear Aunt Qin?'

He hadn’t expected the appearance of Qin Wanshu. Luo Lin blinked dumbfoundedly, the words he prepared to tease Song Meiyuan were swallowed back down.

His expression went back to normal in a flash: "Oh, Aunt Qin... that... school ended in the afternoon so I came to browse the internet."

Song Meiyuan chuckled sneakily when she noticed Luo Lin's dazed appearance. Her round and plump chest shook as she made "Hehe" sounding peals of laughter which didn’t go unnoticed by Luo Lin's sharp hearing.

Luo Lin noticed Song Meiyuan's smug expression in the corner of his eyes. He doubted if Song Meiyuan wore any underwear today. The two large balloons before her chest shook unbridledly as if nothing was holding them back.

'Tsk tsk tsk, Miss Song, don't you be proud yet... If young master wasn’t converging my temper, I would discipline you tonight!'

That was just a casual thought. Luo Lin was just trying to find some comfort in his mind. The expression of shock on his face disappeared quickly as he pretended to be taken aback: "Aunt Qin, and... this Miss Song. What are you guys doing here?"

Qin Wanshu was so gentle and innocent that she had been fooled completely by them both.

She walked up to Luo Lin and explained: "Song Meiyuan is from Yanjing. She came to Zhengzhou City for her Masters this year, and since she had nothing to do, she purchased this internet cafe. The procedures are still in process and the renovation only started a few days ago."

Luo Lin had a face of sudden realization: "Aunt Qin, you're here to help?"

Before Qin Wanshu could speak, Song Meiyuan approached Luo Lin with a smiling face. The slight sweat on her body left a delicate fragrance in the air: "Wanshu isn’t only helping, she also has stocks in this internet cafe."


Luo Lin was stunned.

'What kind of situation is this?'

'Aunt Qin has stocks?'

"How much? Why didn't you ask me?" Luo Lin snuck a glare toward Song Meiyuan's direction, it meant: 'Very well, you got Aunt Qin to join the stocks behind my back, are you looking for death?!’

Qin Wanshu had no clue these two bad fellows started working together a long time ago. She patiently explained: "Haha, Little Lin you're still in school. You don't have any income, what shares are you talking about?"

"That's right, you little boy. Your teeth have not grown completely yet, and you're talking about stocks.:

Song Meiyuan looked smug and continued to provoke Luo Lin, "Our Wanshu bought $100,000 worth of stocks, can you come up with so much money?"

Luo Lin was rendered speechless. He never brought up the cooperation between them with Qin Wanshu so he felt a little guilty inwardly.

Now Luo Lin could not bring it up anymore because Song Meiyuan acted before he did. He couldn’t simply say: 'Aunt Qin, don't believe her. I also have stocks in this internet cafe, a total of $100,000 just like you.’'

'This Luo Lin can’t do anything about this loss other than to accept it.'

Song Meiyuan noticed the suffocating expression of Luo Lin and gloated more after her victory: "However, I am the biggest shareholder in this internet cafe, I have a total of $200,000."

Luo Lin blinked: '$200,000?'

Song Meiyuan chuckled, she shook one hand and raised the other hand before holding them together: "I forked out $100,000, and a fool sponsored me with another $100,000, doesn't that mean I have $200,000?"

This time around, Luo Lin finally understood what was going on. The "fool" Song Meiyuan mentioned, who else could it be but him?

'Hehehe, I didn’t say I was sponsoring you, that was for myself. Instead, everything became yours...'

'I regret it... I should've told Qin Wanshu earlier.'

Now that Qin Wanshu had involved herself, there was no way for Luo Lin to dispute it.

In this manner, Luo Lin spent $50,000 to purchase the store and handed another $50,000 to Song Meiyuan for the renovation fee. This meant Luo Lin owned $100,000 worth of shares. Both Song Meiyuan and Qin Wanshu each added $100,000 worth of shares as well.

'This is a scam!'

'If both of them invested $100,000, who’s the biggest shareholder?'

'Who calls the shots?'

As though Song Meiyuan saw through Luo Lin's thoughts, she raised her brow: "Obedient Little Luo, do you wish to join us? How about this, looking at Wanshu's face, I'll give you 20% worth of shares from my own. What do you think?"

Before Luo Lin could speak, Qin Wanshu shook her hand in a rush: "Meiyuan that's not good! 20% isn’t a small amount, Little Lin didn't join after all. He’s not young anymore, if he wishes to join us to gain experience, then I can give him half of mine."

Song Meiyuan's behavior made it seem like she was a generous person. She waved her hand like she was the biggest under the heavens, "Wanshu, don't be polite with me or I'll get angry. We've been sisters for over ten years, there is no difference between us. You are Obedient Little Luo's aunt, so I am also Obedient Little Luo's aunt!”

“This little fellow will venture into society in the future so regard this as us training him for when that time comes. That's settled. Obedient Little Luo, I'll give you 20% worth of stocks, so you're also one of the shareholders now, are you happy?"

Luo Lin was tamed by Song Meiyuan's methods. After being stupefied for some time, he was still unable to come up with any words.

The innocent Aunt Qin was moved by Song Meiyuan's words and quickly shook Luo Lin's arm: "Why don't you quickly thank your Aunt Song!"

Luo Lin froze in place. His face turned red as he stared at Qin Wanshu speechlessly.

Aunt Qin raised her brow slightly: "Little Lin, quickly thank your Aunt Song!"

'What the fu*k!'

'Miss Song, you’re ruthless!'

Luo Lin held back for a long time before squeezing out a few words: "Thank you... A-Aunt Song!"

Song Meiyuan let out 'Hehe' sounding laughter, causing her twin peaks to sway as she stared at Luo Lin: "Mhm mhm, Little Lin is so obedient~"

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