Believe It Or Not, I Already Caught You

Chapter 26: Going Back

Chen Yu first spent a few hours studying the notes from her grandpa, and then, unable to contain her curiosity, she continued to study the spiritual website for another several hours.

After that, Chen Yu couldn’t sleep because of her excitement. She was still worried before, although it’s very profitable to exorcise ghosts, it’s not every day that people in this group post any tasks, and it’s not like she can meet with an unlucky ghost like Tong Chao every day when she walks on the street. No, let’s forget about Tong Chao, she was the unlucky one for meeting him.

Aside from exorcising, although her talismans are also profitable, she met people who begged to buy talismans from her outside this group sometime ago and thought that it wouldn’t be hard to sell them. However, it took a few days to realize that people would only buy it outside when they’re in a hurry, usually, they would draw talismans themselves at home ah.

Chen Yu understood this point very well, for example, if you ask her to buy other people’s talisman, if it wasn’t someone forcing her, she would be brain damaged to buy it.

As for the Taobao store that she opened two days ago, after she put a few Expelling Talismans and Calming Spirit Talismans to sell, no one came to buy them. Chen Yu didn’t have any hope, so she just left it like that. Fortunately, Taobao didn’t need store fees, or else she would die from the fees.

Although she didn’t know how much she’d need to build a road, but it definitely wasn’t any less than 100 million yuan. That small amount of money she accumulated in the bank was really not enough.

Chen Yu was wondering how to make more money these days, and suddenly she discovered this thing called the National Spiritual website. This thing, if she didn’t see it herself, she would be in the dark forever. She was shocked once she entered the website, the densely packed supernatural missions had all turned into a wave of bank figures, making Chen Yu’s eyes shone brightly.

Although the service charge was a bit expensive, isn’t there still the group owner? Chen Yu has been in the group for more than a month, and finally she now realized the true essence of this group - Saving Money.

As a result of her excessive excitement, student Xishi who woke up the earliest in room 518 the next day, slept soundly until lunch time.

After eating lunch brought back from the cafeteria by her roommates, Chen Yu rubbed her drowsy eyes and opened them only in the afternoon. At last, she was completely awake, as for what was said in class, at any rate, the lessons weren’t anything profound from the beginning of the school, she can just do some self-study later.

After class, Chen Yu and her roommates were walking together, discussing where they should eat today. When they looked up, they saw a large circle of female students under the stairs of the classroom building.

“That’s the owner of VK.”

“I like their clothes the most, buy new styles for every season.”

“Young Master Tong has good appearance and taste ah.”

“Their brand’s colour combinations are really dope, this is the first time I see a man wearing so many colors like that but still looks so good.”

“I heard that all men inside fashion industry are gay.”

“What nonsense, Young Master Tong changes girlfriend every season ah.”

“What am I gonna do? I bought this clothing from brand A, would he realize it?”

After hearing those female students chatting fervently, Han You and Fang Feifei quickly guessed who was in the center of that circle, they suddenly dragged Chen Yu and Zhang Muwan excitedly to join the crowd of onlookers.

“Inside is Young Master Tong ah, my male god, my male god who knows female beauty the best.” Fang Feifei rushed inside while explaining to Chen Yu, “I only wear their brand’s clothes.”

Liar, does school uniform don’t count?

“AAAA~ I also love him ah, he’s so HANDSOME!” Han You’s face was full of excitement.

Chen Yu was bumped left and right inside the frenzied crowd with endless sorrow in her heart. What are you guys doing, dragging me along when you guys want to see your male god ah? I don’t even know that kid ah. Although Chen Yu was reluctant in every possible way, but driven by instinct, she actually let Fang Feifei bring her to the front.

“Male god, male god!” Fang Feifei crazily waved at the man casually leaning against a car.

Chen Yu followed and looked over, she suddenly had an inexplicable feeling that the man who was wearing sunglasses and putting on an act not far from her was a bit familiar.

Tong Chao turned his head slowly, planning to give his enthusiastic charming smile towards his fans and unexpectedly saw the person he had been waiting for. Tong Chao smiled triumphantly, took off his sunglasses, casually hung it on his collar, and walked towards Chen Yu under loud screams and cheers.

Second Uncle was afraid that the other party wouldn’t agree, after all this Heavenly Master Chen didn’t look like a fan of his. Although he didn’t have the memory from when he was in his living soul state, but he wanted to ask, which woman could resist his charm? Even if she could resist him, surely she won’t be able to resist the clothes he designed. Tong Chao strutted forward confidently.

“Although I don’t remember you anymore, but you definitely remember me.” Tong Chao blinked ambiguously at Chen Yu.

“Who are you?” Chen Yu asked with a blank face.

“...” The cool posture that Tong Chao just posed almost collapsed.

“Shishi, don’t you know him? Tong Chao, the most famous clothing designer in China, his designs are super beautiful.” Fang Feifei immediately helped explain to Chen Yu.

Tong Chao nodded in relief, finally, there’s someone who knows what’s good, he couldn’t help but send a spark towards Fang Feifei.

Fang Feifei’s whole face flushed crimson red immediately.

“Never noticed before!” Chen Yu shrugged her shoulders.

Did I find the wrong person? Fascinated and confident with his charm, Tong Chao took out his phone and searched for Chen Yu’s photo. After a careful look, he said, “I’m not wrong ah, although she’s a bit more white than in the photo, but it’s still the same person ah.”

“Little girl, is your name Chen Yu?” Tong Chao asked.

“Do you know our Xishi?” Chen Yu hadn’t answered, but Fang Feifei on her side already helped verify her identity.

“It really is you.” After confirming her identity, Tong Chao stretched his hand and pulled Chen Yu out of the crowd, “Little girl, follow me.”

The scoundrel who made me lose so many talismans, still dares provoke me? With this new hatred added on the old hatred, Chen Yu ruthlessly stepped on his foot. Young Master Tong wailed painfully at once, crouched down and covered his aching foot.

“FS brand shoes, this pair costs hundreds of thousands.” Some girl from inside the crowd quoted the price.

Hundreds of thousands? Chen Yu walked over and stepped on the other one.

“AH! What are you doing?!” Tong Chao raised his head angrily.

“You dare try and bother me again?” Chen Yu finished speaking and took Fang Feifei to meet up with their two other roommates before turning and left.

“Stop there for me!”

Where would Chen Yu care about him? She left with her roommates without looking back.

At a restaurant outside of campus, the three girls all lost the thoughts of eating and kept staring at Chen Yu who was cheerfully eating by herself. After Chen Yu finished her meal, she raised her head and met three pairs of burning eyes staring at her, she immediately burped in shock.

“What are you guys doing?” Chen Yu took the cup next to her and gulped a mouthful down her throat.

“Speak, how do you know Young Master Tong?” Fang Feifei asked first.

“Girl, hear me!” Han You asked with a shady expression, “Do you know who was taken out by him last time? The International Supermodel Lu Weiwei!”
[EN: Reference to Wēi Wēi Yī Xiào Hěn Qīng Chéng ? / Love O2O]

“She’s also his fifteenth girlfriend.” Zhang Muwan said.

“You guys are stupid, it’s obvious that Young Master Tong knew Shishi, that’s why he called out Shishi’s name.” Fang Feifei said.

“We didn’t hear it.” Zhang Muwan and Han You were still behind the crowd at the time, they weren’t able to squeeze in.

“Speak, what’s going on?” Fang Feifei asked, her face was filled with curiosity.

What else is going on? That guy owes me money, but of course Chen Yu can’t say that. She thought a bit before answering, “I just ran into him when I was out shopping for clothes.”

“And then?”

“Then I said that the clothes inside were really ugly and none of them were suitable for me. As a result, this man became crazy, he pulled me and told me that he wanted to design clothes for me.” Chen Yu explained with half-truth and half-sham, anyway, Tong Chao was a fashion designer, it’s more convincing to tell a story like this than telling them that she met Tong Chao’s ghost.

“Then you must have entered VK’s store.”

“You actually said that the clothes weren’t good looking right in front of the designer, no wonder he’s looking for you.”

“But, isn’t it good this way? Young Master Tong will personally design clothes for you ah.”

“Their clothes are so expensive, no way I can buy them.” Chen Yu said.

“That’s right!” For Young Master Tong to take the matter personally, the price would be so high that ordinary college students like them can’t even imagine to afford even a piece.

The three of them accepted Chen Yu’s explanation, and their meals were almost all eaten up so they got up and wanted to settle the bill. When they arrived at the counter, the cashier said that someone had already paid for them.

“Who?” Han You asked.

“The gentleman who paid the bill said that he’s waiting for you all outside the door.” The cashier said.

The four of them walked out from the restaurant with some doubts, although the days in summer were longer, but it had passed the dinner time and the sky had become darker. Across the road, a luxury car was quietly parked on the side of the road. Although Tong Chao wasn’t standing flashily outside the car, but seeing this car that made a commotion just now, they could naturally guess who was inside.

“So it’s Young Master Tong.”

Chen Yu frowned, she said in a low voice, “Don’t bother, let’s go.”

Just when they turned around and took two steps forward, they saw a man in black suit blocking their way, “Miss Chen, please take some time to speak a few words.”

Chen Yu saw a faint spiritual power from the other party and knew that he was from spiritual circle too. After two seconds of contemplation, Chen Yu followed him to one side.

Sitting in the car, Tong Chao who saw this scene couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows. Ain’t I more handsome than that Jiang Hui with a square face?

“Celestial Master Chen, it’ll be dark soon.” said Jiang Hui.

“Then?” Chen Yu asked, not understanding his meaning.

“That thing will come after Young Master Tong after dark.” Jiang Hui said, “During this time, my master has been seriously injured in order to protect Young Master Tong.”

Chen Yu immediately understood, it turned out that the living dead hadn’t given up on this unlucky Tong Chao.

“Isn’t it just devouring the living soul? You just have to prevent his soul from being stolen then.” Chen Yu said.

“The moment after death, a soul will still have vitality.” Jiang Hui reminded her. [T/N: I’m not really sure what this means]

Chen Yu’s expression instantly became grave, this thing has to be immediately killed, no matter what.

“Sometime ago, Young Master Tong was saved by Celestial Master Chen, but it was unknown why that monster always had his eyes on Young Master Tong.”

“Of course it’s because your family’s Young Master Tong’s birth is too good.” There weren’t many people who have spiritual power in their soul that were also born on a Yin date.

“What?” Jiang Hui didn’t understand.

“Nothing, continue, why did you search for me?” Chen Yu asked.

Jiang Hui said, “That monster is really dangerous, Celestial Master Chen, you’ve seen it already, if it really swallows Young Master Tong and transforms into something else, no one can deal with the consequences.”

In Chen Yu’s mind, the notes she had read last night immediately appeared: (Living Dead, also known as Living Zombie, is different from ordinary zombies in that they retain human intelligence along with their brutal nature. And every time they swallow a living soul, their power will also be significantly enhanced.)

Chen Yu hesitated for a bit before saying, “I don’t really have a way to help right now, my magic weapons and talismans are basically all used up already.”

“That’s not a problem.” Jiang Hui immediately said, “Please don’t hesitate to mention any magic weapons and talismans that you need, master has prepared a 10 million yuan budget to purchase them, we can also add more if it’s not enough.”

When he picked up Young Master Tong from Master Chen that day, Old Master discovered that Master Chen loves money.

Ten million???!

Chen Yu was so shocked that she staggered.

“What’s wrong, Celestial Master Chen?” Jiang Hui asked with concern.

“It’s okay, I just stepped on a pebble and tripped a bit.” Chen Yu forced herself to calm down and said, “Then, will you buy me what I need or should I buy it myself?”

“Both ways are okay.” Jiang Hui said.

Chen Yu lowered her head in thought, actually trying to suppress her excitement, ten million, ten million…

“In addition, if Celestial Master Chen’s willing to help, we will also prepare a labor cost of another ten million yuan.” Jiang Hui continued to wheedle her.

“I’ll go.” Chen Yu said in a righteous manner, “If this monster succeeds, wouldn’t it be a disaster for the world?”

“Celestial Master Chen is righteous.”

“Send me the money first, I have to buy some magic weapons and talismans.” Chen Yu said.

“May I ask what magic weapons and talismans that Celestial Master Chen needs? I have brought some with me…”

“The one I want to buy is specially designed and different from yours.” Chen Yu said, “My method is different, thus the talismans used are different too.”

“Understood. I’ll immediately transfer the money to you.” Old Master said that as long as Master Chen is willing to go, money is just a small matter.

Author’s NOTE:

Xishi: Ten million, it’s barely enough to pay me back.

Third Young Master: Don’t forget my 30%.

Xishi: I don’t like you anymore.

Third Young Master: What’s mine is yours…


LOL, Tong Chao got whooped! (≧∀≦)

OwO, Third Young Master, so sweet ah...

Wēi Wēi Yī Xiào Hěn Qīng Chéng ? / Love O2O is a chinese TV series btw.

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Believe It or Not, I Already Caught You

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