Baobei, Baobei

Chapter 26

Baobei was astounded. She would have never expected her first meeting with her future mother-in-law would happen under such … such … astounding circumstances.

The two were flirting throughout the entire journey. She even play-acted as a sheep and pretended that she had been led astray by Lecturer Jiang. Lecturer Jiang also played along; after all, role-playing was one way to add spice to a relationship.

Jiang Moxiu had made up his mind. He would go all the way tonight!

As for Baobei, when she was leaning on this man’s back just now, she had a sudden epiphany. Xia Tian said that whenever he embarked on an adventure, he would never think of returning alive. Baobei was thinking the same too. Tonight, since she had run off with Lecturer Jiang, she had never thought of returning alive … or rather, returning in one piece.

Hence, in the few minutes that they were waiting for the lift, they had started flirting with each other. They made out on the way up in the lift. Then, Jiang Moxiu performed a difficult move; he tried to continue the kiss and open the door at the same time. This time, as Baobei had wished, once the door opened, Lecturer Jiang carried her by the waist, then turned around, pushed her on the door and kissed her fervently.

Jiang Moxiu was getting turned on now, so he completely didn’t notice that the lights in his house had been turned on. As the saying goes, no matter how smart or capable a man was, once he was driven by his lust, his intelligence would fail.

“Oh!” A shriek sounded from inside the house, striking the two people by the door like a flash of lightning.

This … Jiang Moxiu’s hand had already clawed into Baobei’s clothes, and was placed on one of her plump bunnies. Just as his wolf claws opened up, he heard the shriek from behind him, and he didn’t know if he should continue to grab, or give up.

Having realised that someone else was in the house, Baobei lost all courage to raise her head. She directly buried her head in Jiang Moxiu’s chest.

Jiang Moxiu’s face was incredibly sullen! He forced himself to turn, and realised that the person who had cut off his happiness was actually their family’s dearest Empress Dowager!

Having chanced upon the happy moment for her son, Kong Luyao was also feeling wronged. She waved the ladle in her hand. “Our retired Emperor has ordered me to deliver supper to you.” When she saw the dark look on her son’s face, she felt wronged. "Actually, it wasn’t your dad who sent me here. It was me who missed you. Mom hasn’t seen you in close to three months.”

For a mother to say something like this, Jiang Moxiu could no longer feel unhappy anymore.

“Mom …” Jiang Moxiu massaged his throbbing temples. In actual fact, the most painful part of his body was somewhere else.

He sighed helplessly, but still remembered that he was holding someone in his hand. He put Baobei down, but she was still holding his collar tightly, refusing to look up.

How embarrassing!

And to think that it was Lecturer Jiang’s mother! Someone who was probably going to become her future mother-in-law! The first time they met, she actually almost performed a live sex scene with Lecturer Jiang!

How was she to face her?!

As the tension on her son’s face slowly faded, Kong Luyao immediately seized the opportunity and pointed at the child in Jiang Moxiu’s embrace. “Aren’t you going to introduce us?”

Jiang Moxiu caressed Baobei’s back to soothe her emotions. “Baobei, say hi to my mother.”

Kong Luyao waved the ladle in her hand, then placed her hands in front of her chest and looked expectantly at Baobei. She didn’t have a daughter, and as the two brothers grew up, she started dreaming of having one. Since she didn’t have the fortune of giving birth to a daughter, then she started to look forward to the day she would gain a daughter-in-law. She would pamper her and treat her like her daughter, go shopping with her, have meals with her, and even sew her a fitting cotton jacket.

The two Jiang brothers were aged twenty-seven and twenty respectively. Kong Luyao had her hopes up since the boys’ puberty began, but they had never brought a girl back home. Now, her elder son was actually caught in bed; or more accurately, caught in the act, and from his attitude, the other party seemed to be the someone he was seriously dating. Kong Luyao was overwhelmed with joy.

Thereafter, a classic scene happened. Baobei shifted her body, as if she was going to look up. Unexpectedly, she pulled her ponytail over her face, then sprinted as if she was on the run, into the bedroom. Bam! The door closed, and the sound of the door being locked sounded. Next, the mother and son heard a loud wail from the room.

Xia Baobei was feeling grief and indignation!

The mother and son pair looked speechlessly at each other for a moment.

“Oh, what’s wrong with her?”

“What do you think?” He asked helplessly.

“It’s not like I intended for this to happen.” As she mumbled, she averted her gaze from her son, even though she stole some glances at him.

Jiang Moxiu raised his head, and upon noticing his mother’s expression, he felt both angry and tickled. Kong Luyao’s glance was at the tent that had risen from her son’s pants. Pfft. She felt both awkward and curious.

“What are you looking at?” He removed his jacket and slung it over his arm. Jiang Moxiu might be a calm person, but facing his mother’s keen observation, he still felt somewhat embarrassed.

“Nothing.” Instinctively, she denied it, then later felt angry. “I looked at it! Don’t tell me I can’t look at it? It’s not like I haven’t seen it before. When you were young, I looked at it everyday. Not only did I look at it, I even played with it before!”


“What’s there to be embarrassed about in front of your mother?” Kong Luyan stepped forward and dragged her son in. As she thought about the majestic tent that she just saw, she was secretly proud. However, she was scared that her son might be angry, so she mumbled very softly, “That young lady will be so sex-tisfied.”

Immediately, Jiang Moxiu’s ears flushed.

“Why did you come?” This was what Jiang Moxiu wanted to know.

“When you left for your business trip, didn’t you hand the keys to Xiao Huang, asking him to get someone to clean the place for you regularly? I got the keys from him today. He must have forgotten to inform you.”

Jiang Moxiu gritted his teeth. The first thing that he’ll do after all these is to drag Xiao Huang out and give him a good beating; then shake him awake, and beat him up again!

After Kong Luyao replied Jiang Moxiu, she then remembered her purpose for coming, and got slightly worked up. “To think that you have the cheek to ask this. In the past, no matter how busy you were, I could at least see you once every two months. I was still glad that you had returned to the country, so I don’t have to fly over anymore. Yet, it’s like you’d never returned. You haven’t been home in three months to visit your dad and I! When you’d just returned, you were still unhappy with me just because I tried to matchmake you, so you stayed away. But this time, you stayed away for three months. Does this mean that you don’t want your mother anymore?”

The more Kong Luyao lashed out, the more aggrieved she felt.

In this word, there’s only one person we can offend. You can show her your displeasure, and you can throw tantrums at her. You can chide at her loudly, and even smash the bowls in her face. However, she’ll never bear a grudge. The reason was simple. She is your mother.

Jiang Moxiu had long forgotten about the matchmaking incident. However, a man in his twenties who had a busy career and a sweet relationship was bound to forget about going home. Granny Jiang had said this before; when a son grows up, it’s going to be as if he was gnawed away by the dogs. In future, they’ll set up their own families. If they are fortunate enough, they’ll meet a good wife and have filial children. She’ll take care of the feelings of both sides of the families, and when the elders start to age further, she’ll even bring her husband and children to visit the elderly regularly.

“Work has been busy.” Jiang Moxiu could only respond this way, even though he felt somewhat guilty when he said so.

“Work, work, work! When is your company ever not busy? Is money that important? Can you ever earn all the money in the world? Can you finish spending all the money that you earned?” There was a saying in the past: the Chiang family’s world was the Chen family’s party; the Song sisters were the wealth for the Kong family [1]. Even if the families later lost their position, a skinny camel was still larger than a horse; it was still much easier to start afresh. Kong Luyao had been born with a silver spoon; naturally, money wasn’t crucial to her. She had no lack of money, but she had never earned the money herself. To her, money was never important. Here, if the men around here were full of money talk, she would feel repulsed.

“Fine, fine! I’ll go back to visit you whenever I’m free! Don’t you dare say that I’m annoying when that happens.” Jiang Moxiu knew how to handle the situation. He had even thought up a plan; he would occasionally throw Mojie back to that big house. Mrs Jiang was in a love-hate relationship with her younger son; they seemed to be at loggerheads all the time. When Jiang Mojie was near her, she would definitely be so annoyed that she wouldn’t have time to think about him.

“That’s better.” As a woman who hadn’t gone through any hardships in life, she still had a young heart even though she was close to fifty. That’s good. She led a blissful life; at home, her father protected her well; later, she married a good husband from a powerful family. More importantly, he also protected her well, and did not get himself embroiled in all the dark and shady deals in the outside world. Now, her son had grown up too, and was a capable man who was on par with his father, and was also protective of his mother.

She then returned her thoughts to the little daughter-in-law that she still hadn’t met. She didn’t want to give up the chance to meet her. “That young lady …”

“Don’t see her today.” Jiang Moxiu patted his mother’s hand. “If she sees you now, she’ll be embarrassed to death.”

“Are you serious about her?” Kong Luyao asked her son carefully.

Jiang Moxiu nodded. “She’ll definitely be your daughter-in-law in future.”

He knew what his mother was worried about. Even though Kong Luyao wasn’t bothered by family backgrounds, she at least hoped that their backgrounds were somewhat similar, so that at least their lifestyle and opinions were somewhat similar. If her two sons found wives with ordinary family backgrounds, then it would be troublesome, as both parties would have to get used to each other, and even compromise or adapt to certain lifestyle habits and choices. However, if her sons ever found a woman like that, Kong Luyao would probably not object. No matter how troublesome, she placed her children’s happiness above lifestyle differences. She was just thinking that it would be great if there weren’t any such issues.

“How shameless! You might have decided on her, but she might not want to get married to you.” After she insulted him, she felt that the insult also threw shade at her, so she said, “However, it’s not that I want to boast about it, but I bet no woman in this world would ever be able to reject my son.”

Jiang Moxiu grinned. “She’s Mo San’s wife’s younger sister, Xia Baobei. She used to stay beside us when we were growing up. Do you remember her? You used to come to the US only during the first half of the year, but every time, you will go next door to play with Uncle Xia’s daughter. Mojie was even jealous because of this.”

Kong Luyao’s eyes shone when she heard his words. She reached out and pinched her son’s cheeks, her smile somewhat treacherous. She seemed to be quite satisfied with this future daughter-in-law of hers.

Leaving Baobei in the room alone to calm down, the mother and son chatted for a while longer, before Kong Luyao stood up to leave. Jiang Moxiu wanted to send her back, but she said that the chauffeur had been waiting downstairs. She then reminded her son to eat the warm supper on the stove.

Just before she left, she looked at the bag on the cabinet by the door, then looked at her son thoughtfully.

She held her tongue back, but eventually still gritted her teeth and said what she wanted to.

“My son, don’t use these things. If Baobei gets pregnant, let her give birth. If both of you think it’s troublesome, I’ll take care of the child for you.”

Jiang Moxiu didn’t understand her words, and it was only when his gaze fell upon the few boxes of Okamoto 003 that he finally realised what she was saying. At this moment, she wanted to learn Baobei’s way of responding, “Damn it! What child?!” However, he held himself back.

By the time Jiang Moxiu had sent his mother to her car and he returned to the apartment, close to twenty minutes had passed. Kong Luyao’s appearance had taken close to an hour. As he entered the house, he looked at the boxes of Okamoto 003 and smiled bitterly, as he thought inwardly, no matter how good the atmosphere was today, it seems like they couldn’t continue any further today.

After he took the spare keys to open up the bedroom door, he saw Baobei lying prone on the bed, acting like a corpse. He walked over, patted her butt, as he showed his pity silently.

“Don’t bother me.” A sob escaped from her.

“Don’t think so much, my mother likes you a lot.”


A small smile crept on Jiang Moxiu’s face. “Hurry up, go shower and sleep early tonight. Tomorrow, your classes start on the first two periods.”

Jiang Moxiu could only lament his predicament.

[1] 蒋家的天下陈家的党,宋家的姐妹孔家的财 - a reference to the Four Big Families during the Republic of China era. The four families, whose surnames were Chaing, Chen, Song and Kong, were responsible for much of China's management of finance, politics, economy, and law.

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