My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 26.3: Dawn of the Ceremony

The dawn awakened the slumbering Frostcloud Sect.

When Jing Yue stepped out of his room, the three patriarchs of Frostcloud Sect were already waiting outside. Seeing him, they immediately performed the disciple’s greetings.

Yi Ye, “Shizun, today is your initiation ceremony. This disciple and grand-disciples have prepared a few gifts for you. Please accept them.”

Jing Yue smiled and said, “Then I have to see what it is?”

Yi Ye nodded at Liu Yun, and the other party stepped forward with a jade box.

Liu Yun, “Zushi, this is the Mirror of Evasion, which can block a full blow from a Return to Void cultivator. I hope Zushi can accept it.”

Jing Yue knew that Liu Yun was worried about his low cultivation base, and if he encountered an enemy and could not escape in time, he could use the item. He accepted the gift and said, “You’re too considerate.”

Liu Feng followed up with her gift, which was a Sumeru Ring.

Although the phrase ‘a tiny mustard seed could accommodate a huge Sumeru Mountain’ originated from a line in the Buddhist scripture, it had long been accepted by the cultivation world. The Sumeru Ring was a completely independent space, similar to a Qiankun pouch, but the former could hold living things.

Jing Yue scanned the ring with his divine consciousness and found that a small spirit mine was stored in it.

“… Very well. You’re very thoughtful.”

Liu Feng stepped down with a smile.

Finally, Yi Ye presented a wooden box.

Jing Yue explored with his divine consciousness. There was a book in the box, and also a jade token. His eyes widened suddenly. “That jade token is…”

Yi Ye, “You gave it to second-shixiong. There is also a manuscript that recorded second-shixiong’s cultivation insight. I know he has always wanted you to see it.”

Jing Yue’s eyes darkened.

His second disciple, Yi Wang, was the most talented among his disciples. No, it could even be said that he was the most talented among all the people he had seen in his previous life. It only took Yi Wang three thousand years to attain the Return to Void stage. If not for the Yao Catalyst, Yi Wang would most probably enter the Tribulation Passage stage in less time than himself.

Despite that, during the great battle of the Yao Catalyst, Yi Wang managed to kill the Yao Saint with his Return to Void cultivation level, saving the human race from the calamity that might have befallen them!

Jing Yue was very proud, but also very heartbroken.

Although his eldest disciple, Yi Nian, also perished during the battle, he had left offspring, and his relatives and descendants were well taken care of by Frostcloud Sect, which continued to this day. Yi Wang, on the other hand, was originally an orphan and had suffered during childhood, so much that he became cold and aloof, used to being alone.

Yi Wang had neither disciples nor family members, only a sword that never left his side. But once he died, there was no longer any trace of it in the world.

Jing Yue took out the jade token from the box. It was only half the size of a fist. Back then, he carved it and gave it to Yi Wang, and since then, Yi Wang had been wearing it.

It felt cold to the touch and the chill flowed directly into his heart.

But many years ago, it had been warmed by Yi Wang’s body.

Jing Yue looked at the lines on the jade token and was startled for a moment. “Why is there an extra inscription?”

—Sword from my heart, I offer my body to the sword. (剑出我心,以身祭剑)

He remembered that there were only the first four characters on the jade token.

Yi Ye, “Second-shixiong carved it later. He said he had new enlightenment in his swordsmanship.”

Jing Yue took the manuscript and flipped through it. It seemed that Yi Wang wanted to create a new sword technique, and it had already taken shape.

Generally speaking, no matter how precious a sword was, it was nothing but an inert object at first. But as the cultivator and the sword continued to merge, refine, and grow, it would gradually develop a sword consciousness, then sword spirit, and finally evolved into sword soul.

It was almost impossible to find a sword that had conceived a sword soul even in ten thousand years, and the person who owned them must be a master of swordsmanship. Barring any accidents, the path of Dao could be expected.

Yi Wang’s idea was a brand new perception about swordsmanship—when the cultivator had attained the Absolute-level of Amethyst Abode stage, they need to breach the Amethyst Abode, reconstruct the physical body, blend the sword spirit with the spiritual energy of heaven and earth and refine it in the Dantian. On this basis, the cultivator could start the cultivation practice from scratch, forge the Heavenly Grotto without any hindrance and awaken the sword soul.


Jing Yue could not help but praise.

Yi Wang was indeed a rare genius in the past ten thousand years. Without imitating his predecessors, he created a unique path of his own and presented another possibility for the next generations!

It was a great pity that the sword technique was not yet perfected but the creator was no more…

Jing Yue could almost see the disfigured child he had brought back with the pair of lonely and indifferent eyes again. There was a twinge of sorrow in his heart that could hardly be suppressed.

The last page of the manuscript contained eight words: One Dao of Swordsmanship, there is no ultimatum. (剑之一道,没有终极)

He closed the manuscript and kept it properly.

Jing Yue, “Let’s go. It’s getting late.”

Yi Ye, “Shizun, you know that our sect prohibits flying unless there’s an emergency. But if you don’t fly in from the sky today during the initiation ceremony, it would seem less imposing, so…”

With a wave of his hand, a bunch of magical flying artifacts appeared in mid-air.

Yi Ye, “Why don’t you choose one?”

Jing Yue, “…”

—A broom, a rag, a wooden bucket, a carrying pole, dice…??

Imagine if he entered the stage with such magical items, the picture was too beautiful that he could not bear to watch it.

Jing Yue knew that Yi Ye did not do it on purpose, because Yi Ye’s own flying magical item was a washboard, only he mostly used his sword as a flying instrument while outside that he was able to maintain his image of a superior being.

However, he really could not accept Yi Ye’s kind intentions. Perhaps only the blue phoenix could understand him.

“I want the broom! Jing-jing, choose the broom quickly! That’s a wizard’s mount! Ji-ji wants to sit on a broom!”

Jing Yue, “… Thank you for your kindness. I’ll handle it myself.”

Yi Ye, “But Shizun, you can’t mount your sword yet?”

Jing Yue gave him an expression of incredulity before looking up at the sky silently.

The sky was washed in clear blue and spiritual birds soared with wings spread wide, gliding like traces of white mists. Jing Yue blew a whistle and the birds seemed to be summoned, swarming in groups towards Whitefog Summit and fell next to his feet obediently, bodies slightly inclined.

Blue phoenix, who had recovered its ‘former beauty’, stood on Jing Yue’s shoulders, raising its chicken head arrogantly. Although it was dissatisfied that Jing-jing gave up the broom, but at the moment, all the spiritual birds bowed down to it, so it was still acceptable.

Seeing the blue phoenix’s silly narcissistic look, the corner of Yi Ye’s eyes twitched.

Jing Yue finally chose the celestial crane closest to him, sat on its back, and touched its head.

The celestial crane shrilled loudly with a stretch of its neck, flapped its wings and soared into the sky, and the other spiritual birds followed closely behind.

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