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Chapter 26.1: Perfume

After Cao Qian calmed down, Xing Ye urged her to leave the boys bathroom. It wouldn’t be good if someone else saw the school’s famous rich kid being kabedon’ed against the boys bathroom wall by a girl. Although it was a bit embarrassing for Xing Ye to have been pushed against the wall by a girl, generally speaking, rumors would always hurt a girl’s reputation more.

The two climbed the ladder to the rooftop. This was different from the stairs to the rooftops in manga. Here, the ladder was embedded in the wall and extended up. It was probably only meant for the maintenance crew. However, Cao Qian just lightly leaped and nimbly ascended to the rooftops. Not to be outdone, Xing Ye also jumped on the windowsill and scaled the ladder. Luckily, his agility wasn’t bad and he didn’t make a fool of himself.

“This place is a bit quieter. Normal students wouldn’t climb up such a dangerous ladder so the only ones that can come up here are the maintenance people and players.” Xing Ye said, “Now I’m kind of curious, is your true gender a man or a woman?”

“You can’t tell?” Cao Qian pointed at her chest.

Xing Ye fell silent. His chest in the previous world was even bigger than Cao Qian’s, but he was still a man!

“It’s nothing, I was just wondering since you seemed rather natural about being in the boys bathroom.” Xing Ye explained.

“Don’t talk about useless stuff like that,” Cao Qian directly sat on the floor and took out a music score, “I found the official music score online and discovered there were sixteen different notes. I was just about to go to the music room to verify it when I heard you destroyed the piano.”  

There were eighteen different notes… Xing Ye was very skeptical about Cao Qian’s actual strength. Somebody with 200,000 points shouldn’t be this weak.

“I almost went mad from flipping through them,” Cao Qian grabbed her hair, “I’d rather do the thing with the human head than this.”

Xing Ye: “Calm down for a sec. Your starting skill and only special ability are both useless in a supernatural world like this, we should both take our time making a decision. Soon, there will be more players coming to sound me out. You...”

Xing Ye paused and Cao Qian asked, “What about me?”

Xing Ye’s face was calm: “There’s something patting my back. You didn’t see anyone, right?”

Cao Qian was currently sitting in front of Xing Ye and stood up, walking a circle around him, “There’s nobody and it doesn’t seem to fear me.”

“Looks like these hands are really something,” Xing Ye said thoughtfully, “The other few legends all happen at night but the ‘someone patting your shoulder’ legend’s not limited by time. If the ghost can appear during the day, it should be the strongest one. But right now, it doesn’t seem to have any danger and just scares people. The human head’s request is still more urgent. If we can’t find the human head after three days, all I can do is kill Wu Yu and give his head for now.”

Cao Qian: “Why Wu Yu?”

Xing Ye added her on WeChat and forwarded her a screenshot showing what Wu Yu tried to do to the teacher. Cao Qian’s hand trembled with anger as she clutched her phone, directly shouting: “What are we waiting for, scum like this should just be killed!”

“Don’t be so rash, he has somebody behind him,” Xing Ye stopped Cao Qian, “With how impulsive you are, how did you get 200,000 points before?”

Wants luck but has none, wants to scheme yet can’t scheme, and also too hot tempered.

“I had a teammate,” Cao Qian said, “We were matched together in the novice world and the black and white rubix cube let us add each other as friends. I got to 200,000 points with him and also knew him in real life. After adding each other as friends, we could enter the same world. He was smarter than me and I was better at fighting than him so we worked well together.

But after Cao Qian killed herself and got reset to the novice world, they didn’t continue to team up together here in the melee world. There should be a story behind that but Xing Ye wasn’t interested in it.

What he was interested in was that Cao Qian got teammates in the novice world while he had to 1v3.

During this time, Xing Ye’s gang wasn’t idle either. They were shadowing Wu Yu and Cao Qian the whole time. When Xing Ye checked his phone now, he found that somebody actually told him Cao Qian had gone into the boys bathroom. Unfortunately, he had been too preoccupied by the ghost patting his back to check his phone.

“You guys don’t have to tail Cao Qian anymore, just focus on Wu Yu.” Xing Ye posted in the group chat.

“This afternoon, Wu Yu went to the resource room,” Xing Ye told Cao Qian as he read the text, “The resource room has all the student profiles since the school was founded, in both digital and paper copies. He should’ve gone to investigate any unexpected student deaths.”

“Then let’s go!” Cao Qian hastily stood up.

“No rush,” Xing Ye pulled her, “The resource room is unlikely to have much information. At most, they’ll find a few students with blank files. They would then have to slowly search through all the files for more information, so it’d just be a waste of time for us to go there. There’s still two and a half days until we have to return the human head, plenty of time so we don’t have to rush. Tonight, we’ll go to room 404.”

“This school doesn’t have a room 404, did you find it?” Cao Qian asked.

Xing Ye nodded: “But I can’t tell you for now. We can talk more about it at night.”

Cao Qian didn’t continue to ask and changed the topic: “Then what will we do in the meantime?”

She really was used to listening to others. Xing Ye said: “We’ll lure out the last two players.”

After leaving the rooftop, Xing Ye continued to stroll around campus. In addition to drawing out the other players, he was also searching the corridors for a crying Mona Lisa painting.

The happily hopping human head, the piano playing Cock Robin by itself, and an unknown existence that would pat his shoulder during the day. Rather than making the plot clearer, the three legends he encountered thus far only made it more confusing.

There should be a plot behind all the legends, or perhaps they would merge when he learned more about them. The whole mission couldn’t be completely reliant on finding and returning the human head.

Xing Ye had already walked around the teaching building yesterday. Although there were plenty of motivational quotes painted along the corridors, there were no portraits. Whether it was the administration building, library, or both the male and female dormitories, there was simply no decorations hung along the walls.

Xing Ye stood in a corridor on the third years’ floor and looked at a famous quote: “Little knowledge makes a man arrogant, great knowledge makes a man humble.”

This was a very normal quote like the other scattered around the school, encouraging students to learn more. The only difference was that the original speaker of the quote is Leonardo Da Vinci -- the creator of “Mona Lisa’s Slight Smile”.

The quote was right across from the third years’ class 3. Xing Ye stuck his head in and looked around the classroom. The students were all self-studying. On the blackboard, the words ‘COLLEGE EXAMS ARE ONLY 7 DAYS AWAY’ were scrawled in big letters.

College exams...

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