My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 26.1: The New Patriarch?

Jing Yue shed all his pretenses.

Everyone was astounded and the two wardens shouted in shock, “Who are you!”

But Liu Tianhao, who came with Warden Chen, trembled in his heart. “It’s you!”

He recognized him! This person was Jing Yue who entered the sect together with him!

Jing Yue smiled cheerfully and said, “It’s me. Are you surprised? Are you shocked?”

Liu Tianhao’s eyes were full of horror and a bad premonition welled up in his heart. He could not forget the spectacular visions in Frostcloud Sect that day, and he had reasons to suspect that the occurrence was related to the person in front of him!

The others knew that something was wrong too, especially when they noticed that Jing Yue was already a level-3 Qi Refining cultivator at such a young age, and became more uncertain at that.

Warden Wang was so nervous that his mind launched a spell in his stunned daze. A green light flashed through the gaps of the prison cell and was about to hit Jing Yue!

Liu Tianhao shouted, “No!!”

But he was too late. He watched helplessly as Jing Yue pulled out a bell and shook it gently.

A clear chime of the bell rang and a translucent shield appeared around Jing Yue, completely absorbing the spell.

The next moment, a huge and oppressive force enveloped the entire dungeon. Under the heavy pressure, Warden Wang spat mouthfuls of blood and slumped on the floor, his limbs twisted in weird angles as if the bones were crushed.

Warden Chen was shaking like a leaf. “Patr… patri…”

Whitefog Summit.

Yi Ye slowly opened his eyes from his meditation, tweaked his fingers in divination, and sneered, “Impudent fool, you’re courting death!”

Bluecloud Summit.

Wei Tianli was having a discussion with several elders. Suddenly, his movements halted, a killing intent flashed across his eyes, and he disappeared from the spot instantly.

At the same time, all the disciples of Frostcloud Sect also felt the pressure from the patriarch. However, since it was not directed at them, only the lowest-ranking disciples felt a little uncomfortable.

Despite that, when the patriarch was angry, everyone in Frostcloud Sect panicked.

The guests currently staying in the sect were shocked as well, speculating what had happened in Frostcloud Sect that caused the patriarch to lose his temper?

In the dungeons, Jing Yue slowly kept the bell.

He was just a level-3 Qi Refining cultivator, so of course he had to prepare a safety charm in advance. This bell was used to summon helpers.

The stunned Warden Chen stared at Jing Yue blankly. Who was this person?! Why… Suddenly, a ridiculous thought flashed in his mind—One year ago, someone had joined under the Zushi and Patriarch Yi Ye had a new Shidi…

No! Impossible!!

Warden Chen screamed in terror and passed out!

At this moment, the ground had collapsed. No matter how stupid they were, by this time, they already realized that they had provoked someone who should not be offended, and they plunged into cold despair.

Suddenly, there was a flurry of movements before their eyes and four people appeared in the dungeon.

The Sect Leader!

Patriarch Liu Feng!

Patriarch Liu Yun!

And… Patriarch Yi Ye!

Yi Ye hurried towards Jing Yue. Without any movements from him, the prison door before him instantly twisted and deformed, opening a huge gap in the center. The handcuffs on Jing Yue’s wrists also broke apart instantly.

“Shizun…di ahh! You’ve suffered!”

Yi Ye hugged Jing Yue tightly, the heartbroken expression on his face made it difficult for people to look directly at him. Wei Tianli, Liu Feng, and Liu Yun twitched their lips at that sight.

As for the others, they had no time to pay attention to Yi Ye’s ruined image as if he was possessed. They were stunned by the honorific that came from the patriarch’s mouth…


Could it be that the new patriarch of Frostcloud Sect was Jing Shan, who had been imprisoned by them, accused with numerous allegations, and was about to be eradicated of his cultivation base and expelled from the sect?

The answer was right before their eyes because they saw the other two patriarchs and the sect leader paying their respects to Jing Shan. Everyone was scared out of their wits!

Yi Ye scrutinized Jing Yue’s body carefully before he breathed a sigh of relief and prepared to take him away.

Wei Tianli said, “Patriarch, how should we deal with these people?”

Without stopping, Yi Ye’s voice dropped to a freezing point, “What’s the use of keeping people who deceive the master and destroy the ancestors? Kill them.”

Liu Feng and Liu Yun also said, “That should be the way.”

Wei Tianli clasped his hands. “I obey!”

And so, the fates of Liu Tianhao and the rest were announced ruthlessly.

“No! No way! I don’t want to die!”

“I’m willing to eradicate my cultivation base! I’ll go home and fulfill my filial duties!”

“I admit my mistake! I beg the patriarch for forgiveness!”

“Sect Leader, please have mercy!”

The swish of the sword was heard and the dungeon fell silent once again.

As soon as Jing Yue stepped out of the dungeon, he saw a little yellow chicken flapping its wings and flew right into his arms.

Blue phoenix said coquettishly, “Big baddie, I miss you so much.”

Jing Yue, “… Why didn’t you accompany me in the dungeon then?”

Blue phoenix froze and glanced around guiltily. “I am… that is… there’s a barrier around the dungeon and I can’t get in.”

Jing Yue, “Uh-huh.”

Could he not guess?

Recently, there was an influx of cultivators in Frore City, and many of them were famous for their abilities. This had provided a lot of material for the bookstores in the city, and new books were produced in the market one after another.

Blue phoenix was utterly immersed to the point of not eating and sleeping, so how could it remember him? Even the words that left its mouth were full of slang.

Jing Yue, “Just now, in the dungeon, your favorite ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ scene was played. It’s such a pity that you’re not around to watch it. Haiyaa…”

Blue phoenix: !!!

So sad! Wanna cry!


That day, Jing Yue returned to Whitefog Summit with Yi Ye. Two days later, different rumors started to circulate in Frostcloud Sect.

Most of it mentioned that the Noble faction and Primary faction had made Patriarch Yi Ye angry. As a result, Warden Wang, Warden Chen and a few accompanying disciples were executed. As for the reasons, there were rumors that they had slandered innocent disciples, or they had harmed fellow disciples, or they did some nasty things that damaged the reputation of Frostcloud Sect in front of other clans.

The high-ranking officials from the Noble faction and Primary faction were equally confused. All of them knew what Warden Wang and Warden Chen were going to do that day, but they were merely accusing a junior disciple of committing some crimes, so why was Patriarch Yi Ye involved? They were on tenterhooks for a long while, fearing that Patriarch Yi Ye would pursue the matter, but nothing happened.

Despite that, no one relaxed their vigilance. They guessed that maybe because the ceremony was just around the corner and Patriarch Yi Ye ignored it for the time being but would follow up after the event. Therefore, the three factions were well-behaved like never before, hoping to earn some brownie points.

In the dormitory, Liang Yuan and Shi Nian discussed this matter too. When Jing Shan was taken away that day, they tried getting help from a Shixiong from the Civilian faction, hoping to get Jing Shan out, but the response they got was disappointing. The other party even warned them not to be nosy.

Yu Xiaobao was silent the whole time. Even though his brother had not been dealt with yet, his heart was still heavy. He vaguely guessed that this matter was related to Jing Shan and the truth of it must be something quite inconceivable.

Perhaps, the tri-faction situation was about to change…

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