Pampered Fei: Brimming with Cuteness

Chapter 259 - Where Do I Stand?

Why is this familiar?

Right, in Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber, Zhou Zhiruo had asked Zhang Wuji the same question. There are three women who loved her, so they asked him where they stand in his heart.

However, she was the person that was asked the question this time. Qian Duoduo found it to be very strange.

She lowered her head and carefully considered this, making the fairest decision.

“It’s hard to say for Fourteen. Look at how harmless his smiles are, but he’s actually a wolf in disguise. He’s black-bellied and he’s shameless. Originally, I thought he’s easily bullied, so I got some silvers from him. Who knew that in the blink of an eye, he silently got all his silvers back and even more. I ended up suffering a double loss instead… Is there something wrong with your heads? You guys treat this stingy man like a God, worshipping him… You don’t know about his shameless times. If you guys saw him being shameless, you guys would definitely clutch your chests and cry.”

Qian Duoduo muttered this and talked badly about Long Muchen. But her eyes were sparkling like the stars.

That was the look of a happy woman.

However, Qian Duoduo didn’t think so. She was thinking about how Long Muchen was “bullying” herself and talking about “eating her up.”

He thinks that she’s Wangzai Milk? He could eat her as he wished?!

Long Yintian curled the corner of his lips up and smiled. “Fourteen has triumphed in every battle and was known as the Passionate War God. That was no lie. Maybe he would only reveal that side you speak of to you.”

Qian Duoduo humphed. Long Yintian was his nephew, so he obviously spoke for him.

“As for Long Yutian, I don’t harbor good feelings for him. I’m a weak woman that was forced to marry him. I’m already quite miserable. Not only doesn’t he pity me, he still thinks of ways to torment me. He threw me to Ninghui Pavilion without a care for my life. Four, you don’t know but there are 38 bricks in my room that are broken. In the beginning, I was eating leftovers and I picked out rotten food from within! Not only this, he would always get a woman to do the deed in front of me every night. He even hit me because of Zhu Sisi...Humph. This Lady doesn’t hold grudges, otherwise, he’ll have it in the future!”

Long Yintian secretly sighed. You’re clearly holding a grudge. You even remembered the leftover food and bricks. Poor Third Brother. In the future, you will live a worrisome life!

However, Qian Duoduo was a woman that expressed her feelings freely. Since Third Brother did this to her, it was fated that he’ll be excluded from her heart. Even if he changed his mind right now and slowly had feelings towards Qian Duoduo, Qian Duoduo would think he had an ulterior motive and be restless.

“How about me?” Long Yintian thought of himself and felt nervous.

Qian Duoduo moved her butt and sat next to Long Yintian. Like the gaze of a X-Ray, she looked him up and down.

“Four, speaking the truth, I quite dislike you in the beginning. I don’t even know you and you started off by mocking me. However, this Lady says that I won’t put myself on the same level as a child. Plus, after slowly getting to know you, I noticed that you’re quite cute and bright. You’re also innocent and generous, not like those Princes who schemed a lot. Therefore, I forgive you for being disrespectful to me.”

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