Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 259 - The Wastrel's Counterattack (21)

Because of Su Rui’s unbelievable advancement, the battle in Meite City had ended earlier. The four big families ordered people to unceasingly clean up the battlefield. By the time the royal family’s assisting army actually arrived, the city had become quiet and clean again.

The atmosphere in the city was enthusiastic and ardent. Even more, Su Residence was a place with many visitors. It was extremely lively.

The leader of the assisting army sent by the royal family was royal family summoners’ academy’s middle grade academic advisor, Yun Fan. He was also Yun Ling’s uncle. Ever since he heard from his niece about Master Su and found out that such a charming person was hidden in this city, Yun Fan was excited. It was as if money had fallen from the sky! As long as he summoned him into the academy, he’d definitely be doing great service. The dean would be really happy with him and he’d be another step closer to being promoted!

As Yun Fan thought about his future and brought a group of students to visit the Su Family, he was suddenly informed that Master Su was meditating and accepted no visitors!

Yun Fan was speechless.

He went to meditate just after advancing? This made no sense!

“Cough, Teacher Yun.”

Seeing that Yun Fan seemed to doubt Su Family’s words and was about to barge inside Su Zhan’s courtyard, Xiao Yan couldn’t help but take a step forward since he knew about the situation in the Su Family. He leaned in Yun Fan’s ears and exclaimed in a low voice.

What was the so-called meditation? In Meite City, however, it was no secret anymore.

Hearing Xiao Yan’s words, Yun Fan stood there flabbergasted.

Nani. Please forgive him for being ignorant. This was the first time Yun Fan had heard that a person could advance just by having sex after living for a very long time. Even more, he was able to advance so quickly at that!

“Mn, okay. Since your master is...uh, meditating, I’ll come visit another day!”

Yun Fan awkwardly left with the group of people he brought. While leaving, he coincidentally encountered Su Wu and Su Qing who just came back from training outside.

In the original plot, Yun Fan was the one that came to assist as well. With his intelligence, he discovered Su Wu, the future genius. Unfortunately, because his mind was on Su Zhan, he didn’t notice the female lead and brushed past her.

Meanwhile, Xiao Yan’s gaze brightened upon seeing Su Wu. He hesitated and wanted to walk forth to talk to her. Unfortunately, Su Wu had been chatting to Su Qing and didn’t see the male lead, brushing past him.

Xiao Yan was speechless.

Up until the group of people left did Su Qing stop to look at Su Wu. “That was Master Xiao, right? I think he wanted to talk to you.”

Su Qing had a meticulous heart. He had long noticed that Xiao Yan had words to say.

“Xiao Yan? I have nothing to talk to him about.”

Su Wu couldn’t help but shrug her shoulders hearing Su Qing’s words.


Su Qing nodded quietly hearing Su Wu’s words. After a while of interaction, Su Qing and the others gradually mingled with the Su Family. Some of the summoners in the family originally looked down upon them and even called their training grounds a “wastrel camp.” But in this bestial tide, everyone had done their very best. Right now, Su Qing was at the peak of grade eight summoner and Su Wu had long advanced to a grade seven summoner.

They weren’t wastrels anymore. They were summoners that were respected.

After this battle where they fought alongside, the disciples in the Su family gradually accepted them. No one looked down on them anymore.

Although compared to Su Zhan’s genius-like personality, Su Qing knew that he was far from them. But at least he got to start a new life...

The two walked shoulder to shoulder and they subconsciously walked to Su Rui’s courtyard.

“Xiao Wu, my darling!”

A huge figure pounced at her. Su Wu was caught unexpectedly and almost fell on the ground due to Little White’s weight. Thankfully, Su Qing reacted quickly and caught her.

“Are you okay?”

Su Qing looked at Su Wu worriedly. Su Wu helplessly laughed. “I’m fine. Little White, you’ve gotten heavier!”

Little White was speechless.

This divine beast has been shunned? Wait, I think I’m paying attention to the wrong point. Who was this attractive young man? Why is he standing so close to my darling? He even dared to put his hand on her waist?

“Who are you?”

Little White walked to the side and stared at Su Qing unfriendly.

Su Qing was speechless.

Everyone in the Su Residence knew that the master had raised a pet that could talk. Su Qing was confused seeing how unfriendly Little White was towards him. “I’m Su Qing. You’re Little White!”

Su Qing?

Little White heard his words and looked at him a bit confusedly. Why was his name so familiar?

He seems...


Little White suddenly lifted his paws and shouted, “You’re master’s love rival!”

Love rival...

Su Qing felt embarrassed. Meanwhile, Su Wu looked interestedly at Su Qing. “Hm? Brother Su Qing, you like Sister Su Wan?”

“No, no. That’s not it. We’re actually… we’re just...neighbors.”

Su Qing panicked and tried explaining, his face flushing in the process.

Meanwhile, Su Wu couldn’t help but laugh. “No wonder elder brother wants me in your group!”

Su Qing was even more embarrassed hearing Su Wu’s words.

Everyone knew about Master Su’s thoughts. Su Wu was also speechless with her elder brother’s plan.

Love and friendship were different. Even if they interacted every day, if either parties didn’t have any feelings for the other, then everything was useless...

Su Wu could tell that Su Qing still liked Su Wan. Even if he buried his feelings deeply, Su Wu with a sharp gaze could still detect it.

This kind of man was actually rare. Unfortunately, he wasn’t her style...

Residence, bedroom.

Although Su Rui was inside the room, he could hear everything going on in the residence.

He wasn’t surprised with Yun Fan’s arrival. In the original plot, “Su Zhan” hadn’t advanced to a grade one summoner yet because he didn’t recover his actual memories. In the end, he naturally followed Yun Fan and Su Wu and Xiao Yan into the royal family summoners’ academy. In the academy, he had always done his best to protect his sister. His relationship with Su Wu became better and better. This caused him to still love Su Wu even after he recovered his memories a year later. He was able to leave Orinda Country at that time. With his cultivation, he would have rarely any opponents on the entire Dongchan, mainland. But for the woman he loved, he actually chose to be a quiet grade one summoner. He accompanied and protected her the entire time. Up until Su Wu and Xiao Yan got together, he still blessed them under the name of her brother...

The synonyms for devoted male supporting lead were retards and miserable...

“What are you thinking?”

Su Wan gently leaned against Su Rui and softly exclaimed. Hearing his wife’s voice, Su Rui’s gaze dimmed and then he laughed. “I’m thinking that I’m a demon. But I’ve made a contract with Little White. What do you think he’d do once he figures out I’m a demon one day?”


Su Wan blinked her eyes hearing Su Rui’s words. In the original plot, Su Zhan had kept his identity hidden for love. He made sure no one found out but what about now?

At the very least, the king of magical beasts in the division had figured out his true identity.

“Even if he knows you’re a demon, there’s nothing he can do.”

Su Wan knew about Little White’s personality. He was a foodie. Everyone was good in his eyes as long as they fed him~

Su Rui laughed hearing Su Wan’s words. He lowered his head and kissed the corner of her eyes. “Wife, father is going to help us set up a wedding in a few days. I’m so happy that I get to marry you again.”

Su Wan was speechless.

He really enjoys getting married. General Su, you’re becoming cuter and cuter.

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