Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 268 - Competition of Sugar Daddies not Acting Skills (7)

While the major magazines were reporting Su Wan terminating her contract with Xinyu Entertainment and guessing which company she set her eyes on next, Apple Daily Magazine suddenly published an intimate picture between Su Wan and Ye Shaoqun. The two were really close to one another and they looked really happy. What people cared about most was that Su Wan had worn a red dress during the news conference while Ye Shaoqun also wore a body of red. It was really hard to not think that they were dressing up as a couple.

Now that she had her hands on Master Ye, she ditches her old company!

Apple Daily Newspaper’s headlines cut straight to the chase. The content included ridicule towards Su Wan relying on Xinyu and Lu Jun since debuting, thus why she had such a successful path. But after she was dumped by Lu Jun, she quickly caught her hands on the well-known Ye Shaoyun within the entertainment circle. Even more, without a care for her past relationships, she terminated her contract with Xinyu unilaterally.

In short, Apple Daily Newspaper reported Su Wan’s ‘crimes!’

“Sister Wan, did you check the newspaper?”

When Wu Tong called over, Su Wan had just woken up. She picked up her call in a daze. As she wore her clothes, she asked, “What happened?”

“Apple Daily Newspaper published a picture of you and Ye Shaoqun. The internet is in an uproar right now. There is also a group of bots online that is constantly spreading rumors of you cheating on Lu Jun with Ye Shaoqun while you two were still in a relationship.”


Su Wan wore her clothes and looked at her face through the mirror. Thank goodness, she still looked good bare without makeup.

In this world, she was finally older than General Su for once. Su Wan flet a lot of pressure. This was love between an older woman and a younger man. It won’t look good if she appeared old.

“Wu Tong, I recall your girlfriend sells makeup. Do you have any good sheet masks to recommend me?”

Wu Tong was speechless.

Sister Wan, are you sure you’re okay?

Sheet mask? You’re in the mood to put on a sheet mask? We finally saved our reputation and image, and it’s going to be ruined just like this.

“Sister Wan, should we…”

“Wu Tong.”

Su Wan interrupted Wu Tong’s words. “You’ve been with me for a decade or so. Don’t you know the entertainment circle? You’ll have to withstand the same amount of praise and slander in this circle. Your Sister Wan, I have the heart of a tomboy even though I look like a goddess. Just relax. Take this time to spend some time with your girlfriend. We’re going to be busy soon!”

After all, an outsider can see things more objectively. Su Wan always treated herself as this world’s bystander. In her eyes, the reason why the original body, Su Wan, had gotten herself such a tragic ending wasn’t just because of Lu Jun’s schemes but more so her mental states. She couldn’t endure the setbacks and only wanted to take a shortcut. But how are there so many shortcuts in this world?

After hanging up, Su Wan freshened up and turned to the kitchen to make breakfast. Before she could finish eating, another call came. This time, it was an unknown number.

Su Wan hesitated before answering.

“Little Su Wan, save me!”

Ye Shaoqun’s howling voice rang from the phone, “Where are you right now? I’m coming. Tell my elder brother that there’s really nothing between us. I vowed that I never held any thoughts towards you. But my elder brother doesn’t believe me. He’s going to put me on house arrest!”

Su Wan was speechless.

She almost forgot that there was the eldest master Ye in the Ye Family. He was a military official!

“Su Wan, right? Hello! I’m Ye Shaoning.”

At this time, an indifferent and deep male voice rang from the phone. Even though she couldn’t see him, she could imagine Ye Shaoning must be standing up straight wearing a serious expression.

“Hello brother Ye! You’ve seen the news right? Apple Daily Newspaper is just making this up. Brother Ye, please don’t mind this. Second brother Ye just greeted me that day.”

Su Wan thought that she still needed to explain this because Ye Shaoning was a simple-minded person.

“I understand. I’ll communicate with that magazine company through my own means. As for my second brother, he is in serious trouble. Miss Su, don’t mind me. Oh. My third brother also wants me to bring a message. He wants you to wait three days for him. He’d definitely be back in three days!”

Then Ye Shaoning hung up without hesitation.

Su Wan didn’t know what to say. Big brother, you’re quick and swift as expected. You’re really the role model for soldiers...

Ye Family’s courtyard.

Once Ye Shaoning who was wearing a military uniform hung up, he looked at his younger brother with a solemn gaze. “There’s no use calling Miss Su. If the newspaper hadn’t published a picture yesterday, I wouldn’t have known that you disobeyed a military order to mingle around with a model in International Hotel. Ye Shaoqun, you’ve done more than I expected!”

Ye Shaoqun was speechless.

Disobeying a military order? You’re treating me like your soldiers?

Look at you. No wonder you couldn’t find a girlfriend even though you’re in your thirties. You must be jealous of me. I, second master Ye, is elegant and refined, with beautiful women surrounding me.

“I know what you’re thinking. Don’t think that everyone is jealous of you.”

Ye Shaoning glanced at his brother before rolling his sleeves up.

Ye Shaoqun said, “Brother, you’re my brother! What are you doing? Just put me on house arrest! Put me on house arrest for three days. No, a week is fine too.”

“Protest ineffective!”

Ye Shaoning lifted his hand and dragged Ye Shaoqun over by his sleeves. “Let’s go to the training room on the second floor. Let me see if your combat skills have a fallback or not. I’ll only combat with one hand. If you can’t win me, you can’t leave!”

Ye Shaoqun was speechless.

Am I going to be sentenced to life imprisonment?

Third brother, come back soon~ I can’t endure all of this~

Su Wan naturally didn’t know about the ‘tragic’ experiences Ye Shaoqun was going through. From the call, it seemed like Ye Shaoning was going to settle accounts with Apple Daily Magazine. She immediately lit up a single candle for the company. Soldiers were quick and decisive. Even more, Ye Shaoning was the role model. They’ll be meeting their end.

It seems like she didn’t need to do anything this time. Instead, she threw Apple Daily Magazine to the back of her mind and thought about her next steps.

She’d deal with Lu Jun for sure but what about Ye Liu?

Since Lu Jun wanted to make Ye Liu’s dream of becoming a film empress come true, then she’ll ruin his plans.

Besides being wealthy, Lu Jun’s biggest gold finger was his rebirth. He thinks that he’s super because he understands the plot?

Su Wan knew more than him, okay?

Let us use our gold fingers and see what will happen in the future.

After two peaceful days, Apple Daily Magazine had already announced bankruptcy before Su Wan and Ye Shaoqun’s matter was even settled. Finding out that Ye Family was behind all of this, the media all shifted their opinions. They blamed Apple Daily Magazine for distorting the truth deliberately and going against the ethics of their professions. They used fake news to frame artists. In short, people of the same profession believed that a magazine company without a bottom line and ethics should get shut down soon.

People changed their minds just like this.

Su Wan originally didn’t put this in her mind as she was planning on using this event to gauge the media’s reaction. Thankfully, Li Weiyi didn’t disappoint her. From the beginning to end, he stood by her side and helped her rectify her reputation.

No wonder this ambitious and scheming man was the top reporter of Xuri. He also pursued profit but in front of profit, he planned more far ahead than anyone else. If he was born during a chaotic world, he’d be a formidable person. It was unfortunate that he was just an entertainment reporter.

Late at night, the lively city finally quietened down.

Su Wan was now free and used to waking up and sleeping early. When her phone rang late at night, she rolled in bed several times before lazily reaching for her phone on the bed and picking it up.


Her voice was lazy and muddle-headed. The person on the other side felt touched.

“Wife, open the door for me.”

Su Wan was speechless.

“You’re back?”

Su Wan suddenly sat up on the bed. Back then, Ye Shaoning told Su Wan that she was to wait for three days but it was only the second evening right now. Therefore, Su Wan froze hearing Su Rui’s voice. Then she jumped out of bed and rushed to open the apartment’s door, his familiar aura assaulting her nostrils.

Su Rui wore a black windbreaker, his luggage still sitting by his side. It seemed like he rushed here as soon as he got off the plane.

“Welcome home.”

Su Wan looked at the man by the door and smiled, extending her arms.

“Mn. I’m back.” Su Rui smiled and hugged Su Wan.

Two people and one home.

Such simple happiness but who could actually obtain that?

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