Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 257 - The Wastrel's Counterattack (19)

Even though it was deep at night, all sorts of spiritual influence auras enveloping summoners still lit the night sky up outside Meite City.

The new students from the royal family summoners’ academy all wore golden school uniforms. They formed triads and were grappling and doing everything they can to fight the magical beasts.

“Master, you got this!”

“Master is mighty!”

Cheers came from the southern city. Xiao Family was in charge of defending this place. Ever since Xiao Yan came back, everyone in the Xiao Family was extremely excited. Even summoners who had been fighting the entire day walked back to the battlefield in high spirits.

Eastern city, Su Family’s defending camp.

Hearing the cheers coming from the south, Su Ya couldn’t help but knit his brows. “Has someone been sent to notify the Eldest Master?”

“Already done, Lord.”

The main elder of the family stood behind the Lord and responded immediately in a low voice upon hearing the question.


Su Ya lifted his brows. “What did Zhan’er say?”

“Um, cough.”

The main elder felt a bit awkward. “The eldest master had someone come and give a message saying that he and the third miss… are already in bed sleeping.”

Su Ya was speechless.

Nani, I knew my son was different from the others. Cough. He’s so infuriating!”


Su Ya pretended to keep calm and nod. Then he exclaimed in a solemn tone, “Zhan’er is just thinking ahead. By resting well at night, he can replenish his spiritual power. Plus...Xiao Yan is fighting all night long so he might not have the stamina to keep this up tomorrow. Tomorrow is the real battle!”

The main elder was speechless.

Lord, are you sure that’s what the master thinks? You’re incredible at lying through your teeth. This elder admires you a lot~

There was another massacre tonight.

The next morning, when Su Wan woke up, she found herself still buried in Su Rui’s arms. She just needed to look up to see her man’s unusually handsome face.

Ah. She wished to see her man’s handsome face every day whenever she woke up. She’s so proud of her man.

“You’re awake?”

Su Rui also opened his eyes at this time. His tone was still a bit drowsy and lazy.


Su Wan slowly got up and knitted her brows a bit uncomfortably. Although the doors inside were still closed, too many magical beasts had died after last night’s battle. The stinky metallic scent of blood already spread throughout the city. Right now, she could even sniff that unpleasant scent within the air in her room. Although it was really faint, she still felt a bit uncomfortable.

“You’re uncomfortable?”

While wearing his clothes, Su Rui looked at Su Wan in concern.

“I’m fine.”

Su Wan shrugged her shoulders. “They’re probably going to send their medium grade magical beasts this time. We’re going to have a rough battle.”


Su Rui got out of bed, the stern and sharp gaze faintly discernible.

The terrifying sword, Purple Ming, was finally put to use.

Apparently, once this terrifying sword had gotten enough fresh blood, it’d obtain its own spiritual nature and transform into a supreme divine weapon.

Purple Ming, I’d let you drink to your heart’s content this time!

The morning sunshine was still brilliant and bright but outside and inside Meite City was in ruins.

Countless medical teams and common people gathered within the city. They were actively bandaging patients’ wounds and applying medicine.

On the city walls, the summoners were still continuing to battle.

The brilliant sunshine dyed the outside of the city a scarlet red. The corpses of the magical beasts that died yesterday were stampeded over by the new magical beasts that rushed in. The scene was unbearable to watch.

Su Rui and Su Wan walked shoulder to shoulder to the defending grounds of the Su Family. Su Ya was still attacking from afar with a group of elders with his Red Lotus.

Seeing his exhausted face, Su Rui’s gaze flickered. He walked over and patted Su Ya’s shoulders. “Father, rest for a bit.”


Su Ya snapped out of his trance to see the refreshed Su Rui.

Damned boy. You finally feel bad for your father now.

“A new group of magical beasts will be here soon.”

Su Rui didn’t see Su Ya’s excited expression however. His gaze was on the magical beast that was rushing forth endlessly like black clouds. His tone was much more serious than usual. “This group of magical beasts is really strong. You’re not their match. Therefore, it’s best if you take this time to rest.”

Su Ya was speechless.

So did my son just look down on me?

“Zhan’er, your father, I am an advanced summoner okay!”

Su Ya couldn’t help but straighten his body so that Su Rui could see his advanced summoner’s robe clearly. Although he had remained a grade two summoner for many years, he was indeed a true advanced summoner!

“I know.”

Su Rui didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Father, you’ve been fighting day and night. I know you’re capable but the family needs you. You can’t fall down right now. You need rest!”

“Yes, clan elder!”

“Clan elder, please rest well! Leave everything to master and us!”

Everyone nearby couldn’t help but add in their two cents after hearing Su Rui’s words. After all, an empire can’t survive without an emperor just like how a family couldn’t survive without a clan elder.

Maybe Su Ya didn’t seem reliable but in reality, their Lord was definitely the best and most reliable clan elder in Su Family’s eyes. The best, not one of many!

He’s reliable during a crucial moment!

He’s reliable during a dangerous moment!

He’s reliable during a moment of life or death!

Su Ya nodded upon hearing everyone. “Okay. Zhan’er, I’m leaving everything up to you and Xiao Wan. Once this battle ends, this father will set up a wedding for you two. When the time comes, our Su Family will definitely set up a huge banquet and make sure to enjoy ourselves for three days and nights!”


“Lord is mighty!”

The people in Su Family’s camp cheered hearing his words. Those who were originally tired all recovered and became refreshed.


Seeing that Su Family’s spirits were raised, Su Rui leaped onto the highest point of the city wall. “Those who battled last night don’t need to participate. Brothers, just stand here and cheer for us! This master, I, will use these magical beasts’ fresh blood to propose to my Xiao Wan! I, Su Zhan, won’t get married until I vanquished all these magical beasts!”

Su Rui’s spiritual influence surged within his body. Nearby people couldn’t help but narrow their eyes upon feeling Su Rui’s berserk spiritual influence.

The appearance of Purple Ming, the birth of the terrifying sword!”

The moment the Purple Ming was summoned, it automatically flew out from Su Rui’s palm.

The scent of fresh blood, Purple Ming’s favorite scent.

Kill, kill, kill!

There was nothing more tasty than fresh blood. Nothing more than murder could make it excited.

The bloodthirsty Purple Ming cried excitedly and flew around the group of magical beasts, killing endlessly, creating a bloodbath...

Su Ya hadn’t left it. He quietly watched a lone silver-white figure standing in the center of the fierce group of magical beasts from the city wall. He appeared that insignificant but also so outstandingly within the group of magical beasts.





The cheers of the Su Family drifted in the sky above Meite City, unceasingly spreading to the center of the city.

Different from Xiao Yan’s killings, Su Rui was alone with just his sword!

He was going against the entire group of magical beasts in the eastern city by himself. Just how crazy was this?!

“This is…”

Xiao Yan and the others were about to head back to the city to rest after killing the entire night when they heard the cheers of the Su Family. Xiao Yan couldn’t help but walk to the eastern door.

Right now, everyone behind Xiao Yan was staring at the charming but bloodthirsty man outside the city.

“Xiao Yan, that’s… Su Zhan?”

Those that came with Xiao Yan were naturally good friends with him in school. They heard of Xiao Yan mentioning Su Zhan as well. They knew that Su Zhan was a genius within Meite City. But how could he be any significant when he came from this small city?

Needless to say, those from the imperial capital all had their eyes above their heads and were really arrogant. But seeing Su Rui’s battling method, even they couldn’t help but be scared seeing this insane massacre.


At this time, a charming but icy lady couldn’t help but hmph in the group. “He didn’t participate in the battle last night so he naturally has full stamina now. I bet he can’t even hold on for two hours before he needs to return. Why bother pretending to be a hero?”

“That’s right, that’s right! Senior Sister Yun is right!”

Hearing the young lady’s words, people nearby agreed. They were all geniuses from their respective families. They didn’t want to believe that there was a genius even smarter than them! This made no sense!

Su Zhan...

Xiao Yan said nothing. He stared quietly in the direction of Su Rui. He had gotten to rest right now. He wanted to personally see Su Zhan’s capabilities!

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