Pampered Fei: Brimming with Cuteness

Chapter 257 - Pour Wine for Me

“Sometimes, I can’t distinguish the type of animal Miss Zhu is. Though I want to call you a dog, you have the brain of a pig.”

Qian Duoduo paused and then inched closer to Zhu Sisi. A glimpse of sterness passed by her clean eyes. When she approached Zhu Sisi’s pale face, she suddenly stopped and then said, “Miss Zhu...please pay more attention in the future...Don’t do something that even fools would disdain upon. Also, before playing tricks, do your research. While you were still in your mother’s womb, your great aunt, I was already a devil....You’re looking for a beating by fighting with me!”

Zhu Sisi trembled when she heard the words. She did order the servants to do this, wanting to put Qian Duoduo in a difficult situation. Who knew that easily resolved the situation without much effort. Even more, Qian Duoduo pointed the problem towards her confidently.

Even if she wanted to say something, she couldn’t muster her words.

She glared at Qian Duoduo harshly, cursing her out in her heart.

Meanwhile, Qian Duoduo towered over her and looked down, glancing at her fearlessly and in disdain.

Zhu Sisi bit her lips, unable to vent the anger in her heart. Therefore, she yelled at the maid behind her, “What are you standing there for? Quickly smash this wooden sign. Do you like watching your young miss be humiliated?”

When the maid saw that her young miss was angry, she nodded her head fearfully, hurriedly moving the wooden sign away.

Qian Duoduo arranged her hair in satisfaction and slightly smiled. Then, she turned around and returned to Long Yintian’s side, looking up. Don’t mention how proud she looked. “Four, do you know why I didn’t want you to move the wooden board? The person who started this should end it...Here’s another lesson!”

Long Yintian nodded his head like a chicken pecking at food. He glanced at Qian Duoduo in admiration and as if his attention revolved around her, he reached over and gestured for her to head in first. He escorted her into Wang Xiang Teahouse.

Don’t mention how proud-looking the two’s rear views were!

Zhu Sisi stood in her original position and watched as the crowd scattered away. Some were pointing and making comments at her. She gradually clenched her hands.

She didn’t believe that she won’t ever be able to win Qian Duoduo!

Long Yintian reserved the entire Wang Xiang Teahouse, so when they entered, the teahouse was completely empty.

They chose a private room on the third floor near the window. While eating snacks, they tasted the tasty wine.

The waiter know that the guests today were of noble and important statuses, so he immediately brought the century old excellent wine up to these princes.

When Long Yintian saw Qian Duoduo’s amazing performance, he was incredibly delighted. He crossed his legs over one another and leaned against the chair, tossing a peanut in his mouth. He teased, “Girl, pour wine for me.”

“Pour wine for you my butt!” Seeing Long Yintian’s expression, she felt like he was asking for a beating. She slapped the table and then said in disdain, “You’re not even an adult, and you dare to ask this of me?”

“Duo’er, how can you say…”

A girl like her is saying that a man like him is a child...Long Yintian was upset.

Qian Duoduo’s fingers slid past Long Yintian’s handsome and smooth chin. She nodded in seriousness, “According to the people of ancient times, children are not reliable. They’re talking about people like you.”

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