Pampered Fei: Brimming with Cuteness

Chapter 256 - Crisis of the Sign

By the time Qian Duoduo and Long Yintian arrived at Wanxiang Teahouse, there was a group of common people outside watching a show.

The girl was curious and loved watching shows. Without another word, she held onto Long Yintian’s hands and made her way through the crowd.

In the end, Long Yintian was immediately infuriated when he saw the scene in front of him.

“Who dares to hang this in front of the door? They don’t want to live anymore, do they?! Quickly smash this sign!”

When Long Yintian said this, a clear female voice immediately rang and interrupted this from the crowd.

“Yoo, who angered the Fourth Prince? Why are you so angry?”

Zhu Sisi brought her personal maid and walked out of the crowd. Seeing the sign in front of the door, she covered her mouth and chuckled. “Qian Duoduo and dogs are now allowed to come in...Haha, who’s that talented? They actually wrote this, haha!”

“Sisi, you’re still in the mood to laugh?!”

Long Yintian’s face became icy.

How come he didn’t notice that the once intelligent and kind woman became so narrow-minded right now?

It seemed as if she was scared someone wouldn’t know the words, so she even read it out loud.

Zhu Sisi acted innocently and waved her handkerchief. “Fourth Prince, don’t you find it funny? Qian Duoduo must’ve offended so many people. I wonder who thought of this to ruin her reputation.”

“Someone, smash this sign for this Prince!” Long Yintian shouted.

Yet, Qian Duoduo shrugged her shoulders carelessly. She walked to the wooden sign and pointed with her pinky. She smiled and said, “Four, don’t be so angry. I think it’s quite good. Someone is making an advertisement for me for free!”

Seeing Qian Duoduo’s shameless expression, Zhu Sisi disdained her. She was so disgusting.

She was still able to smile even though someone cursed her out!

“Hong’er, let’s go inside.”

Zhu Sisi waved her hands and called the servant girl behind her. Then, she swayed her hip as she slowly walked into the teahouse. But before she could make another step, a slender arm was in front of her.

“Qian Duoduo, what do you mean?” Zhu Sisi looked up at the woman in front of her.

Qian Duoduo dug her ears and said, “Miss Zhu, don’t you see the words on the sign?”

“What does this have to do with me?” Zhu Sisi was confused.

Qian Duoduo snorted. This stupid woman. She has no brain.

Then she shockingly said, “Does Miss Zhu not recognize the words? Then let me teach you. It says ‘Qian Duoduo and dogs are not allowed in the door.’ I am Qian Duoduo, so I naturally can’t go inside...As the one next to me, you obviously can’t go inside too.”

Dog. This word was dragged out and Qian Duoduo said this clearly.

Long Yintian snorted and exploded into laughter!

Only Qian Duoduo could curse someone without actually insulting them. Even more, Zhu Sisi was speechless.

Hearing the faint laughters coming from the common people, Zhu Sisi just reacted that Qian Duoduo was referring to her as the ‘dog.’

Her face turned solemn and she sternly shouted, “You dare to insult me as a dog!”

“Oh, you admit it! I didn’t say that!” Qian Duoduo hurriedly claimed her innocence and snorted. Then she continued to mock, “Sometimes, I can’t distinguish the type of animal Miss Zhu is. Though I want to call you a dog, you have the brain of a pig.”

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