Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 255 - The Wastrel's Counterattack (17)

“Su Zhan, Master Su.”

Hearing Su Rui’s sarcastic words, Zhao Wanying suppressed her anger and still smiled sweetly. She glanced at Su Rui, feeling a bit wronged. “I just came here to visit you, yet the third miss poured water on me. She even humiliated me in front of everyone. Is this how your Su Family treats your guests?”

“Hm? This actually happened?”

Hearing Zhao Wanying’s words, Su Rui lifted his brows. “My wife is used to pouring water outside the door every day. You’re just unlucky, standing there at the wrong time. Plus, it seems like you were the one that tried to hurt her first. You even used a concealed weapon. Is this how you Zhao Family’s people act when you’re guests at someone else’s home?”

Su Rui retorted before waving his hands, and a short edged blade appeared in his palm immediately.

This is… the King’s Edged Blade, another divine weapon!

Feeling the malicious influence eluding from the divine weapon, Zhao Wanying immediately took a step behind in fear. “Su Zhan, what, what are you doing?”


Su Rui smiled. “Since Young Miss Zhao questions how the Su Family treats its guests, I’ll let you witness how I, Su Rui, really treats my guests!”

While speaking, the King’s Edged Blade was aimed right at Zhao Wanying.

That’s how one plays with their weapon!

Accompanying that, a silver glint passed by along with Zhao Wanying’s shriek. By the time the King’s Edged Blade returned to Su Rui’s palm, there were fragments of her clothes on the ground. Right now, Zhao Wanying’s clothes weren’t just ragged, but rather she was naked and bare!

Su Rui turned and leaned his face on Su Rui, lifting his hand to cover her eyes.

“Wife, don’t look. It’s inappropriate.”

Su Wan was speechless.

The audience was speechless.

Master, you’ve really blessed everyone!

Oh my, I can’t. I’m having a nose bleed~


Zhao Wanying had never been humiliated like this before. She was stripped in front of the Su Family disciples. She immediately shrieked and covered her chest, running out. While running, she didn’t forget to summon her own armor...

Watching as her figure disappeared further and further, everyone in the Su Family just wanted to say: we welcome you here every day. We’re really passionate and polite~

News of Second Young Miss Zhao running around naked had quickly spread in Meite City. Paired with that was all sorts of rumors.

For example: Zhao Wanying was actually Su Ya’s illegitimate daughter?

Another example was that Zhao Wanying removed her clothes to seduce Su Zhan. In short, in every world, there were people with absurd imaginations.

Zhao Family lost their face as a result. Lord Zhao got furious and locked his second daughter in a little dark room.

Without a certain female supporting lead’s pestering, Su Wan and Su Rui could finally peacefully stay in the Su Family and attend to their careers. As people from each branch came successively, Su Rui gathered everyone that wanted to be summoners to the training grounds Su Family owned outside the city. In this training ground, he set up layer upon layers of challenges. Only those with a strong willpower could pass the challenges.

After three days and nights of selection, only 348 of the thousands of people passed the challenges. What was worthy of mentioning was that at least twenty or so people that passed were from Su Family Village. Su Qing and his brother, as well as Zhang Zhidu, were astonishingly part of the list. Mn. Zhang Zhidu had changed his name to Su Zhi.

After the initial selection, Su Wan and Su Rui tested each person’s willpower. Besides a hundred or so people who had slightly weaker will powers, the rest of them had a stronger sense of willpower than ordinary people.

The mainstream summoners on the mainland all cultivated and leveled up through collecting spiritual influence after activating their spiritual powers. They didn’t need extra willpower but they must have an abundance in order to absorb enough spiritual influence.

These types of people were able to absorb spiritual influence quickly so they naturally leveled up quickly too. As for Su Qing and the rest, they were born with narrow channels of TCM. As a result, they were considered wastrels with bad aptitudes.

In reality, they weren’t weak in aptitude. The problem was that there was only a sole cultivation method on the mainland. There weren’t any methods that were suitable for those types of people.

Now that Su Rui had given Yuling Chant to them, he believed that Su Family would obtain one of the strongest summoners’ teams in the world...

Half a month later.

“Ah! Finally out!”

Su Wu had been locked in the meditation room the entire month by Su Rui. Without any cultivating resources, she was still able to level to the peak of a grade eight summoner. She was able to level to a grade seven summoner.

The way of the king was by disguising oneself and then acting on a low-profile.

After coming out of the meditation room, Su Wu went to take a comfortable shower and then took a good rest. After that, she went to look for Little White at Su Zhan’s place.

When she saw the vast animal in the backyard of Su Zhan’s place, Su Wu froze.

Where’s my cute Little White?

Little White: Xiao Wu, be good. This divine beast is here. Here, mwah~

Little White pounced on Su Wu after he suddenly saw her figure a month later.

Ah, my Xiao Wu still smells so nice and natural.

“Hey, don’t mess around. Get off of me.”

Su Wu struggled to get up from the ground. She looked at Little White with a complicated expression. “You’re Little White? Your seal got removed?”


Little White glanced at Su Wu, reluctant to part from her. “Um, Xiao Wu, be good. I’ve already recognized your elder brother as my master. You won’t get angry at me, right? I really wanted to wait for you but…”

“It’s fine.”

Su Wu softly cut off Little White’s words. “A fine bird chooses a tree to nest in. Elder brother is indeed a rare genius.”

Before crossing over to this world, Su Wu was all alone and she was an assassin without even any friends. When she died, she didn’t even feel upset.

It made sense for murderers to get killed.

When an assassin confirmed their mission, they knew what they were up against.

Now that she has transmigrated here and obtained a new life, Su Wu got a family and friends. She was unresigned to be ordinary.

Everyone had dreams but they weren’t ambitions.

If a person had too big of an ambition, their souls would gradually be invaded by darkness and they’d gradually lose themselves.

Su Wu was chosen by destiny.

As the leading role of a world, she naturally had an upright perspective and delivered positivity to everyone.

She was grateful for Little White for teaching her a cultivation method. In this world where the weak were bullied by the strong, she would never go to bully the weak. At the same time, she couldn’t let herself become weak and easily bullied by others.

This was the real reason why she wanted to become strong.

No matter when, people needed to rely on themselves.

Su Wu already knew that Little White might not be able to be with her the entire time. Right, in this world, who could be with her forever?

Thinking of this, Su Wu felt a bit complicated inside. “Little White, where is my elder brother?”

“Master, he…”

Little White hesitated before saying slowly, “Master and Su Wan had gone to the base outside the city. Some things had happened this month to the Su Family. This is what happened…”

Little White weakly told Su Wan about Yuling Chant. She froze for a bit after hearing his words. Then she smiled faintly. “I see. Elder brother is blessing the world like this.”

Su Wu never thought that Su Zhan would make such an amazing decision. In her perspective, Yuling Chant was really valuable and they should make sure people don’t covet after it.

Yet, Su Zhan was willing to spread this to the entire mainland.

She really couldn’t compare to him in terms of aspiration!

Little White was speechless.

You actually haven’t seen how sinister his heart is behind that cover! What a pitiful child~

“If that’s the case, I’ll go to the base outside the city too! I want to become one of the members!”

Su Wu thought about it. Since Yuling Chant was no longer a secret, she could use it publicly now, right? This was also a good thing.

Su Rui and Su Wu wasn’t surprised with Su Wu’s decision.

After all, she was the female lead of the world. Su Wu had a generous heart. In the past life, she was a ruthless assassin but in this life, she just wanted to live life casually.

Su Wan didn’t hate her. Therefore, when she planned out her strategy, she didn’t plan on doing anything to Su Wu.

Seeing that Su Wu took the initiative to come to the training grounds, Su Wan had a new thought.

She wanted to put Su Wu and Su Qing into a group!

Su Rui was speechless.

Wife, since when did you go from breaking up couples to becoming an enthusiastic matchmaker?

But General Su didn’t mind her being a matchmaker for his love rival!

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