Pampered Fei: Brimming with Cuteness

Chapter 255 - Matchmaker (3)

“I don’t believe that there aren’t any good men in our Rong Guang Country. Do you have to marry someone in Sheng Chen?”

Zhaoyang coughed and then shook her mother’s hand away. “Mother, don’t get involved. I can handle the matter between me and Brother Chen.”

After she finished, she turned around to look at Long Muchen. There was a sense of stubbornness in her eyes. “Brother Chen, who’s the woman you like? Tell me and I’ll go talk to her. We’re going to fight equally! At most, I’ll let her take the legal position while I’ll be your concubine. I don’t care. I just want you!”

When the Emperor heard this, he immediately followed along. “Right, Fourteenth Brother. Zhaoyang is right. When are you going to bring the woman you’re interested in into the palace? Let me have a look. I bet she’s a virtuous young daughter of an affluent family. They will definitely be able to get along with Zhaoyang peacefully in the future. How about this? This Emperor will announce a decree to let you marry the both of them. You can just enjoy yourself with these two women, ok?”

No matter what, Zhaoyang was Imperial Concubine Lin’s niece, Rong Guang Country’s Princess. In order to keep the peace, he couldn’t give her the inferior status.

Seeing that his Royal Brother was happy to make these sorts of decisions, Long Muchen thought it was awkward when he mentioned wanting to meet Qian Duoduo.

Don’t mention how Qian Duoduo was Three’s Princess Consort right now and had an awkward status, but the girl disliked Zhaoyang already. If the Emperor told her about this, then the girl he finally made some progress with would probably run off…

No...Now is not the time to expose his relationship with Duo’er. Otherwise, with this group of people, they would swallow Duo’er alive and have excuses to torment her.

He couldn’t expose Qian Duoduo in a dangerous situation, even if he held the power over the military and was very powerful... He didn’t dare to make a bet when he wasn’t certain.

Seeing that Long Muchen was quiet and didn’t say anything, the Emperor thought that he agreed. Therefore, he knew when to stop and laughed carefreely. “Haha. Let’s stop talking about this right now. After all, Zhaoyang isn’t heading back that soon. She could stay in Sheng Chen and get to know Fourteenth Brother some more. Who knows? Maybe you’ll start to like her more.”

Long Muchen’s face was icy cold. When he heard that Zhaoyang was going to stay in Sheng Chen for a while, he felt a headache…

One mountain doesn’t have room for two tigers… especially two fierce female tigers.

If Qian Duoduo and Zhaoyang encountered one another, wouldn’t they turn Sheng Chen upside down?

“Royal Brother, I hope you won’t tell anyone about me and Zhaoyang. After all, this has to do with a woman’s reputation. If I can’t accept her as my Princess Consort in the future, she can find her own happiness.”

Zhaoyang cheered for herself. She raised her fist and said, “Brother Chen, I’ll work hard. I swear that if you can’t accept me within a month, I’ll directly ask the Emperor to take back his decree and step out of your world.”

Long Muchen considered it in depth. This was a good solution to let her retreat.

Plus, after another month, he could have the Emperor announce a decree for Three to divorce Duo’er.

When the two’s relationship is sorted out, he’ll marry Qian Duoduo.

Before this, it was better to comfort Zhaoyang and Princess Consort Lin. Princess Consort Lin wasn’t a simple person. He was afraid that she might do something in Sheng Chen Country for her daughter and this might lead to some unnecessary misunderstanding or trouble.

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