Pampered Fei: Brimming with Cuteness

Chapter 254 - Matchmaker (2)

When Princess Consort Lin heard this, the smile on her face immediately faded and her face darkened. She awkwardly tugged the corner of her lips and then she turned around to give Imperial Concubine Lin a look.

Imperial Concubine was sitting next to the Emperor. Hearing Long Muchen’s words, the Emperor’s face froze a bit and then he immediately mediated, “Fourteenth Brother, don’t blame this Royal Brother for being too talkative, but you’re not that young anymore either. It’s time for you to get married. You’re the youngest of the late Emperor’s sons, and the others have long been married. Their kids are quite old as well. Even this Emperor's sons are married too. As their Royal Uncle, how can you be lacking against them?”

Long Muchen faintly smiled and one couldn’t see through his expression. He elegantly took a sip of tea and said in a formal tone, “Many thanks to the Royal Brother. This Prince is in the military for the majority of the time. Even more, the situation by the border of Sheng Chen isn’t stable either. Therefore, I don’t have any plans to get married. If Imperial Concubine Lin is rushing to find a suitor for Zhaoyang, this Prince can recommend a few.”

It was clear that he was rejecting the offer and this struck Zhaoyang’s heart badly.

Rong Guang’s women were mostly bold and unrestrained, especially towards their feelings. They don’t easily cry because they encountered a challenge. She sniffled and then asked stubbornly, “Brother Chen, do you hate me?”

“No…” Long Muchen said the truth.

“Then you like me…”

“This Prince said that I only treat you like a sister…”

“Brother Chen, don’t say this. I only know that between men and women, there is only dislike and like. Since you like me and treat me as your sister, you can also try to accept me. Let me become your Princess Consort.” Princess Zhaoyang faced the pressure and said even more boldly!

Towards Zhaoyang’s courage, the Emperor smiled. “Zhaoyang is right. You guys have known each other since children. Obviously, you guys will be better together than others. Fourteenth Brother, don’t be so quick to reject it. After all, you should get along with Zhaoyang first… Plus, before the Empress Dowager died, other than picking a Princess Consort for Yu’er, she was most worried for your marriage.”

“As they say, there are three things that make you unfilial. One of them is not having a family. Do you really have the heart to ignore Empress Dowager’s thoughts?”

Long Muchen slightly narrowed his eyes, a bit unhappy. He said in a straightforward tone, “Royal Brother, let me tell you the truth. I have someone that I like. I’m only marrying her in my life.”

When Zhaoyang heard this, she was really upset by Long Muchen’s complete rejection. She violently coughed, unable to accept this.

The Imperial Concubine Lin hurriedly called the imperial physician over, startled. They took the pulse for Zhaoyang.

“Imperial physician, how is Princess Zhaoyang?” Seeing Zhaoyang’s red face, Imperial Concubine Lin asked worriedly.

“Report to the Emperor and Imperial Concubine Lin, Princess Zhaoyang is fine. She was just startled. Plus, because she wasn’t used to the conditions in Sheng Chen and didn’t get enough sleep, she started to have asthma.”

Seeing her daughter tearing up, Prince Lian was angry. He pulled Zhaoyang and wanted to leave. “Zhaoyang, leave with me. Since Prince Chen doesn’t feel the same way, there is no point in you pestering him. Even more, you’ll make a joke of yourself. I don’t believe that there aren’t any good men in our Rong Guang Country. Do you have to marry someone in Sheng Chen?”

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