Pampered Fei: Brimming with Cuteness

Chapter 253 - Matchmaking (1)

Long Yintian widened his eyes and gazed at Qian Duoduo’s mouth.

No matter how he looked at it, he didn’t find it sexy.

This woman loves to brag.

Long Yintian smiled and teased, “Duo’er, from what you say, the sexiest within our Sheng Chen Country would be a female pig!”

Qian Duoduo exploded and jumped, slapping Long Yintian’s head. “You’re the pig. You have no sense of taste!”

Then she immediately posed and flipped her hair behind her shoulders. “Qian Duoduo’s newest scene is making a brilliant appearance!”

Long Yintian looked as though he was constipating and the corner of his lips twitched. However, he decided to keep quiet in case he suffered from internal injuries from her words.

Long Muchen watched as Qian Duoduo tried to explain why her lips were “red and swollen,” and how she was able to come up with this sort of twisted logic. Even more, she didn’t forget to praise herself.

He tried to hold in the urge to smile.

However, he actually thought that she looked sexy like that. It seems like he could work harder in the future!

Watching as his master and Lady Qian were chatting happily, Han Tie concluded that his master forgot about the main matter, so he reminded, “Master, you should be heading into the palace.”

Long Muchen just thought of his Royal Brother’s summon and realized that he had been taking a while.

He turned around to say to Long Yintian, “Four, take Duo’er to Wangxiang Teahouse first. This Prince will head to the palace and then meet up with you guys later.”

Qian Duoduo long wanted to hear the divine-like cooking from Wangxiang Teahouse. Hearing this, she started to drag Long Yintian and eagerly ran out of the Prince Chen’s residence without another word.

The moment Long Muchen entered the imperial palace, he was pulled to Imperial Concubine Lin’s Jadeite Palace by the Emperor.

At this time, he just realized that the Emperor anxiously called him into the palace not to discuss worldly matters or government history, but about his marriage.

Even more, he invited the glorified Prince Lian and his Princess Consort over.

Especially Princess Zhaoyang. The moment she saw Long Muchen, she immediately walked over gracefully. She sweetly said, “Brother Chen…”

Princess Consort Lian was a noble woman in her thirties with delicate white skin. Her noble temperament made her look even more beautiful and it didn’t display any traces of her age. Seeing Long Muchen, she immediately smiled and said, “Paying respect to Prince Chen...Prince Chen is more and more handsome. No wonder Zhaoyang wanted to come to Sheng Chen no matter what with our envoys.”

When Imperial Concubine Lin heard this, she chuckled. “Princess Consort Lin is right. This girl says she wants to visit me, but she has other things in her mind…”

“Imperial Concubine Lin, you’re teasing me…” Zhaoyang’s face turned red and she secretly observed Long Muchen from the corner of her eyes. Then she turned around to sit on her seat. Through her actions, she displayed the bashfulness of a young lady.

Princess Consort Lin smiled happily. Although she was reprimanding Zhaoyang, it was clear that she pampered her. “Prince Chen, Zhaoyang has been spoiled by us at a young age. We can’t look after her. In the future, please discipline this girl for us more often. We can’t allow her to cause trouble like she does at home anymore.”

Although Long Muchen understood what they were trying to say, he knitted his eyebrows and vaguely replied, “Princess Consort, you’re too serious. This Prince has been treating Zhaoyang like my sister. This Princess will definitely take good care of her as long as she is in Sheng Chen Country.”

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